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Last Online:9/15/2004 (GMT)   

Privetik vsem:)))))))Hi how u doing????Im Lena & Im from Ukraine(Love it!):)))))But I"m russian.....I love to chill with my friends(mwa!),dance(WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!),talk on the phone(~hehe~),go to the movies(lol) & many more~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SO dont be afraid to talk to me.....Wanna no more about me????Just drop a line......Ok...ppl.....ttyl~~~~~~~~~mwa~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~hehe~~~~~~~~~~~ Peace vsem russkim!!!!I luv ya all!!!!!!:=)~mwah!!!!

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 natalja_pink: Nice page hone! I love the email KUZYA LMAO too cute. Take care!
 BaByHeMiE1:  s novim godom
jilaiu schaste bse chto ti sama sebia jelaesh

 BaByHeMiE1:  hey what's up girl?
dont be la-z holla back
or i'll u


 Cutiec34: Hey babe whats up? how have u been long time no talk!! thank u babe for the post it was sooo i gotta tell u sumthin but i will do that later..k mwaaaaaaaa take care hope all is well w/ u and ur baby ciao ciao ....
 BaByHeMiE1: yoo yoo yoo
k holla back
 Cutiec34: 617 8175407
 Cutiec34: hey hun what sup how u been lol long time no talk..ya right ...we gotta chill sumtime hit me back ttyl ciao
 BaByHeMiE1: hi sweet heart!!!!!sup???
hey call me i got a lot of things 2 tell ya
k hun im waiting 4 ur call
 BaByHeMiE1:  hi hun !!!
what's upp???
2day be ready after 5pm ,we have somewhere 2 go~~~~~~~
so han c ya
 BaByHeMiE1:  hi hun!!!
what upp???
hey jan 2day i'll pick u up n........
oh by the way i like ur pics
n 2day reminde me i got a lot of things 2 tell ya about ......... u know what im sayin' right
k hun c ya ~~~~~~~~mwah~~~~~~~~

 BaByHeMiE1: yoo what upp???
poslushai lenochka,chto mi budem delat 2day?~~~~~lol as usual,right?
now we r at home n now we r like this but when i'll get the car we'll be like this n we'll
u know what im sayin' right
so c ya ~~~mwah
 BaByHeMiE1: yoo yoo yoo
what upp???
k hun c ya
 BaByHeMiE1:  i hope so jan
hey dont delete my messages
 BaByHeMiE1: hi jan ~~~~~~~~what upp?
i just wanted let u know that im wl member
 Sweet_N_Sako: Of course i remember u doin..whats new with u..anywayz im out for now so i'll cya around soon ok? byebye
 WorldLounge: You're welcome let's see some more pics, you can put 12 now
 WorldLounge: You were randomly selected to receive 6 months of free VIP membership. enjoy
 accidant: hey what's up hun ~~~~~~~~~~~~~gde ti jana moya,dovno tebya ne vidila
cegodnya u menya dayoff i mi s arsho budem gulyat ves den:
k hun uvidimsya

 tomatu77: i've been doin' nothin'

just killin' time, goinge to a couple of parties

 keven_007: hi i have pics but i want to put you and plz plz add me in too ur msn list ok plzzzzzzzzand have a nice dayssssssssss
 m_moon171:  u are so cute and good looking ,ciao
 kingofnothing: ohhh thx for ur post....hey u r soo cute i really like u and i care 2 know u better ...tell me when can i catch u online... ur an angel ...
 CAUCASIAN: vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay mamochki ty tak prekrasna u tebya takie glubokie glaza skazhi kak tebya zowut i ya podaryu tebe svoyu dushu zhizn i soderzhimoe karmanov. ty wosxititelna o Bozhe s etogo momenta ya poteryal pokoy ty daleko no v dushe u menya ty budesh vsegda blagosloven tot den kogda ty proydesh mimo menya odariv menya bescennym vzglyadom bezdonnyx glaz kto ya? vsego lish ptica ebz kryla ibo ty moe krylo ty moya dusha bez tebya ya nichto ibo bezdushniy chelowek ne mozhet nazyvatsa chelowekom zhizn radi vzglyada chernyx ochey...chto mozhet byt prekrasney? o bessonnie nochi vy vystavilis v ochered za mnoy kak ya neschastliv no mozhet Bog yest i on vse vidit? nadeyatsa molitsa chto tvoe serdce ne iz kamnya wot chto mne ostalos, eto moy udel. o worldlounge, zachem ty sdelal so mnoy takoe? zachem stolko mucheniy? wodopad emociy zaglushil menya ix tak mnogo chto ya ele dyshu no ty dostoyna etogo o bozhestvennoe sozdanie....

 mikeburdman: goin goood here.... just trying to get throug all the heat... i hate this damn weather! !!
where is mass do you live? i know people in the boston area, and in harvard...
 Alberto_Spain: hey lenusya! how r u? I study at school too, but now Im in holidays enjoying the summer and going to the beach but at the same time Im studying the september exams to begin university...
Ok... Ive to go now..write back. bye

 surgk777: Hey u angel, how is ur summer? pretty good here its almot over, i just came from a cinema, i saw triple XXX, it was ok no story line just mad stunts. Well write back, lata
 Strizz: thanx, but how u know its my bday?
 PartizanX: hello kak dsela?
np for busy ia poniel tsebe krasavchek ok?
ia russian moy atseds is armenian moi mats is russian ia radsela russia and i go there every summer but i only putted armenian bec just bec iam in leb ok i hope u write me and what can i do for u to be everytime friends byzzzzzzzzzzzz ou tsebe b.f iesds? byzzzzzzzzzzz muahhhhhhhh ur hot
 keven_007: hi how are you beautifull girl you are so pretty biolive me ,,if you want to came friends whrit em plz?

 davidsak: Privet kak dilishki shtog tebe skazat ti raskagi achom ta ya neznayu cho tebe interisuyit
 surgk777: Hey, I think you look fantastic, i would like to get to know ur personality, write back,
 kingofnothing:  my eyes goes like this when i see ur sweet pics..hey ur soo sexy and cute babe,,,, care 2 know u better , by the way do u like making new friends ....waiting for ur answer XOXOX
 kayl: hello there
i see you're experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun

 armomak: hye whats up?? well i think i seen you around too it might have been at the ACEC or sumting i'm always there chillin with my boys...but i'll let you know next time i'm down there....aight i'm out...~hov

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