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 elle: hi,
where have u disappeared?
everything ok with u?

take care
 elle: barev arby,
how r u?lets see i have been in dubai for the last 13yrs.i love to travel and dance and i work for emirates airlines in dubai.
dont be lazy and scan yr pic so i can at least have an idea of what u look like
so what do u do in manchester, working or studing.

have a great weekend and take care
 elle: hi arby,

thanks for the brother's name is arbi and he's 23 as well, weird hahhha
how come u have no pics?how long have u been in manchester?

take care
 gothic_barbiedoll: whoa!! i live in manchester too!!! how kool which part??... well no my yahoo name is paperdoll_goth, add me, cz i tried adding you but it didnt work... btw do you go to that armenian church thing in manchester??? laterz XxX
 gothic_barbiedoll: you live in machetser?? btw i tried to add you but yahoo wouldnt let me damn yahell!! hehehe
laters XxX
 gothic_barbiedoll: yups i got yahoo... but aint got icq.
 gothic_barbiedoll: lol. ok smart arse ya can borrow any of my clothng , im sure youll look great lol
ttyl buh bye XxX
 gothic_barbiedoll: hehehe... howd you get that many??!?! i hardly got non but thats beacuse i spend all my money on clothes hehe..... anyway
what did you wanna know about spells?
ttyl XxX
 gothic_barbiedoll: oooooooohhhhhhh!!!! my dying bride are great, love em.
ive heard of the rest, just not much of their music, but yeah koolz.....
and again, ill take looking like daren a compliament
buh bye XxX
 gothic_barbiedoll: yeah ive heard off all them bands, and theyre quite kool, but not into that kind metal, but not really into nu metal either, but i like every kinda metal (except death) lol if your following me, then thats good ..... and as for the comment of looking like daren. i dunno if thats a good thing or a bad thing, cz he IS a guy hehehe, anyway laters XxX

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