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 g604sev: yo whats up hook a brotha up man if you can see how much the dealer sells them for the euro spec ones they go for 350 400 bucks around here maybe there cheeper there anyway if you can let me know man thanks
 g604sev: yo whats up see the european corrados came with headlights that have city lights in them as well once they came to the states they changed them with U.S ones so the euro headlights are much cleaner so if you know any dealers that can get them they should be standerd at your vw dealer ships or maybe a junk yard a lot of people i know did the m3 conversion kinda looks ehhh but anyway talk to you lata
 g604sev: whats up bro thanks for the post man yeah i deff will rip him a new ass on that gti haha 3rd gear just the power of the charger haha yo do you have hook ups on euro headlights i need me some and there really expsive so keep me posted if you can peace man

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