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la la la la la....deret deret deret...that is all...

My old days

me alone

moving TRAIN!!!!


 Phrystile: YO! what eva happened to those dancing lessons??


 avobak: hi sweety u look sexy . keep in touch . and tell me if u want me to send u my pic ..
 BoBo: whatevs
u'll see how i'll do
i'mma prove the world wrong!!!!!!
n e ways i'm tired and drunk
yalla bye
 BoBo: well well well. If it isn'!
 Hamster_Huey: Hey Tal's, thanks for the destructive critism Yeah i was dead tired yesterday - especially halfway through System i was about to really just fall onto the stage and not get back up.

I hope you guys had fun too :-) did u? DID YOU!?!??!
 Adi_h: i have also two CD's released. on =)
 ArmoGina: JR ACYOC PRESENTS~~~~~~~~~ MUSICAL FUSION JULY 19 2002 A NIGHT FILLED WITH MUSIC FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE PREFORMED BY ALL ARMENIAN TALENT FEATURING: ARAKADZ --> Armenian Kef Music ANTIGEN --> Independant Armenian band playing rock music & DJ MAXIMUS spining freestle, dance, hip hop and reggae all NIGht LOCATION: 920 Progress Avenue Inside the Holy Tinrity Armenian Church Doors open @ 8 first band up @ 9 ..10$ with flyer.... 12$ without FOR MORE INFO CONTACT ME
 Hamster_Huey: Taline, Ive got a problem. A BIG problem. You've got to help. Just gotta Taline, just GOTTA... You see... there's this person who keeps following me around every day... NIGHT AND DAY. NIGHT - AND - DAY... I wake up... it's there. When I sleep - it's not there. But when i wake up, IT's THERE!!!!

I can't take it anymore!!! Im going to become the ultimate geek and program computer assignments for days on end and then ARGHHH!!! WILL PEOPLE STOP KNOCKING ON MY DOOR!!!! Be back later to finish my whine.

 Phrystile: EH!! you're just lucky you weren't wearing white, or else you woulda gone in the water fo'sure!
 Tchalik: What's up, Latina Chiquitta>>>
Babaloo's was flippin' on a Massive scale last Sunday. I'm there and that's the bottom line.
I think you should take some real lessons though. Man, You just couldn't keep up with me at all.

 soujouk: hmm... are you on a train in that pic? and is it moving?
 Vicious1: what can i say, my pictures arent as creative as your moving train.
 jermagshokola: hey whassup long time no talk...was bored at work and thought id say hi...what u been up 2 these days?...any plans for the long weekend?...yallah take care c ya

TAline! ench bes es?
 Vicious1: yellaaaaaaaaa. look who it is.
 cherree: hey taline!!
its me! laurie! the stupid backstage girl from the play who didnt come to montreal wiht you guys but was there on her own fun anyways!!! how you doing?
just letting you know about kef night, im SURE youve heard, but in case you havent: its on thursday night, and i expect to see you there chickie!!
go to for more info
 Phrystile: wtf kinda name is voskiposhi anyway....geez i hate armo's...
 vampirismo: Barew kjank jan, wonzes....? Hle mi hat gri tenank intsches anum...

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