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Name:Taxtsot-Achker Luso  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:40  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:California, US  ICQ:Members Only
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On Friday April 1st, 2005
@ The Cove, Ultra Lounge
300 Harvey Dr. (next to 2 & 134 freeway)
Glendale, CA


Free entrence for Ladies until 10pm
Doors open @ 9pm
21 & over
Upscale dressy attire
Admission $15.00

For more info call (818) 523-5772 or e-mail @

 Key2UrHeart: Thank you sweet...ur page is nice too HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEARS
 Angel: no, im still pretty new to cali
 proud2be40: nice
 SevachiaHayuhi:  ~Cicaxum em, vorovhetev Cavs em uzum moranal Artasvum em, vorovhetev El chem karox dimanal~
Yete imanayir, vorqan em lats yeghel yes
Qo gnaluts heto vorqan em qez pntrel
Yete havaqei im bolor artsunqner@
U sarqei mi lij, ur loghayin astegher@:
Yete ayntegh gain bolor siraharner@
U nrants patmein siro masin astgher@,
Nranq kimanayin, vor ser@ mi gisher e,
Yerb korchum en astgher@, korchum e nayev ser@

 SevachiaHayuhi:  ~~~ ~~~
Yes bardzratsnum em im bajak-,
Vorpeszi xmem ko kenats-.
Bayts ginov che vor uzum em harbel,
Ayl, ko siruts kuzei yes harbel.
~~~ ~~~

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