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Age:44  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Hi am very pure Armenian person, i like to have only girl freinds so if u are ready to be my freind just message me. Am working in a jewellary shop as a salesman. And the most important thing is that am proud to be Armenian.


With my twin brother

with here computer


Greetings My Dear,
I like your profile and i want us to be friends, email me at
('so that I can give you my picture. see you soon.

 rita123: Hello dear,
Good day how are you name is miss Rita_Arona, i saw your profile
to day in you i will like to know more about you and what you are looking for in a relationship.

Here is my E mail address feel free to contact me, please my dear try to e mail me with my personal E mail so that i will tell you more about my self with some pics of me.
please my dear try to mail me with my E mail address so that i will Give to you my photo fro you to know more about me(

Hope to hear from you soon as you get this mail.

Thanks yours Miss Rita
 shah: Shfik yal habib, ana arawik bas ashufak lesh tetharash fini hahaha
 Karin: hey inch beses?
 haiheno: barev, inch pes es. good for u , stay clean and good hai
 yobal: hi .. mer doune damasgos e ... paids yes hima haleb em see you

 Talareeg: Thanks
 shah: Hello Ara i will write to me back o.k
 katiaaaa: hi ara thx for you message send me your pic
 ABA: sup ara im da devil lol

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