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Age:36  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Lebanese  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:4/5/2004 (GMT)   

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 sexynado: hey toi!
just te dire hi bibi and joyeux noel

 HOTpepper: dont u got any pics with a shirt on???tc pep
 Jejjo: Hey how u doin...i dont know if u remember me one time u came to see joycy at school and i was there ya3ni im one of the girls that joyce presented to u n-ways i just passed by to say hello...yalla je te laisse buh bye take care cuty
 2hot_2handle:  woooooooooooooooooooooooo baby!!!!!!! u hot hot hot hot !!!!!!!! newayz msg bak sxc bi
 Exotic_Import: wow can u get any more conceited
 SEXEGINA: mmm mmm goood.. hehehe.. where r u from hunnnnii
 Merie: this is the second msg...allways 2 messages
anyways buh byeeeee

 Merie: Gnight agapiii!!!
TAke care dont 4 get TO CALLLLLL!!!
or then
 Merie: Pfffffffffff im supposed to feel special..!!!well i dont jkingggggg hun!!!
yeah we had a blastttttt today well now yesterady lol!!!its 5:48 i cant sleep!!!
anywaysssss well i have o try harder to be en forme demain!!!Cuz tomorow im gonna see u AGAINnnnnn!!!YAY!!!
And we beter dance some more of that Tango lol!!!Ok hun im going to sleep cuz i have to be en forme and in a good
modd too or then ur gonna say im boring!
So gnighttttttt Sweetyyyyyy
see you in like 7 hours lol or soon around there!!!
Buh byeeeeeeee

Nice pics !!!!!!!
Lol Hellowwwww
just wanted to say hi!!!
And that your my lil Hottttttt jkkk!!!you aint a midget im just teasin you hun!!!!!
Anyways sweetyyyyy im going to talk to u on msn now!!!!!
so buh byeeeee
Take care!!!
and hope to see you soon!!!

 LusciousGurl: Hey sup QT?just thought id drop ya a line and see whats up?Ya mighty fine there!well hit me up sometime!l8er
 Sandy666: hey baby how you doin???? im doin ok!!! i got my licenses !!!!!! and i drove!!!! et jai pas fais daccident!!!lol ne ways i miss you so write back or call when you can lol ill come pick you up!!!
 Wardat_Masr: you know that thug angel pic of yours drives me nuts?? YOURE TOO HOT IN IT!!! its ma favorite one
anywhoo, holla backz!!
 KiNkY:  WHY DIDNT YOU COME?????? I FIXED MYSLEF SO WELL...AND WHAT DO U DO?!?!?! U DITCH ME?! NO ONE DITCHES KRYSTAL!!!! U SUCKKK U SUCKKK HARD...I HOPE U KNOW THAT!!! now if ull excuse me...i have some TV watching i need to finnish just kidding btw...BUT I AM PISSED !! ...ok yalla...ill yell at u some more on msn..bye
 sexynado: heyy
wazza man?ur fukkin hot and sooo sexy...!!and ur lebanese too!!!!!!!
where do u live in canada? ...
anywayzzz...answer me waitin habibi
 elprince: yo jigga ill be back soon to make it 8 hahhaj ai ate pis je me demande sa va etre qui lol moi pis mon cuz ces 2 maintenant lol yalla g chill
 1_2Man1_2Amazin: wla baghelllllllll.... i know how to insert music now so call me so i can teah u ....
yalla peace out brother
 armo_aphrodite: Lookin pretty damn SEXY!!
 elprince: bass ma tequtebler wle air
ouy mat talfine la chou ehh
aiight brotha
ayrer bo anthon khoussir lolraconte moi tout ecris mi ya3ne quesqui arrive avec les femmes la boxe et tout aiight chillento amigo
 hyegirl11: damnnnnnnnnn u loookin real bodyyyyyyyy oohh boyyyyyyyyyy
 sweet_leep88: hey there
how r u doin
shou 7al pics 7olee they'r so nice and cool well hope to be friends hit me back catch-ya later
 paliokoritso: hey alex, looking good
msg me bak
 Natoulig: intrestinggggggggg

u r fineeeeeeee
 elprince: pis si sa marche pas fait le
pis salut tout le monde pour moi aiight
 elprince: lik shou ya man yo si tu veux apelle moi au 989379 le cell de mon frere
au devine quoi lol dans l hotel que mon frere a louer ces toute des roumaine etc pis aujourd hui je suis aller a la plage pis elles etait toutes la (la plage embat de chez lui
bass tu doit pas les payer la taghtitone lol
j essaye douvrire msn mais sa marche pas. so apelle moi yalla chill

 Tasha: lol nice pics!
 Isabella: well hellooooooooooooooooooo
lookin for a girl to impress?ya3ni bravo 3alek
kifak ya alex?tayeb halla lezem rou7..be7kik ma3ak ba3den..
 HyeAxCHi: damnnnn boyyyy
 KiNkY: hahaha check c'est qui'ai rien a dire...yalla bye...
 elprince: wle pkoi ta pas apeller lautre fois
yo quesqui arrive avec antonin pis les autres ???
 Sandy666: hey babe!! how you doin??? im going crazy but i dont know why !! n e ways maybe i need some lol yalla take care write back and ill give you the best advice ever NEVER FALL IN LOVE
 KooshBaDang: hey wassabie??? u r cute! msg me back asap!!
 sexy_t: hey! damn ur hot hehe
U must get that all the time ...
n-e wayz holla back !!
ciao xox
 elprince: lik shou ya ma man hahah
yo liban ces fou walla
je suis tout le temps a la plage
bass mafi sharamite roumaine russ
bass ma laisim tetfah ayyyyyyyyyoye
yalla j ai internet labas on se parle chill negga
 Sandy666: hey babe !! how you doin??? i called you today but i think your phone was closed so call me when you get this message yalla byebye love you
 sexynado: hey!
ur fukkin cute man!!
and soooooo sexxxy
holla me back if ya want
 nicolatown: why hello there...
 Sandy666: hey baby!! how you doin???? i miss your ass where have you been??? you dont call nothing ne ways lol yalla call me byebye love you <---- you wish it happens again dont you?? lol
 Wardat_Masr: keefakkkkkkk ya hot stuff!!!!!!
 iBeBaLLiN33: daaamn..yous a hottie..holla baaaack...peace
 armo_booty: heyyyyyyy ive never seen these pix of u! I have u on msn anyways halla bak!
 lucky_groovy: supppppp hottie!!
how u doin??where do u live??
anyway nice pics n write us back
ciaooooo xoxo
 sexy_lebanese: lovely pic
 _Jenny_: Ohhh hun,looking very good!What makes you think you gotta chance with me.Convince me...
 WiLDBiTcH: hey hey QT!!!!!!!
 ShY_GIRL: hey Alexxx just msgnig hello ur my type
 WiLDBiTcH: hey heyyyyyyyy thereeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
 hotbabe: hey babes U look sexy in your pics!! so...were do u live?? yalla ciao babes holla back!!!!
 BaByPinK: CAN U BE MORE CONCIDED!!! haha well u are hot and u obviously know it cya
 fa6: problemo for my help! .....and where r you from exacly?anyways would u really like to date us?????????
yala bye

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