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Name:Anita Arosian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:New York, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:11/6/2002 (GMT)   

i am born and raised in haleb, i am 100% armenian, I am currently attending nYu...majoring in finance. I love to go shopping with my favorite boo kEvOlEeG "fav. cuzin", i love to hang out with my lover Bedo. I like to swim, dance with the girlz. I dont like selfish ameriga-hye assholes posting me soo if ure an asshole, please dont post me or else ill hafta beat ure sorry ass. k :) im very sweet dont get me wrong. AYF senior olympics <<< see you all there!!

kheli khara


 MOST1TED: Nice pic.
 Valentine: hmm that pic is pretty sexi...
i reaad ur profile.. nyu cool
a close frined of mine is going thier this fall
well hit me back
id love to chat wid ya
ciau babe
 hYeCuTiE143: haha. i was supposed to go but my mother decided to be gay at the last min. and wouldnt let me...its ok though. i trust him
 hYeCuTiE143: haha please do keep an eye on him cause you know hes the ladys man and all lol..thanx a lot!! bb
 Ibiza: hey wuzup nice tatooooooo.
 PhatMike: Hey Whats up? Yup That was me who stayed at Kevork's house for Sports Weekend, did you go?
 hYeCuTiE143: hi yes, i guess i am 'kevorks emily' lol...i hope wat you've heard about me is good. talk to you later

 HovigStyle: hey i'm born haleb too , i just moved to usa about 3 years ago.
post me back. u look sexy by the way,
E-mail me
Aim Screen name HovigStyle
Yahoo Screen name HovigStyle
feel free to contact me.
-=> keep in touch <=-

 Pific: nice tatoo.....i want one....but my dad will cut my balls off and turn me into a girl if i get one.....lmao
 Te_amo: Barev
laves sirun axchik
sad aziz es erevum,,incheres anum?
mekich kezanich padmi
 Avak_M16: parevvvvvvv

 oshin_is_back: hey sweety ,i like ur tatoo!!it is so cute ,and allso u r cute too
write mee back
 RedHair: I have the same tatoo, but I am from Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
 Gastro2001: hi. YOu got a sexy tatoo. I like girls with tattoos.
 chilosev: parev anita laves
ge papakis hedes khosil
yete khosis hedes ge pakhtavorvis.
ok. byeeeeeeee.
 ARA_74: hi Anita
 PiStOl: Eh waz up

when u come to america i dont wanna chill with U Just writing to u to see waz up but if u come to canada u could chill with me :0 Joke

Take care
 carl_88: ur loking so beautiful
 raz1274: hi im was from syria now im in usa i wold love to get to now you emale me back bye
 cristiano: hi sweety u looking good with the tattoo c u
 minaso: parev anushig oryort
 trobarsoumian: hi baby inchbes yes tun syria vor kaghaken yes yes cheyi kider vor syria asang keghetsik aghchigner gan
 kapitano: pare laves
 sssteve: well well well who is this actually u look nice girly speciely ur tatou it is a nice one ut a question halebi metch pan me chen khosirgor about ur tatou.?
 koko-m: yete ayis ngare isgabes ku ngart e,im kelks klukes arir,ansahman keghetsgutyun me unis,meg khoskov hoyagab yes:
 minicazanova: engh sexy pic e
 axl: hi how are im a new member on this site and i want have good armenian friends becuese im armenian if you like write me a massege
 chilo: hi ..... as inche aghchig!!!! nayvatsnerd shad (!!!!!?-yen tattoo-d vaylerekezi bye
 nO_Limit: Ma Name Iz D..
sO is it Ok hUn if we taLk..?
hoLLa at Me when u get this Msg..
 kingofnothing:  hello ... u look sooo cute ... care to chat...waiting
 mbkvette: hey i like your tattoo, got any other ones?
 COBRA_001: hi really u r fram syria i don`t believe
 rafruf: hi shou esmak how are u, nice pic u have .
wenek hala enti ya hayati , ana men latakia barooh ktir ala halab cuz my mom is halabiea and we have lot of relatives in allepo ,
i really wont to become a close friends if you are ok with that you know what to do and i am waiting for you ,
do you know lara for childeren weare in vilat st and aziziea i have a lara in latakia . :this is kteer aleel menchanek
 cuty4cuty: hiii
how are you doin? what do you do? where do you live now? hope to hear from you soon..
 vacco: parev anita, inchbeses? tatoon shad sireci ha yes al halb dznasem , yev shad gouzem yet kal bedoudi . anyways parev ouzeci enel talk to you soon bye.
 fcyakop: hello dear i'm not like many of them to write u for USA or something else just to be great friends .u know what i'll continue too there but not now maybe after one year if u r interested to be my friend i'm waiting ur e-mail or message ok.
 emmanian18: hi are yuo in from aleppo?
 manoukian007: hi laves? miyayn kezi bidi esem vor chad baytadz gerevisgor .plz indzi mail kre ok? gsbasem
 kevork2002: hi anita how are u are u from aleppo .
hagis kich me kou masit kre yete arkelk chiga by
 carlos72: hiiiiiiiiiianita
 CallmePapi: do you have more pictures?
 y3gzi: Hi Anita, you tell those Americans your piece of mind . Don't worry, I won't make your world look bad because I'm British Armenian - us Brits have a little bit more etiquette. Like a gentlemen I say 'How do you do?', kiss your hand and say 'It was a pleasure meeting you'.
 firas_ramzi: hi sweety how r u ?shou_esmak
i wish to be friends if u never mind ok baby and by the way i waana to go syria f u waana to meet

 ARAM007: sorry i wanna say that the message how sent whit speed name is me okkkkk okkkkk
 SPEED: lady u lookes like angel ...i see many pic . but u r the one ok i wish u the best and thak care (keep ur sexy body )
 SPEED: lady u lookes like angel ...i see many pic . but u r the one ok i wish u the best and thak care (keep ur sexy body )
 DANGER_MAN: լաւէս անուշ  իկ օրիեօ  րդ
 jorjjuve: hi am new friend if you want?
 GIOVANNI: ...a tough one...
 migo: there,nice pic,and in which major r going tobe transferd in USA.take care.
 nerso4: parev ?laves???mi hokis ??nayvasdkov ints ayresir gahel sirdes tu varetsir im nazely aghgid varti nman shenchem kez paits ge vaghnam pusheren??bay bay bay hokiss
 Ronaldo9: waw,came on,u look like very strong.but dont forget to look ur fingers ,all not the same. ok baby.
ihope y be more hanest ,bec. u look very lovely.
 DANGER_MAN: hello my sweety . laves djiger ?...... tou siroumes garmir varte ? asl ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
 love_bird: 1) massa al7'eer
2)ana ba3ref eno belkon keloh feh 2mer wa7ed bas lma shfet sortek 3rfet eno enty al2mer altani ya 2mry
 love_bird: اول الشي مساء الخير وتاني شي انا درست بالمد  ارس وتعلم  ت انو بالكو  ن كله في قمر واحد بس لما شفتك عرفت انو كل الناس جدبان لانو اكيد انتي القمر التان  ي ...
 DANGER_MAN: hi how ar u my swety . asl plz .
 GorillaZ1980: hi how are you

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