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Age:39  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:California, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:8/6/2005 (GMT)   

Im a college graduate in transition to graduate school...and aspiring saver of the world! HaHaHa! :o) Im a self sustained broad with a passion for helping others and the arts. :o) I enjoy a good laugh and intelligient conversation (although sometimes the not so intellegient conversations are quiet entertaining, too!) Im a busy gal but I get bored alot so Im here. :o) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Credo nullus est liber tam malus ut non aliqua parte prosit; quoniam insanabile cacothes scribendi. In libria libertas. Ars est celare artem, ad hoc, si quaeris magnum opus circumspice. Quaerite, ab initio ad nauseum, et invenietis. Poeta nascitur, non fit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "My struggle is harsh and I come back/with eyes tired/at times from having seen/the unchanging earth,/but when your laughter enters/it rises to the sky seeking me/and it opens for me all/the doors of life." -Pablo Neruda

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 MR_CEO: Hi there im 26 from cali maybe we can talk
 yummy101: happy turkey day to you too, I have not been able to get a hold of you lately?
 DrFeelGood: hey there your crazy wack job .. sorry couldnt refuse.. watz happening w/u.. where did your disappear too? are you bing vyyy.. i know you are so dont say no! ..ok enough of thishave funn.. talk to you soon.... oh by the way.. what's up w/the comments...were you trying to match war & peace!
 DrFeelGood: Allo ... Got that new Ishtar cd, it's pretty nice..very relaxing and yet groovey. ...not to mentune the Cover..vy vy vy
 DrFeelGood: Awww thank you you soo cool ...but thats not ganna get you outta have the (samked layed on ya) bye
 yummy101: Allo.. Allo... Allo..
you're never home, I call and call and call but you're not there.....
I hope that you're doing okay too...
 yummy101:  hard worker huh?? I am sending you this happy face so it will keep you smiling during this crazy time
 yummy101: well, I am glad you're back safely, 113 deg is too much, oh my god... I guess I can call you broiled chicken now
 yummy101: mr Sangria huh.... okay rubber chicken... I hope that you have a good time and win the jack big all pot
 ANTELIAS: sup girl...congrats on your graduation...what city are you in...drop a line when you get a chance...
 yummy101:  hey, I am a busy guy too and I get bored sometime, send me an email and let's talk
 MAN_U:  Hi sweety how's it going? Hit me back if you have time

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