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Name:nado nado  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:32  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Lebanese  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:9/19/2010 (GMT)   

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Sorry, sexynado has no pictures. Check back soon!


 italdrummer: hey hows it going? nice pics!!where r u from>
 AlEx_B: hi comment peut tu majjouter si c sur caramail genre lol hum je peux tajouter tu na pas dmsn lol entk stp recrit moi un email ou ajjoute moi sur ou ecrit moi un email stp parce que je comprend rien lol
 italiansexystud: ur hottt
 italiandude: hey bella!!! thanx for ur vote i really appriciate it ull always get mine. ciao bella!!!!
 WiLDKaT: hey! i just wanted 2 say that ur like sooo prtti im jealous lol.. anyways.. add me on ur msn if u want..
 ItalianEuroStar: thanks for your vote bella
 UltimatePartier: hi sexy thankx fo ur vote
 Italian_bello: babi!
ur sexy!
check out my pics and addd me if u want
ciao! xo
 superman911: t5hxs for your vote sexy...
 davdof_22: sexy
 Strange_Love: Hi,
 Tmr_Dude: wassup nado , havent been online cuz i moved into my own place with my bro and my friend my computer isint set up yet...
but when it is ill go pinch ur ass as soon as im fully online aight ..../w cheese
 elgustapo: hey how r u well i dont know what to say just urrrrrr cute so cute
i like to chat with u my e-mail is
 romeomtl:  mi sexita check me out i am half lebanese colombian in montreal my email is
chau mi lebanita
 Tmr_Dude: yo been living with my brother and friend its amazing moving out is great i hope ur having fun in leb u prolly are cause of all the hotties that r after u......anyway write to me when u get back x0ox0o
 lello_lol: hi cuty, how are you ? you very sexy and beautiful, i love you style sooo reply me and sent me message. you're very beauty
 c0ldfyr3: sup beautiful
 Alec: wow you seem verry sexy where did you get all that sexy body from?see yah by the way i'm lebanese so take care sweety
 mazen76: hi ya na3em ya kamar kifek chu rayek t3mlele add 3ala msn ktir 7abeb e7ke ma3ek ya hilo (plz)
 sous_1234: in english : i really like that sexynado ...
 joan: hi
how r u?
u are beautiful whats up?

 Tmr_Dude: looking better and better everyday eh nads

 elie_farhat: Hey well 10ks for the compliments well ur sexy ur self
and look tell me about and if u have any msn add me cuz that wloud be easier to chat in!!!!!!!
 A_SeXc_LeB_GuY: heyyy sexcnado!!! das a good name 4 ya!! coz damn girl u fine!!
 hotcrazy: hey nad.....u r cute...

 POPEYE: nice legs too bad i can't see the rest of them
 Holy_Diver_III: hello nice lady hows u?

 Armeniansforlife:  hello nado nado how are u? where in canada are u from?
 hotcrazy: hi nado...cute pic

 GreekStud_13: hey whats going on? where in canada r u from? and by the way, got any pics coming soon so i can see just how hot you are?
take it easy
 babysmart75: hey sweety

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