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Age:45  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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 rita123: Hello dear,
Good day how are you name is miss Rita_Arona, i saw your profile
to day in you i will like to know more about you and what you are looking for in a relationship.

Here is my E mail address feel free to contact me, please my dear try to e mail me with my personal E mail so that i will tell you more about my self with some pics of me.
please my dear try to mail me with my E mail address so that i will Give to you my photo fro you to know more about me(

Hope to hear from you soon as you get this mail.

Thanks yours Miss Rita
 joly: Arrrrrrrrleeeeeeeeeeeeen
du panir sirum es???????????
vonc es?
mi hat mail gri tesnenq, vonc hasar, inch ka chka, barevner mameenc
 FoxyLady: hi Arlen, r U still in Iran???
 joly: bolorin bolorin bolorin, Arleny shat taxandavor ev harashali mard e, ete pordzeq aveli motikic canotanal, anpayman khamozveqev vor amenakarevorn e ir srti taguhin ov karoxana darnal shat erjanik klini, es asum em sa vorpes ir mot ynkerneric meky, maxtum em dzez hajoxutyun
 seroomemkez: barev arlen inch bes es ?
 seroomemkez: Barev , yes naiyiren em 28 darekan , aproom em Iranoom , oo ashkhadoom em haikakan enkerootoonoom , nayev dasavandoom em nakrchootoon . Seroom em oonenal lav enker – enkeroohiner , endaniki yerekhah , hasakstogh , shnorkin ` amenk oghmist . Oo sharoonakel kapes , ovker vor stankanoom em karoghen , im hed kap hasdadel . oo namak gren im emailen . . vorov hedev askhadanki shad beroomov chem imnaoom check anel ais site , khekhendrem yete oozastik kab oonenal im hed , namak grek im emailen . hamenaian oorkhootan badaskhan kedam ster namaknerin . Sa im mankakan siten e : Linek hajogh Naiyire
mi harst oonem doo araie yekhbaire ches vor canada e ?
 hi_baby: HEY BOY, i just want to ask 1Q ,where are your feet, in the first photo!
 hi_baby: hihi , my first WL's friend, nice to see yr messege
 narin_78: hiiiiiiiiiiii
 elvin_gh: barev.i would like to know more about will u plz send me more things about u
 yana_cuty: Hi there, no pix at all so , plzzzz do as a favor and put some right?take care.
 Alina_H: barev laves inchbes es?

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