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Name:Amanda DiCienzo  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:32  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Massachusetts, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:12/2/2002 (GMT)   

Hey whats up!! I love to party! woohoo! and chill with my bfflz.... *JM* HJ*(beef?haha) *HA*(Watch out hell sit on ya!) *KL* *JP* *MH* *DG* *RL* *TH* *AJ* *AI* *KG* *RN* ~ Anyone else...tell me! Im going to b a senior i cant wait! its gonna b phat...wel im out... bye!


my gurl AMY!


 sockerm3: hey just wanted to say you have a nice smile, keep on smiling casue you neva know who is watching, it may be Mr. Right. >mike<
 Cool0482: hey sexy, 20/m from MA, check me out hun
 ItALiAnFeLLA69: dam ur madd fine hit me back sumtimes and we can talk...u gut a madd nice
 vahe4life: hello
 italy_senastion: mama mia ,

bonjourno bella precipessa come va?

you look marvelous i must say di-no-mite

msg me back ciao ciao
 612: hi amo,where r u i, miss all so biuty i wait you
 SmokingMatty69: I want you
 SeXxYlIlThUg16: I herd u wanned 2 kick that fag lauraz as...hahah join the club lol Peace
 antibiotik: nice pic
 Matty23J: Hey babe, just sayin whats up. Hope to hear from u. I miss hearin from u
 G_Zack: Daaaaaamn u look sexy why can't u just moove to Finland

 latino_italian: baby i wann talk to u! u r madd fine!
 DavidWeissman33: Woah- you're amazing looking! Post me back-!!!
 Looti: lloyd wants to know if you think he is hot
 BABY_B0Y_909: Where u live at cuty, Lets go chill cause u look fine as hell!
 Matty23J: U better start talkin to me or...
 toxic: Hi sweety nice name nice girl nice pix nice look nice (------------)
U really looks sexy , cute, funny, attractive, I liked ur lovely smile ur magical eyes
So come my lady come come my lady u my butterfly sugar baby
I wanna ask u if you have a BF
And if u don’t, think about having me
Am really nice and cute didn’t I
Am waiting ur mails :
The Toxic
Take care

 ItALiAnFeLLA69: Your Fine
 ItALiAnFeLLA69: Your Fine
 Pific: wow ur really hot....
 Persianlover: hi, how are you? You look very nice

mail back bye
 BABY_B0Y_909: What up cutie... post back
 Matty23J: Hey hun, havent heard from u in a while. Write me an email sometime @ I'll be waitin to hear from u, bye cutie
 SKYNON: thats not cool what u did
 Matty23J: Its about time, i missed u. email me sometime: or IM me Matty23J. Hope to hear from u soon cutie
 ryazan2000: hi cutie, u look cute lol
 Alex_Kani: Hi u got really nice eyez and da way u smile makes u very soecial!!!
 Matty23J: Im still waitin to hear from u cutie...i cant wait much longer
 RaininBullets: can i join you cuties
 russianniggaz47: hey hunn sup? i know i havn't talked to u in like FOREVA lol. hey u wanna do me a fava post my lil sis Jamie, (Liljames8) all these wierd ass people r postin her she needs a kewl girl to talk to on this thing not these wierd ass guys lol. well c ya babe
 SKYNON: yay! we finally talked , next step is to see ur , lol bye bye
 Abrcrombi_boy: hey sup,just sayin hi ...get abck to me alright bye bye...Aj
 crzysucka51: Hey sexy whats up?! Haha you and heatha sounded mad funny that night when you girls were at heatha's, so we ganna chill soon!? I got a lot of what me and you both want...hehe..anyways I really wanna meet you oh yea
 russianniggaz47: hey hunn miss ya tonz. i hope ur havin a kickin summa and raging it! well just chillen crusin in my mustang luv ya
 SKYNON: do you ever go online??? lol kinda been hopin u do
 Matty23J: Hey cutie, u are a really pretty girl and would love to know more about u. Do u have AOL?? Message me back hottie
 tomatu77: your cute
 crazychris86: yo whats up
 badasschick69: if thats true, then why do you actually take the time and keep posting me?haha
 Nightman: Hey cutie..thanx .. i am from brighton. do u know where is it?
 russianniggaz47: hey hun, wats up? i hear a lot from bad ass chick69. why don't u like her? well hun ur a cutie hope to talk to you soon.
 badasschick69: ok hun lemme get something through your thick head, first off, when did i message him? ummm never, second, when did i CALL him? again, never, i dont even have his # NEmore. ok? and i dont like him anymore anyways so why would it matter??? if he saw my home # on his phone it was prolly my bro you can go ahead and tell him ok? unless you didnt get all that. now stop talking to me...i know you wanna but please, i dont like to talk to snobby bitches
 Nightman: hey how r u baby? where in ma r u from ?
 SKYNON: yum yum, u look really cute hun , umm it said to ask for ur sn on aol, so if u want to talk to me, its jumpmansash, or u can just reply ur name back to me with ur sn, whichever is better for u, bye bye QT
 SKYNON: yum yum, u look really cute hun , umm it said to ask for ur sn on aol, so if u want to talk to me, its jumpmansash, or u can just reply ur name back to me with ur sn, whichever is better for u, bye bye QT
 russianniggaz47: hey nice pic where u from
 crzysucka51: hey sexy, haha heeeeellllz no im not friends with that bitch, you kidding me!!i dont even wanna talk to her, she keeps calling me and sending me messages on my phone like a loser, lol!! summer jam was phat!! fatty joe and diddy rocked the crowd!! it was ill!yo you look hot on your pics, msg me sometime on aim, my sn is same as the account on this, aight g/g lataz. hehe
 blackman: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii wats up babe? avo

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