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Hey everyone my names Sven and im from bakersfield california! ok this whole thing on worldlounge that u have to pay for i really don't like that. ill pay for it as soon as i can but for now just leave me a message and trust me i really wanna get back to u but i hate this new things its really retarded but o well. guys pay no attention to my damn sn my stupid cuzin jackie made it up lol hes retarded. hey to my sisters katrina, nora, ericka, nadia and u lil jamie my james. sup to my girls NIAHIA,tiff, lindsey, Cate, mariel, Annmari L, annemariande, lora, lorna, diane, ash, stef, brenna, dori, hunter, crisitiana, madison, julia, andrea, alex, maura, alezia, nadine, roxie , sherri, jill, brianna, vicki, fiona, laurie, gillian, rachel, raquel, mary catherine, kery, rose , tammi, laura, abby, lisa, loreanea, val, elle and anni! sup to all my dawgs out there lol chris, matt, steve, nick, brad, jack, ryan, patricia (jk pat), feeli hahaha, dave, joey , sven four haha, alex R, cal, pippy, joe, pete, quent, phil the pill, ricky, mike and D. SHIT MIKE UR RITE THE TATTOO WAS FUCKIN AWESUM ! Luv ya bakersfield were gonna take it home this year FOOTBALL FOR LIFE!! i play football , hockey and baseball. I like to go to the beach and im basically here to meet new peeps. well if ud like post me sum time! c yea ~S Maura i luv u girl! *Dana Elizabeth Jamison* You were the sunshine of my life. I will love you always no matter what until we meet again. May 12, 1983 - March 5, 2001 **O and by the way my e-mail does work now so feel free to e-mail me, or just talk to me online... either on Footballplya99 or RussianSC. Thanks. PEACE***

Me after my game :)


 hyebulldog: You wish that was you! That's actually David Carr. I know because he was my teammate at Fresno State. Nice Try!!!!
 natalja_pink: Privet zaika u look so cute in your uniform . YUMMY
 Jenichka7: you look so cute! I love football players too! They're so macho hehe...check me out-Jenka
 sexymamasita: hey wuts up! you are really cute! hit me back.
 ItalianBabe026: Hey hun forget about me? i miss you! well post me back alright love you hun!
 NigHtAnGeL: hey hun haven't talk to u in've u been???wutz up with u???i just came from was a lot of fun...ok i'm out....but don't forget to write to me back...ciao babe
 BuBBleZp0p: Hey babe...havent talked to you in a while. How ya been? I'm ok. Just finished workin at camp. Hows ur summer goin? anything new and
Hope youre havina great time. just wanted to say hey
later mi sexzy russian bud
 badasschick69: heeeey sexy thang, how have you been?? omg i havent talked to you in like FOREVER so whats knew? i was away and had no computer so i couldnt go online. ive been real busy lately, with babysitting, tacking trips, having company from like france and stuff...ugh it felt good to just kick back, ya kno what i mean??? well hit me back soon k??? LYL lotsa kisses hehe
 Kathie87: Hi...u dont know me, i just wanted to wish u a happy birthday!
 DaQt81: hey wudup cuz!! u guyz got hockey at yo schooL....okie well i gotz to shake ~ONE~
 shortbabe: hey cutie! i haven't talked to you in a while? hows malibu and the mustang doing.. im sure you've been doing that a lot still. ive been going to some beaches around here so much fun and i have a tan now! so im happy about that ok sweetie ttyl
 shortbabe: hey cutie! i haven't talked to you in a while? hows malibu and the mustang doing.. im sure you've been doing that a lot still. ive been going to some beaches around here so much fun and i have a tan now! so im happy about that ok sweetie ttyl
 badasschick69: hey, didya ever get the e mail that i sent you?? hit me back...MWA
 BuBBleZp0p: hey QT, just wanted to see how ur summers goin
hope ur having a great time, i know i am
oh yea???how was ur trip?
anyways, hit me back
later gator

 Kellyc542: Well- That seems like a fun drive

I went mini- golfing 2nite that was fun.. haha I WON... my friends think I cheated- but they are just stupid... anywho.. lol- i'm goin to my PA house for the weekend, so I get to get away from everythin for a lil while, lucky me.. anywways.. I"m gonna go-- post me back- I hope your enjoying the rest of ur vacation- and i'll talk to you soon!
 rmeli425:  hey whats up hows your summer going so far ? mine is pretty good still on vacation hows is nc?
 italianchick94: hey, how have u been? just thought i'd say me back sometime
 NigHtAnGeL: hi hun so how was the n carolina????a lot of fun???i hope i'll go somewhere too...cuz here really crazy SO with did u went there????I'm a lit of bit boring here so babe,,,,I'll be wait 4 u....take care....ang get back to me
 Sexxychic: sure!! ill b glad to post her! So what are you up to? im going away this weekend
 ItalianBabe026: That coo you should take a trip down hea cutie! hehe! O damn i wish you lived round here well im out love yuh! its nice to hea from yuh!
 badasschick69: hey hun!! thnx i luv ya toooo!!! anyways, ya my trip was awsome!!! so what have yopu been up to??? ive been tanning mostly hehe. well hit me back sweet thang!!! love yah so much!!! MWA hehe!!!
 LiLSCiVA12: Hey Hunny! yea my forth was pretty tight!! ya see in florida we gotz the life soo its always all good and seein that u were just in n. carolina u should have drove down here b4 ya headed home hehe but anyways i gotz ta go **Ti AMO** N
 italianhotty469: Hey baby what's up?! How you doing? haha You are so fine baby message me back later CIAO
 Kellyc542: Hey hun--- hope your enjoying your trip HOw have you been? What's new? I'm babysitting now, fun stuff--- My summers been good so far- we've been lucky with nice weather-- anywho, i better go watch this kid b4 she gets in trouble
damn 4 year olds-- hehe
later hun-- drop me a line
 Sexxychic: hey hunni whats going on? Nothing much here. I havent talked to you in a longggg time! well i gozta goo....holla bak
 badasschick69: hey sexy thang! whats goin on??? havent heard from you in a while.. i got back yesterday. i had a blast, partied at tha beach!! mad fun! anyways hit me back sexy, luv ya MWA
 NigHtAnGeL: HI hun Thank u so much u so gorgerous too so hun...wut did u do on Jule 4????I was at my friend was fun SO wutz new????WUt r u doing at summer???DO u wanna come visit me lol....joke...
SO anywayz hun,,,,g2g....luv ya....hit me back
 ItalianBabe026: Hey you took out the other pic. well happy fourth to you too even tho it may be a lil late! what did you do? well luv yuh hun post me back!
 LilJames8: ooooooooooo look! why who do we have here my brother Sven? pimpin it wit the ladies i see lol. adding them to ur collection huh? jk girls, he is a kewl guy. mom just wanted me to tell u since ur in north carolina wit cuzin briana, to make sure u don't reck ur car and to wash ur underwear hehehhee jkin bout the second one. well since ur neva online or at home at aunties ill post u here thanx for gettin me up on the site big bro! by the way Ricky misses u too LOL HAHAHAHAH! luv ya
ur adorable lil sis who iknow u luv so much!
 niahia01: hey babe i miss you too! you finally got your tattoo! thats awsome. I got mine... it's on my lower back. I remember when were talkin about gettin matchin tattoos... man I miss ya babe! U got a lot of chick mail baby... especially that chick- badasschick69 is kinda deperate tho huh? o well! whatever... I love ya babe ur the best and drop me a post... And I'll see u on the 22nd!I can't wait to go back to Cali! well bye! muwah!
 NigHtAnGeL: hi hun u didn't answear me,,,,u just forgot bout me....thx... so if u wanna hit me back...
 Sexxychic: heyy whats going on? nuttin much here! you still talk to lara....? hey message me on AIM sometime, i have a sn! i tried to message u but then yuo got off! well i g2g hotty... mWah!
 Sexxychic: heyy whats going on? nuttin much here! you still talk to lara....? hey message me on AIM sometime, i have a sn! i tried to message u but then yuo got off! well i g2g hotty... mWah!
 Sexxychic: hey baby!!!!! daaaamn are u a cutie....hey that gurl Badasschick69 is a mad rude to me and my friend and she wount leave him alone or me! well anyways ur hot we should chill sometime! that would be cool, ill take u to a crazy party sometime
 cvgurlie1587: Hey!
Sorri it took such a long time for me to write back. i've been busy. I'm not mad or anything, ur a sweetie too! besides, ur drop dead gorgeous! lol. So wat r u up too this summa? chillin? goin back to LA? I'm goin on a cruise!! I'm leaven this Saturday! WHOOHOHOOHOOOOO! well hunn i g2g but ttyl babe
 normandieto214: wehat position do u play...i play quick tackle holla at me
 rmeli425: you are a russian hotty!
 ArmoAngel03:  hey hun! what's up? how's ur summer goin? good i hope...well i just wanted to stop by and say yeah if you got aim or aol my sn is ArmoAngel03 im me sometime..lataz babe
 cvgurlie1587: yea i do live in Boston but I go to school in Belmont. Don't worry about the whole thing. They blame me for EVERYTHING. I'm getting used to it, i just wanted to kno why u posted my name on her page. It's no biggie tho, I'de be a fool if I let it get to me, it just shows that they have nutin better to do then BLAME me for everything. But this is a messy situation, and I'm sure u don't want to get into it babe. So I'll ttyl, lyl MWA!
 shortbabe: hey! i haven't heard from u in a while how are things going? ive been tanning hehe. so do you have a new girl or are you just staying single? im so excited im goign to a concert tomorrow called summa jam with ja rule ashanti fat joe p diddy nore b2k and all these other rap artists ahhh i cant wait! ok post me back
 NigHtAnGeL: HI hun u guys speak English at home I thought u can speak u no some russian words????I live there just for 1 year and 5 mouth....and actually it's a lot more fun in my country than here....really
SO hun g2g sleep Hit me back
 KrOsHkA: Hey hunny... Hell Yeah!! I'mma have sooo much fun, when r u going? We're probably stopping by Charlotte... I'm going to see friends. Anyways, e-mail me ( TtYl Bye sweetie
 BuBBleZp0p: hehe...yeah my cummers been goin great! I'm glad youre haveing a good time! Hope things keep going well for you
later gator hehe
 ItalianBabe026: aahh well when Im older ill fly there to see you cutie! hehe! Or I can trade you for my brother!! haha love yuh sweetie!
 badasschick69: hey bored..just posting random ppl, o dont worry bout what you asked before thats totally fine, you kno me, if you ever need any advice, you know who to come to! im always can always talk to me hehe...hit me ya!!! MWA
 Kellyc542: Hey hun---
i just got in from babysittin- a 3 yr old form 8 30 am till 3 30.. funnn lol, well i'm gettin $$ thats all tha tmatters- I have a soccer game in a lil while... i'm pumped- we won our first game last week, the team is lookin pretty good... its kind of interesting, my family owns property in bakersfield.. well, i've never been to it, but its a strip mall on a main street, it has like a pizza place n everything.. lol ne idea what i'm talkin about??
I have to go to work later too.... ahh so much work- but hey, I nee dmoney, so what else to do ya know... well what are you up to? how are things? still broken hearted? when do you leave for NC?
well hope to hear from you soon... bye cutie

 ChiCkWiNG: omg.... thats kool u like yellow lamborghinin... i guess i should learn 2 drive stick shift cars!!!lol... so r u going anywhere 4 summer break? yeah i might go 2 Florida in july!!! cant wait cuz they have the best partyies n the clubbing w/ great techno music!!well gtg sexy!!!*Rutha*
 GreekPrincess: Hey whats new? Why u goin to north carolina?
 ItalianBabe026: Hey...yea its been wicked hott here! Well damn wish you lived closer haha we could actually see eacthother wel thanx hunni hit me bak!
 hyestar113: hey...u r so cute but u look a lot older than u really u speak russian? well hit me back bye hun
 KrOsHkA: I got alot of plans... I'm supposed to go up 2 NY w/my Best Friend in a month, & then I'm going to NC 2 (Where in NC r u going?) I'm going to Ashville... How long have you & your ex been apart? Yeah, my bro's own the shop... it's pretty cool, I meet alot of guys that way. I'm having an awesome summer. Anyways, hit me back...
 NigHtAnGeL: HI hun Having fun????I hope everything aight.......SO now it's so hot outside,,,,& I don't no wut to do I'm so bored SO u speak russian?????Cuz I think if u r russian u should speak ur language,,,wut do u think??????HOw long have u been in USA????
Ok,,,hun....get back to me
(like them )

 GreekPrincess: Hey hun not much here u? What have u been up to lately?
 badasschick69: awww, thats so sweet damn i wish we lived closer to each other, instead of all the way across the country... well hit me back hun...LUV YA
 niahia01: hey sven? wats up? it's Niahia. I miss u so much! I can't wait to see u again in August! lyl
 italianchick94: hey QT, well ya a lot of girls in belmont are a pain in the ass haha...they are people i dont waste my time on....i kno the girls ur talkin about, they just cant seem to let anything go i guess...ah well...thanks for postin me back, L.A. must have been awesome, i'm just chillin at the beach and pool, well talk to ya later
 KrOsHkA: Hey SeXy! The weather here is HOTT pretty good, you know... easier to take your clothes off, lol. Naa, but I'm @ the beach everyday I'm not @ work... So you gonna come visit me? Maybe I can get you to 4get bout' your heartbreaking ex (Just an idea ). You got a mustang? That's cool, I got a Civic (My brothers own the biggest car place in FL "Elite" they hook-up cars... like on Fast & Furious), there shop was on the previews for the movie... so yeah, I'm getting mine done this month. I'm sorry to hear bout' you & your girl... me & my guy (of a year & 1/2 broke up bout' a month ago also...) I know the feeling, time heals. Well, I'll let you go sweetie. Hit me back, alright?
 Kellyc542: Hey Cutie... Whats goin on? I just got in, and i'm tireddd... I went out tonight to celebrate my friends birthday- she wanted to go to hOOters.. lol, idk why.. but it was funny, the manager offered my friends and I jobs.. lololol.. newho-- THis upcoming week I"m so busy between soccer practice and games, work, and babysitting.. no fun
whats goin on with you?
Dont be shy, if you seee me on line, IM me.. Kellyc542 <~~~ i'm always so orginal lol
later hun

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