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Last Online:2/7/2005 (GMT)   


Hey!! What´s up? I live in Raleigh, North Carolina...Not such a nice place to be in, it´s quiet and slow! It gets really boring. The only thing saving me here are my friends! I´m 6", brown-honey eyes.... I play GUITAR and soccer. I LOVE SNOWBOARDING, it´s just amazing.... I also love chilling with friends and going out to parties...Music is the best....I listen to Classical Rock, Pub/Techno...Arabic Dabkeh and Derbakkeh songs are also my FAVORITES... I love ITALY and FRANCE a whole lot! It´s a pity I don´t speak Italian! I´m really cool, (not being modest, but it´s the truth) specially when you get to know me....Anyways, whoever and wherever you are, don´t drop me a line, I won´t be able to answer. Send me an e-mail, that´s when I´ll answer you! I hate it how WL made us pay to send messages...Im not subscribing... CiAo!

Francophones/Français: Bon pour vous les libanais, les francais ou les va?? Laissez moi un message, ca ferait du bien de vous répondre... Bon, alle, je vs laisse! @ +

Libazis: Ya Libneiniyyé kifkon?? 3ishit 9 years bi lebnen, it was great!! I love it, bzoura kil sinni marra aw martein! ktibouli message, bjeiwib 3alaykon! Ou ba3d shaghli, rou7o 3ala LIBAZI.COM, spread it as much as possible....Yalla, Min Shoufkon maybe someday somewhere! Bye

Im "Still Loving You" because "You Give Me All I Need"

"You Make Me Dream By The Look In Your Eyes, You Give Me The Feel I´ve Been Longing For..." (Scorpions)

"Since You´re Gone, There Is A Heart That Bleeds..." ; "We Know What We´ve Lost When It´s Gone..." (Scorpions)

THE BEST EURODANCE TRANCE MEDITERRANEAN LEBANESE music is playing!!! This is a Live Radio Station! To see and know what LEBANON is really like, go to listen to the music we like and have... Also, don´t forget to read the facts of LEBANON....VERY interesting!! This is a must to know....Thanks!


Me and Fouf :)

Me & Roman infrontof2000people

Eating Lebanese Ice Cream :)

Driving the Pajero in Lebanon

Me kind of sad/mad


 Sssamar: hey...u're probably the closest lebanese person on WL..
 maryhelen: Oh that's ok.The good thing is that you had fun and i'm happy for you ..hehe
3 nights of clubbing??Man!you must've been tired although it was gr8! lucky you
take care and have fun!
i'll see you around
 maryhelen: by the way i see you're playing giutar..that's gr88
i play piano
Salut toi!
Never mind wallaw?I understand there's work and stufff...
I'm very happy that you're gonna have fun travelling..that's a good news
I'm gonna travel turkey after two weeks and then to armenia ..I'm happy too ..tomorrow my bro's coming from italy and i missed him a lot..that's why can't wait to see him
Lebanon's a gr8 countrY ...wassta w fawda meshyin...yu can get in night cluvs without ID's but of course there are exceptions...but in general that's good for teenagers hehe
Anyways i'm waiting for your reply
au revoir
Hey back!
no problem about the informations.Anytime
What do you work by the way?
About my name, usually i write as you like but that's in french.I prefer it in english but thx anyways
I'm surprised that you even miss the bad sevices...

 maryhelen: hehe..wallaw?of course i'll answer..Well i live a bit far from tico tico.Now in zalka there's a new hotel constructed&it's called hotel promenade.It's cool and it's near to my house too...of course i know naccach and rabieh.I have a lot of friends there....In zalka the shops are getting more&more and starbucks cafe opened its new branch in zalka too.It's a very nice place.
In the pics it was my birthday in a nightclub ...You were right it's called volcano in kaslik if you have ever heard of that place.It was fun
Anyways i talked too much so see you later elegaiter ..LOL
Yalla byeee
 choucronne: okiez... mais c'est les vacances, alors travaille pas trop... lol! moi aussi je suis plutot occupee en ce moment... anyway c ya soon on msn!
 maryhelen: Hey Daniel..well yeh kind of it's hard to answer all the ppl but i don't answer all of them ...Well the school i go to is armenian called college st.Hripsimiantz and i live in zalka..By the way i like your name Daniel
Take a good care of yourself
 maryhelen: hey...what's up..good to hear from you
 WorldLounge: 3,000 characters.
 SwEeTiE: Yea i guess u are right hehe
 LilJames8: hey hun i just visited my aunt bout a week ago it was so awesum . but yea bakersfield were i live is a pretty small town. but i luv north carolina tonz of people to meet . well gota go c ya hunnn
 LilJames8: hey wuts up hunn? so u live in north carolina thats so kewl!!! my aunt lives in charlotte i see her once a summa. ur pics r pretty kewl too. so ur in a band mad nice! well i gota go c ya hunn
 lucky_groovy: Hey u....hehe thx for the compliment..Im from MOntreal!
holla back
 SexyAllAround:  lol go in the freeezer so u wont melt lol
 choucronne: salut toi!!! je vis en essonne (91). sinon, je suis sur worldlounge depuis pas l0ongtemps alors g pas encore mis de fotos. attends septembre pour voir tete.

 choucronne: coucou!!! tu connais ma cousine, c cool! sinon, pour rpondr a ta question, je vis dans la region parisienne. mais en ce moment je suis au liban.

 Cutiec34: awww thanks one has said that im cool on here lol so ur the first hehe thanks for the unique messege...well neway u looking good write back tell me about urself ok ciao
 dollygirl: hey daniel how r ya? thx for ur massege u have nice pics too so hit me backz yalla take care byez...
 Scorpman: Yo Dan! Its your brother Roman How was FLA???? We need practice guitar more, what's up with that????? AND we need to go to Wilminton to see our girl, OK
Later Bro
 PoWeRgIrLl: yr Ex aww uhhh yalla it's all good ..i'll come next year...hheehee uhh i guess yo had good time haa ? yehh oopS by the way i'll put up new pics. NEways lataaa ~~POwerr
 PoWeRgIrLl: aww new pics... ehh nice~*nice~* lol luv it heehee

 PoWeRgIrLl: awwww take me wid you man how come ...yo leavein me alone ...hmmm that's pretty baddd j/k tell me who's that lucky girl that she look like me lol ..that's weird haaa? hmmm anyways lataaaa ~~~~sweetie byeZ

 SexyAllAround: well sweety im form cali la the 818 area and yes im armenian and i work so enojy ur trip dont cheaton melool
 SexyAllAround:  have fun sweety luv yaaaaa
 SexyAllAround: hi sweety lol how are you? lol ur so cute janna
 PoWeRgIrLl: hey ! sup '? howiz goin wid you ?
heyyyyyzzz enjoy yr self ...with summa ... well life is good know ..hang out ..ohhh by the way i do have summa school << that's sux >> anywayss laterss mwahhh*
 SexyAllAround: hi sweety how u doing

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