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Name:Igor No need to know  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:35  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Russian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Pennsylvania, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:12/18/2003 (GMT)   


Dj Volume Present


Me, myslef, and my car



 ArmoHottie: Hey great music by the way. My favorite Cute pics too. Later. BYE
 xSeXyChiCkx: hey sweety, how are you doin? i wanna kno more about u .... so hit meh backz aightz? .... wun
 Snazzy_Kitty: Privetik Chudik~
So...what have you been up to these two weeks? Me - nothing Just Playin' ~ tell me, since you're so good at making webpages, would you be able to help me out with mine? I wanna jazz it up a bit Get back to me on that one
 SEXEGINA:  u look like a cutie.. heheh.. hollllllla back.. tihihi
 goddessiscliche: whats up
 ArmoAngel03: ur welcome..i hope it was a good one
 ArmoAngel03:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
 Aimee: hey, are u really russian or did they not have ur country either?
Cause i am german not russian, they dont ha ve many countries either!!

 Qtlena1: hmm u look sorta cute how about u get a pic without ur car but u only were we can see ur face<3
 PHILLYzFINEST: yea i live in the burbs bout u?!?!? ~
 Snazzy_Kitty: Privetik~
I looked at your page -- it's snazzy Did you make it on your own, or did you have someone help you? Hmmm...and about that techno comment...I had no idea that screen names were supposed to convey a deeper meaning
P.S. GlAd u LiKe My pAgE
 Snazzy_Kitty: P.S. Oh...forgot to mention
Here are the reasons why I think my page is better than yours:
1. I have awesome music - Sandstorm by Darude - don't know about you, but I love techno
2. I have a snazzy background
3. I've got a kickin' font
 Snazzy_Kitty: Privet Krasavchic
So you don't think my page is better, huh Well...each to his own I got a question for you...where in Russia did you live before you moved here?
 Snazzy_Kitty: Privet parnishka i'll do it your way: check out my page at Snazzy_Kitty
P.S. I like your page - mine's better though
 ArmoAngel03: hey hun! thanx!
 ArmoAngel03:  HI! ur cute!

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