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 EL_MaLuCo: yaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk.....non moi je lapelle pas rambo t pas assey importante pour que je lui donne ce nom
 Armo_Babe: annnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
how are you?im good,no problem ill always compliment your page!even if its bad ill say its good! but this time its pretty but you have to know one thing....the broken heart is ruining the page im telling you! i am gonna scream at you entil you take it off!cause it isn't pretty!
but still you know i i love you!
see ya soon babe!
love ya,miss ya
 Armo_Babe: hey anna
i love thw page but the thing i dont like is the broken heart
whats that....its ruining the page lol!
take it off miss anna
i am gonna copy you.. cause you have good words lol
our birthday is soon!!!$$$$$$$$$$

i tried putting this song in my page but it doesnt wanna work for some reason
yalla i gtg write back
 Armo_Babe: Hiiiiiiii
how are you?me im good,me too i cant wait entil our bdayyyssssssssssssssssssssss lol im imitating you
we are gonna see nothing but money
yalla i gtg
write back
love ya,miss ya
~TaKeCaRe~ nice backround
 EL_MaLuCo: spyder man *
 EL_MaLuCo: jai deja eu un chien qui sapellais fais trop comme ,rambo tarzan spyper man ...c trop un nom de acteur c laid jaime ROCKY

ne way
pŁaCe ¤~ /x\ä¦_µCô ~¤

 armo_pride69: LOL girl ur full of attitude arent u anyways ya the tradition sucks dont worry i promise i wont egg u of u dont egg me
hehehe thx i guess its not that bad.. bt SOMEONE said it was.. ne ways who cares i hate that guy! hehe ne ways thx again for the background! hihi
yalla bye cherie!
Chrissy xxxxxxxxx
 Armo_Babe: heeyyyy
yeah your right,they do give us the money! they get used by their grand daughters lol like you said! and now that our birthday is coming........we are gonna get more so like that we can do anything we want with it!
i will come and inspect it lol
 Armo_Babe: hey anna
how are you?me good,nice jeans,and yeah when we need somene to buy us something we always go to our grand-parents
our birthday is coming soon!we will get money
everyone is saying that your page is killing their eyes....well i like it!lol it does hurt cause its flashy but its still nice
i will call you sometime and we will do something
i want to pass by from chez anna! see how it looks like and if its clean!lol
yalla i gtg
miss ya,love ya
 armo_pride69: HI boozoo dont worry i wont egg u at yo bday cuz i dont wanna die anyways wildbitch is right ur page is killin my eyeeeesssss but its pretty keep it anyways boo im a bit busy so holla back
and ye the tradition suuxxxxxx
 Cut3LiLBaby: HEY!! lol
i know man! its so nice... who was it agian who did it for me... umm let me tink.. OH YA YOUU!! hihihi thx again!: )
hehe ne ways thats my pic! c laid je sais but im with him so hehe ne ways yalla jte laisse
bye cherie!
 Armo_Babe: hey anna
im good you? dont worry i put your number in private know one saw it dont worry cause i said so! lolpoor you whats the color of your jeans?lol i think its blue cause its mostly blue
where did you buy it from??go sit down if you feet are hurting lol
school is starting soon
ill give you a call and we will do something and if i ever have a problem i can know who to call sorry if i lost your isnt my fault lol i will pass by from that pool of yours.. chez anna lol good!
yalla i gtg write back
love ya,miss ya
 Armo_Babe: hey anna
im good what about you??yeah i know your always here for me and if ever i want someone to help me out with a problem i know who to call! thats if i find your number! lol
what a nice name for a pool! chez anna lolllll
can i go there sometime too? yeah i knew you had a pool but i didn't know you were in it lolol
yalla i gtg
write back
love ya,miss ya
 armo_pride69: dont they egg u at yo bday ?
 Armo_Babe: hey anna
how are you? i know i can always talk to you if im sad or if i need someone thanx for telling me i appreciated it feels good to know that someone cares i care about you too
where did you go swiming?
you know that if you ever need someone to talk to im always here for you! so feel free to express your emotions
i gtg now
yalla bye
 EL_MaLuCo: yeeee i had FUN !! ......u know im tha best eh?

ne way

pŁaCe jaja
 Armo_Babe: hey anna
whats up
how come your having a hard time now? whats wrong with you? are you ok? if you want im always here to talk to tell me if you want to ill make you feel better.......ANYTIME! nothing is new with me.. whats new with you? what are you doing today?
yalla write back
bye take care
 Armo_Babe: hey
oh thanx i feel special atleast you care
i will never have a sad face.. u too never have one always be happy.. oh you will slap my ass?? ok try lol
write back if ya want
love ya miss ya
see ya
 Armo_Babe: hhi
its ok dont be sorry lol im use to you i never want you to be sad always keep the smile
oouur birthday is sooonnnnnn!!!!!!!!!1 i cant waiit!! i want presents lolol
write back
how are you?? me goood u sound so hyper in ur message man whats going on.. your in love??
if you are.. whoooooooooooo???
our birthday is on saturday yeahhh and before that its fiday 13th
write back
 Cut3LiLBaby: hey booo!!!
looooooooooolllllllllll yeah i m!!! lol he even said the L world! ... (love) im like whaaaa! lol
ne ways imma let ug o cuty
 EL_MaLuCo: iight we will talk on msn


David-Fernando EL Pimpo Do Barrio A.K.A Mr,BIG (u know what)jajajajjaa
 Armo_Babe: hii anna
ok good dont forget me too i cant wait to get presents!!!!! lol best day of the year.. and the thing that its good.. our birthday is the same day one day before is friday 13th write back anna
 Cut3LiLBaby: hhhaaaallllooooooo
ye i still do n maybe even more!!!
we r goin out btw! LOL
ne ways gtg
bye cuty!!!!!
 EL_MaLuCo: hey im backkkkkkk babe ,did u miss me ?,i know u did ,so whats up?,me nothin ne way holla back

 Cut3LiLBaby: hey!
ye its alll goood! hehe dont worry about it cuz i get lost whoz writtin me where! ne ways i gtg...
 ZaGaZoOo: yooooooooo ma phatty pitbullllllllllllll warrrrrruuupppppppp
 Armo_Babe: hey
you better bring me with you lol
anna our birthday is coming up soon!!!!!!!!!
write back
love ya and i miss ya
 baby_227: Hi anna!
yey! ur backk!! ne ways wtv im very tired.. ill talk to u on mirc or soo hehehe
 Armo_Babe: hey anna
im sure you didnt forget to bring me and i know u wanted to lol now that you didnt im gonna you lol haha nono i wont kill you id be left with no anna in the life butnext time bring me with you! lol we will kill the misquitos yalla gtg
bye xxx
 armo_booty: suuuuuuuuup boo ! Ma petite cocotte ! !!! !! lolol
how are u????? yyeeeeyyyyyyyyyeeeeeyyyyyyyy ur bak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fooooo suurreeeee we gonna chill this summeR !!!
anyways ill talk to u later bebe! luv uuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!
 Armo_Babe: hey
me too i got some misquito bites but its ok ill live too! lol where did you go for ur vacation??you forgot to bring me with you lol yalla write back if you get a chance
love yaa
 n3mO: heyyy its okk i never got mad dont be sorry for nothing and plus wtv now that everyone has it i might be taking it off i dunno it looks gay now ill do my own black and red grk flag anyways gtg ciao.
 Armo_Babe: hii anna
its been a while i havent came in this page! i miss you
how was ur vacation ?? was it good are you tanned? lol
write back
 n3mO: hey banana sorrbut it aint me that gave to everyone peter this guy went on my page and started giving it to ppl he even erased it frm jimmy's page.
 nO_Limit: helo anna...
i know its been a long time..and im sure none of us missed the other...
but its ok..
i just wanted to say turn on ur speakers and check ur pOpPas page..and ofcorse dont forget to tell me what do u think..?!
 armo_pride69: im gonna miss ya to g where u goin to c ur grand parents ?? anyways dont worry about me ill have fun hope u relax i can c u need to be away from everyone anyways g i g2g now talk to ya soon (2 weeks maybe )
 armo_pride69: hey bananaz
you goin to ?
im leavin sunday at midnight
anyways be good also
g2g pack babye ill talk to u in 13-14 days
~ ~
 Armo_Babe: hey Anna,
yeah it is i cant believe u forgot lol
im gonna misss you
i know exactly what im gonna buy you!!!!!
im sure youll like it
anyways i gtg
take care of urself!!!!
im gonna miss you so much
 Armo_Babe: hey anna,
how are you?me good
its not only my birthday.. ur birthday is the same day as mine we will buy eachother a present lol
anyways i just wanna say have fun!!!!and ill miss you
 armo_booty: SuP AnnA !
How aRE u ?
CanT WaiT Till U ComE BaCK So We CaN Chill!!!!
Yooooooooooooo I love ur sIte Its BeAuTiFulL!!!!:
hehe anyways luv u lots talk to u later boo!
 n3mO: wassup italiana
AGOURI for jimmy and anna
fo shizle ma nizle
put da piecez in da pizzle
latez nate dizzle
 Armo_Babe: hey
whats up anna
how are you?me good
ok the present is for her not me ok fine lol i am not gonna cry for that its ok i understand..u know bday is coming soon loollll joke joke
love ya
anyways i gtg
write back!
 Armo_Babe: hey
i find it very cute hehe you always buy cute stuff for ppl's bdays so whats up
any plans for today??
its kind of cold outside but who cares lol
anyways if you come back from the dead it well be a surprise looolll i accidently deleted the message sorry dont think i wanted to
write back!
love ya
 Armo_Babe: hi anna
dont worry i put that in private hehe im sure she didnt see it cz when i was on you sent me that so i just put it in private it is so cute!!!!!!!!!im sure shes gonna like it i would of liked it hehe
well i am not talking to her much but when you guys go out thursday tell her i say happy b-day dont forget or else im gonna kill you that is gonna be you on the floor me and all around you lolol im joking but dont forget to tell her!!!!
anyways i gtg
but write back!!!!!!!
lolol i know what you mean who doesnt hate their dad lol lol anyways write back
..what are you gonna do today??
 Armo_Babe: whats up
and yeah it is true what i said.. they dont wanna look at the comments cause they know that its always a shout out cause most of the ppl's comments are a shout out lol hehe anyways.. what are you going to do today??
write back
 Armo_Babe: i loooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooouuuuuu  uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
 Armo_Babe: hey
lol ok fine dont share it with me keep all to yourself lol yo the comments are on the side well my comments you think u can fix it??
ur backround is niceeeeeeeeeeee its veryyyyyy prettttyyyy
anyways i g2g
but write back!
 Armo_Babe: hellloooo
oh lucky you u get paid lol but u mind if you give me the half of the money lolol jkjk
so whatssss uupppp ok i wont ask you whats wrong i just hope you feel better thats all i want the best for u
i g2g talk to u later
 Armo_Babe: hey anna
oh poor you u had to clean the house.. you did it by urself?? oh ur comments is a poem???loollll i thought u wrote that for some guy hehe soo whats happening??why arent you in the best mood??whats wrong??? you can always tell me
anyways i g2g holla back
i love you
 Armo_Babe: helloo
Yaa when i come to her house we well come and play basket ball with you hehe .. u charge ppl for the net? loll !!!!Its true..guys are around your age but theres more to come it never finishes loll and i dont want you to die earlier then me i wont have know one to talk with or to laugh with lol
anyways i g2g
I loveee youuuu
 Armo_Babe: hey cuty
i wanted to come and play basketball too lol oh i thought they were like 2 3 yrs old lol u would freak out always crying imagine a new born lolol i had to see your face if u had to babysit that kind of kids hehe..yeah im young but its good cause ill live more then you..i hope so i dont wanna die!!!!
anyways yeah when i go over narinees house again we well come meet you or call u and tell you to meet us at the park or something..anyways i g2g
talk to you soon
i lovee youuu
 armo_pride69: aiight then im glad i have an olda boo!!!!!
 Armo_Babe: Hey anna
well you tell me lolol well i think his name is.......and hes number is...-.... and he lives in laval near ur house lolol i have no clue what im saying but its ok lol so whats old are they??the 3 kids that u babysit??
i wanna see you again
anyways write back
 Armo_Babe: hi anna
who are you gonna baby sit?? lol
your boyfriend? lolll
anyways its so boring there isnt anything to do
ill let you go
 armo_pride69: aiight we will come i promise !
 CuTyGrL:  Yo SuP GiRl! Me NoThInG MuCh.
JuSt GoT BaCk A LiL' WhIlE AgO FrOm WoRk
Am TaLkInG To U On MiRc EsTi CeSt PlAtE
Am In PaIn. AiIgHt TaKe CaRe LuV U
 Armo_Babe: annnnnnaaaaaaaaa how are you???? whats up??what are you doing?? lol anyways i g2g to my cousins house talk to you soon
 armo_pride69: hey boooooooooooooooooooo wazzzzzzzzaaaaaa u lost y didnt u beat up raff or the person who was goin for the other team ??anyways today im not doing anything what r u doing ???? anyways holla back byebye
 Dj_ShaRky: OK anna, I got to undderstand something here, you've got a house that is nice ... and yet..your parents or YOU canoot buy an 8$ camera so you can put a picture ofyou...or even HAVE no friends yo take ONE picture of you...Hummmmmmm weird..anyways, lol, just wandering..take care and do you wnat 8 dollars to buya camera?????

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