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Name:Frank Lo  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Massachusetts, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:1/12/2003 (GMT)   

I´m...asian-armenian... hehe well not really (by blood), but at heart, yea...sorta. Well somehow I found myself a part of some lexington/watertown armo ring, so this doesn´t seem too weird:)
(and WL deleted all asian nationalities so this should do for now)

About me... hmm lets see. I live in lexington, the most stick-up-the-ass town in Massachusetts where there is nothing fun to do ever. I´m currently a high school senior. What else... I LOVE clubbing, dancing, and that sort of thing. Chillin / killin time, feeling free, living by the moment, high on life. An occasional drink is good, but drugs bad. Driving really fast gives me a brainrush. I´m a trance freak...I mean music, not getting tripped up and shit:)
Well its fun talkin to new people so if you wanna know more feel free to IM me...

haha... Check out my ´pimped out´ Civic at this link -
yea, my beat up shitbox!!
got more horsepowers than your lawnmower. damn straight...




 Vartan87: yo bro, how's it going? ya, i don't go to much of the dances at the agoump anymore. i'm working at my dad's shop now, so i'm keeping busy. i gg. later
 ArmenianCheese: hey hey!
LOL u sure about the restraining order...look at him posting u "UR THE MAN" he deffinatly wants u! Im telling u!
Anyway it was nice meeting!
Keep in touch!
 CrazyArmo85: yo F lo what up kid hahaha...yo u wanna give me a ride to the agoump sat? cuz my parents are goin out for the night so i wont have a ride...and that would be great yo hahaha aight peace dude
 ArmenianCheese: HEY HEY!
One question in that picture of u and he grabbing ur azz?..cause he told me he always wanted 2~
 cutiegurl22: ahhhhh hahahaha its errol, heheh i guess u guys r friends huh?
 PoWeRgIrLl: hey ! luv chinese food YUM_YUM l0l don't you ? hmm anyways latersss

MI$$ {POWer}

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