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Last Online:4/24/2006 (GMT)   

Hello to my fellow Armos! Im a Lebanese Armenian born in London. I still have family in Lebanon, as well as in Los Angeles and Canada. I have finished my BA (hons) degree in Business Studies and I am currently working in the family business. But Im planning to do my Masters next year. Lifes a bitch, enjoy it while it lasts! Want to know more about me? Leave a message and you will find out! Electryfyin316 is such a p***y, that he has blocked me from sending messages to him. People can ask why I dont block his messages. The reason is that I want to show everybody what a narcissic, racist, b*****d this guy is. If you find his comments offensive please do not hesitate to contact WorldLounge.

Waterfall In Armenia

Mount Ararat Behind Me

Me & My Baby Cousin

Old Trafford, Manchester Utd

Hong Kong Harbour


 Monika19: Happy Easter to you.
With best wishes!!!
 ispanka: Heya there ,, haven't heard from you lately,, how r u doing??? take care,,,
 electrifyin316: LMAO LMAO LMAO !!!! you fat retard looking piece of donkey arab shit-- you still monitering me ? posting others to tell them about me ?- LMAO!!!!! what a loser you are, you have way to much time on your hands-- that "DADOULA" girl is a friend of mine you WANKER-- she knows i hate arabs, but i made exception for her cause she's cool with me ike that--cause we can both hate and still like each other-- and we know each other -- You are such a pathetic loser-- i'll be coming to London again in June to conduct my "ILLEGAL" activity of ArmeniaN Mafia buisness-- quick to the FATCAVE robin, i must inform MI6 and New Scottland Yard and try to stop the crazed villan known as electrifyin316.... What a joke your country is-- when i get there, I know you will pussy out again, just as you did back in FeB. Fool this is LA vato, ArmenianPower forever ese'_ 5000 strong, and they just upped me to Capt. rank-- now i have even more power than you could ever imagine-- fool !
<-- MAfia ----> You
 electrifyin316: Oh forgot 1 more thing, You still never showed up to my hotel, and never had the balls to approach me as you told me you would, and give my worst to your new lover boyfriend of yours- what's his name ?? Oh yah, He's no longer on WL, so now everyone forgot about him, LMAO !!! FagFagTiLoZ- what a joke!
 electrifyin316: Hey You wanker Sap- where are all those oh so beautiful posts' of mine that you purposely showing to the public-thanks so much for that by the way- it gave me great exposure ! LMAO! You SAP, you wanker ! and now you can have this message to show to everyone else too -LoooooooooL !!!! that's right i blocked your wanker looking ass, cause i don't want that dirty arab typing of yours on my board
 ispanka: hello. Actlay the third is from London, I was just mistaken, 10x for congradulation! take care!```
 Nafanya: To Don Stepanovich: The Hyper Girls thank you and wish you a great year !!!
 Monika19: HI? THANK YOU FOR BEST WISHES? I wish you all the best in the world . I wish you to bbr happy and lucky all your, life, Thank you, talk to you later, Kiss you, Bye!!!
 dexter: r u?
u r so lucky to take such a pic from Ararat,cuz it's always hidden in clouds.
ok c ya
 happyck: cousinnnnn,how r u fine missed u i want ur mobile #( the new 1 ) keep in touch
 Sadanna: Enthagaraguh, shad khelok em Shnorhagalem badkameen hamar...
 Caltech: wow, it's you!... Yes, I remember, from so long ago. Wow, you are ghuchigs newphew or something, right?.. I used to always see you at Hollan park at the swimming pool, how many years ago was that?.. Amazing!! I must congratulate you on having a great memory for facial recognition, and small details like a robocop video - That's a bloody good memory you have!.. I remember you, and the swimming pool, but not the video. lol. Anyway man, very nice to hear from an old friend from way back in the day. What are you doing now in England?
 Bacheeg07: yeah im not the marketing incapable of comming up w. ideas on the brain doesnt function that more of a step by step type of person
 iilusive: wow.. im impressed with the photos. its such a bloody brilliant looking joint really. mamig jan is from Syria and dad is an ethiopian armenain we all just love hamus and tabulleh, i love keftes too.. yumm hahahah american football has nothing on afl footy. its not aussi rules though, its totaly different to any sport youve ever seen its the best, big strong beefy blokes run around an oval in teeny weeny white shorts trying to get an egg shaped ball into the goal poasts. its bloody fantastic. im waiting for my digital camera so i can take a few new pics to post up on this place. the one up currently aint too recent, but flip flops and a cork hat are definatly on the agenda. oh and about the beer thing.. fosters is ok, but if you want a REAL beer, you go for crown larger or carlton colds... mmm yummy. oh and if you wanna know more bout my crock whose name is "gogo" the gogortiloz, check out godfathers page.. hope to hear from you soon... be cool. yalla, tata
POW !!! your dead... peee hee hee

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