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Name:Boghos Hagopian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:30  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Lebanon  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:10/23/2002 (GMT)   

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 dollygirl: hey boghos laves?so bye esem kezi coz panagoumi gellesgor menkal kezi bidi garodnank lol yalla thx for ur massege byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 Wild_Child13: hey qt~
qute page... ummm thnx 4 leavin me a mess. if u want then u can IM me o sumething well i gotta run ttyl
 dollygirl: hey boghos laves?thx for ur massege and
yerpemnere online chellane ya inke ge badaskhanem ov esav chem badaskhaner? lol yalla byez
 thellig: hi boghos
yes lav em ,bes sird chounim amen or msg krelou so anor hamar kich ge krem
aysor gam jame 4 en cc bidi ichnem maybe hon ellas ne ge desnem kezi
thats much for now
vaghe ge desnevink
see ya
 angel_cuty4ever: yoo tnx 4 wishing me happy bday!!
and 4 da kiss
enywayzz wats new?

 MisS-BuTTerfLy: hey im fine, how r u? well ive been busy thats y im not postin msgs so what have u been up to? yalla c u later bub.. bye
 dollygirl: hey boghos laves?walla yes adenner chem badaskhaner coz busy gellam megoume hed lol yalla byez.
 tsolo: hey lol...i am being online tonight and by the way..did u talk with her??? hope u did well c u tonight online at 9:30...byezzzzz
 Mr_Armenian: barevner Belgiaits...aper kuzenai es yergi anun@ imanam...)))kayfot yerga...kam el ova yergum!!! de lav hajogh lav @lnes
 dollygirl: hey boghos laves? thx for ur massege ok maniake ches energor tayeb yalla bye
 HyeAtcheeg5: Hey hun, sorry I havent been sending anything, I have been just sooooo busy with work and stuff that I havnet been going on wl alot! But I have been on msn sometimes! Anyways I am sooo sorry! msg me back!!!! Love Ally!!!
 Trinity_gurl: it's me sara Sara_hd so hope u know me bye
 NigHtAnGeL: hi sry i was kind of buzy all that days...tak ya neponela ti russii ili armenin...potomu shto u tebya familiya to armyanskaya...voobcheto dly amenya eto ne imeet tak kak dela u tebya???u menya netu u menya est drugoi i'm out..hit me back
 sweetie_hunny: hi ,how are you?
i hope ur fine .so if u want my email is laureine2002 if u want do me add ok?
byeeee take care
 Trinity_gurl: Hi Partizanx
how are you, it's me Sara i opened another profile so send me back to this one and take care yalla bye
 dollygirl: hey boghos ok housam maniake ches energor hehhe ok thx for ur massege ok see ya byez.
 black_eyes: hey boghos how r u?add me ok ok bye.
 SeXy_BeLLa: hiii hokis....thanx...but i dont think i will live 1000000000 years lol
it will be nice to hehehe
and ur present means more than anything...A KISS!!LOL...
anywayz cya for now..mwahh
 dollygirl: hey how r ya boghos? thx for ur massege yev ge pave maniake enes veras noren enesne kezi bidi lolzzzz yalla bye..........
 SeXy_BeLLa: hi thanx for ur did u know it was my b'day?...and how do u know me?..anywayz talk to u soon cya
 CrAzYsAcGuRl916: hey there.. welll im good thanx for askin.. and yea hopefully my wishes will come but i doubt it.. aight well then i guess ill talk to u lata bye byee
 HASO21: mersi bye
 Anoush04: thanks, why don't you have any pictures ??
 Tina153: hey life is pretty good i me up lata babe..
 sexy_leb26: hey !
good i add u 2 ! hope we'll be good friends ! see ya
take care !

 dollygirl: hey boghos how r ya?thx for ur masssege
but im not hamove lol ok so
whats new? see ya byez
 sexy_leb26: hey
how r u ?
my life is ok thx for it and i'll give u my email
see ya
take care

 soosmar: thank you very much sweety
 bad_tgirl: if you want to add me you can why not
 sexy_leb26: hi
how r u thx for the mess
see ya take care

 Ms_Heaven82: thnx
 dollygirl: hey boghos laves?walla yes as site-et shad siretsi manavant mechi yerke lol
so inch ga chiga?so i guess i will chat with ya 2day by the way thx for ur massege see ya byez...
 CrAzYsAcGuRl916: hey there thanx im good how bout u?? welll thanx daz reallly sweet of u aight then take care bye bye
 hyecara9: Hey.Thanks for saying happy birthday! My summer is good right now i am in a hockey camp and im finally aloud to go taning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways haven't talk to ya for a long time sup wit u? well ttyl buh bye
 dollygirl: hey how r ya?thx for ur massege ok take care see ya byez...
 tsolo: hi there...i know that we r chatting now but again i have to leave u a msg so that u can read it and know that i am resending them to u so hope i recieve ur answer as i have added u on my msn
 XxArMoBaByxX: i'm good you?
 letisya: THANK YOU
 DjseXy_69: Lol ok well I c u tla;kinm to cute_princess ...therefore, I won't talk to u !!
nanan I'm jokin I dunt care..thnx for the complament(I'm plattered)
ciao for now
 cute_princess: hehe yah u can add me or ill add u lol n e wys ill ttyl bey bey
 happy_sun_shine: you're right abe e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
 baby_sandy: heyyyyyyyy h r u???hope ur feelin fine
well i live in dbayeh & we can be friends y not yalla i g2g now bbye
 d_devils:  hey can i know how you do this things ... plz let me a message
 sarrounna: hi boghos how are you? as for me ti'm fine my life is good i think and what about urs ? thnx 4 sending me a msg but keep in touch okay? bye take care nice meeting you bye
 NigHtAnGeL: hey hun...thx I'm good how r u???my i guess howz urz???ok g2g..ttyl...bye
 maryhelen: heyyythxx for your compliment
so i see you're armenian...well guess what i'm armenian too
see you around
take care

 broken_heart: hey h r u? sorry i was late but i forget the password see u bye.....
 thellig: hi boghos
h r u?
hope u r fine
y ur not being online??
hope we soon chat
take care
see ya
 banadoura: hi h r u? yeah no problem add me on my 2 emails no problem okay? see u
 marmoura8778: hi there how r yaa?
well i'm livin in zalka if u know it what about u?
and sure u can add me on msn so we'll talk there


 HiGh_BaBeS: no you aint online sorry
 sweet_leep88: LoooooooooooooooooooooooooL
 ITALIANHOTTIE69: Hi,,,,yeah thx for calllin me hot..and yes i chat bye babz
 maryhelen: hello
you seem nice
i'm a student..
wich school do you go to?
take care boghos

 Alinexwz: hello
im fine
i live in bh
yalla bye bye
 HyeAtcheeg5: Hey, yeah thats ok that you added me, sorry I havent been like replying, cause I have been in cali partying it up lol, yeah so whats new with you? How is your summer?? Mine is really good!!!! Anyways talk to you later! ~Ally
 HiGh_BaBeS: hey!
yeh thx our lifes r great
how about yours
anyways talk ta ya l8er byez
~ĂrMő găLs~
 thellig: hi Boghos
im fine
what about u ??
yeah my bf is great
parev ouni kezi
this much for now
chat with u later
take care
see ya
 thellig: hi boghos
how r u?
im fine
im waiting for u to be online so that we can talk
this much for now
then we talk
see ya
take care

 thellig: hi boghos
thnx for the msg

i had great time there
& nothing happened
see ya

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