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Age:33  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Lebanese  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:3/10/2005 (GMT)   

Big hello to [LeBaNeZa], to my sista -->> [SweetGurl], [LeBMafioso], [shorty_leb_thug], [lebabe], [christyfoxy] of course I won´t forget funniest Girl ever *~Natalie~* Love you all !!! **

~*WhItE SmIlE*~

~ | WaS GoInG OuT ThIs NiGhT ~


 Jax: hello u do look very cute
ur from Laval i guess ?
 mamasita0000: hi wle jejo kifek j'espere que tu sais c'est qui so holla back at me it's mafioso miko yalla byeeeee habiby
 stevee: hi how r u im steve from lebanon programer computer and i have internet cafe i saw ur pic and i like u so much i like to know about u more if u dont have problem about that so if u like im waiting ur reply
 ZouZou: hy there is secret in ur face i wont to now what is't
 tornado_77: hey , all i wanna say is that you are so so so lovely , & you have the most warm & deep , & beautiful smile i ever saw

 M_Schumacher: hi Joelle u are my love
 BATIGOL69: wow
 Fedayi: thank you very much!!
you're pretty hot yourself

where r u from?
yallah ciao for now
Shant Karayan
 XxXSeXyAnGeLXxX:  hey..remember me?!?!
 roy_sawaya: hi mi rony you it byoutifoul

 AleXXX: hello..i dont remember u...but since ur a joyce friend...yooyyyyy...ahlan wa take care and nice pix by the way
 led_80: hi u very beautiful girl gorge
 sexy_leb26: hi jejjo !
merci de m'avoir adder ! sur msn !
yalla je t;attends sur msn !

yalla see u

 sexy_leb26: hi jejjo
keefic ! moi ca va c jessica ! ou jessy la best a kiki ! la leb ! ecoute si tu veux m'ader sur ton msn si tu l'as fait le quand tu veux ok
see ya
take care !

 DaKRO: putain ten a mit des fotos LOL
sa vas? quoi de neuf merde lol
ciao jejjo
 Hye_Class: Wow
 mpytho:  p
 djgino: thnx u think i got nice eyes me too there like blu green grey there so sexy everybofy likes my eyes
 djgino: dont worry i know alot of ppl lol
 shorty_leb_thug: hey va bien???thx for your message...btw i like ur pics....(cutie) tayib je n ai pas oublie que jte doit un strip tease sur la web cam.... dont worry bout that i ll make it special for you hehe im just kidding...i ll talk to you later baby
 djgino: hey urwelcome thats thats friends r for right u gota bf
 shorty_leb_thug: yo jejjo....hehe didnt know u were on that site...kifik wli????..your pics are nice joujou to you later cutie
 djgino: yo man u look hot holla back sexy
 sous_1234: hey joelle , i'm missing ur touch , let feel it from time to time model by the way , can u add me on ur msn if u may .. ciao , byeeeee
 estephan_e: wayno el mahdoom?
i passed! without studying
i got 95, 95 and 75%
kifik liom? write back if i'm not online... i should be on though, i u want call me
 estephan_e: i'm back ya helo
i missed you too, in fact i missed you soo much, i came back one day early! (it is monday night)
 estephan_e: shou ya helo?
 (((armenian4life))): cute eyes
 sous_1234: hey jejjo , u look really nice . tell me are you planing to be a model !?!
 P0L0: hi sweety, how are u... where do u live, tell me about i live in laval...
 P0L0: Hey sweety, you look really nice, i would really like to know you, write back
 elie_farhat: What are u talking about ur way cuter than me anyway 10ks 3ala el compliments and add me to ur msn okey
ah yeah tell me what are ur hobbies yalla bu bay

 TaNtOuN: Hehe,merci habibeh, u have a nice face , shou, kifik??/?are u tall??? lolol.. yalla
write back babe
ciao xXx T~o~N~y

 coppa_d_amore: hey joelle!!
what up girl??
well i hope u know its true
its very nice of you to post back
your a nice girl
i see that u add me to your msn so maybe will talk more tonight know.......things (lol)

 coppa_d_amore: hey girl !!!
what up???
damn your hot
for real your the cutiest girl out here
belive me
post back
take care

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