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 crazymario: hahahah very ur sayin that im weird cause i shaved my legs......u dont understand how many guys do it....there juss to shy to talk about it but goddammit it felt so goood....i think i juss might do it again
 Dave_da_Rave: Maral, who did YOU
lose TO
in Tennis?
Hehehehe...pete prevails! ur officially the wuss of t-dot, how many times did ur shots hit tha net? hehe..its ok better Luck next time..
nah good game tho still

hahahahhhaa..i WON!!!
ok latess
 Dave_da_Rave: save the trash talk for the court..IF you'll even show up..WuSS~
(waggle waggle) Ahahaha
 GB_Esquire: hey... ya no prob ... neways im leaving to Montreal soon i wanted to talk to you befor i left so my mind would be clear cause i know theres somting wrong but i guess it will have to wait... dont have too much fun while im gone ... ill see you when i get back latz
 crazymario: Actually a number of guys on my team did it and a few have done it again but a few plan to do it also so i dont know.....but the season is almost done so i dont know
 OnE_bIg_ArMo: SMURFFFF..whatys UP?? long time no message on this are things?? i havent seen u in a long ahs it been 9 hours..??yea something liek that..i am Smurfy Deprived..We were talking about the palns for this week...and i might go to mom said Yea..but i havent mentiond it to my Pops..thier pretty hsure theyll let me..
SooOOO HEy u bette rwake my ARsS..if i dont get a call form u..then i know who to bother at 6:30 from now on..uhummm..that means gonna try and fall back to sleep again..ill talk to u tommrow then..have fun cleaning..babYE smurfyY
 Dave_da_Rave: so y r u having the greatest day? u mustve talked to me on icq or something as for saturday, we'll c, u sure u wanna take on pete sampras himself tho?

i'll give u a day to think about

ok LateSs
 crazymario: Well i really dont think theres gonna be a next time cause my mom snapped when she saw them so yea....i might tho u never know....but if i do ill try to show ya ok
 crazymario: Well actually there neither right now...because its been more than two weeks since i did it maybe even 3 and the hair is pretty much grown back but its not as long as it used to be so yea....but they still look nice hahahahahahha
 Dave_da_Rave: i barely got there on time, xXx was pretty good still..lotta action, right up your alley..and about tennis, ill play whenever, pick a day and it's set..start practicing
 crazymario: Well im doin pretty actually talkin to u right now on msn so yea....everything is going u been doin lately.......
 Freestylin_hunny: heeyyyy ma SLUUUUT!!!!! ...u know i'm j/k.... anyways ur playin tennis now and i'm about 2 go 2 "someone's" house....FUN eh??? ......btw TWEET TWEET
 Dave_da_Rave: guess what i found in the back of the freezer!
the remianing bits of the orange creamsicle tub! in fact im gona go rite now and finish it off, with sum double choc. timbits..
forget the crackle

 SikdirGitOlum: awww poor maral next time well get revenge on that little never bother u again haha

ok maybe thats a little bit harsh....but ah well ...btw...why do u call me pumba...sounds like the name of that warthog from i look like a frikkin warthog..well maybe i do....but if im pumba then ur Sebastian from Little gonna eat you..puahhahaha lates
 Vin_Diesel: hey how r u long time no write i guess ur just too buzy thats kool just wanning to know if ur alive
 Dave_da_Rave: ya i need a haircut baddd

soon, soon..
so how was BK last nite? haha how does ur ma let u go out so late at nite, if i left tha house at 3 i'd get the usual armo-parent-bashing, lol

anyways ima go eat ..what else? ICE CREAM! we got chocolate fudge crackle now, mmMMmmm MMm! u know you want some, hehe CANT have any! yalla latess
 SikdirGitOlum: haha pumba yegher....whatta wuss

if u even try to do anythin youll get more of my socks in ur face...hehe and when i gave u my socks...u probably thought it was an act of kindness.. ..lets just say i have a foot disease..and its contagious puahhahahahah well i already told u that...but im just remindin u in case ur foot starts gettin bigger and growing big green bumps all over it hahaha ewww

anyways see ya later gator..bye
 SikdirGitOlum: hehe youll never get me back ...i still have more foods i have to mix in ur hair

anyways wanna hear a joke¿..ok if u insist.....what do you call a woman whos lost 95 percent of her intelligence...recently divorced haha ...puahahhahahahahha

ok im done......for now...dn dn dnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ill ttyl wuss

 Dave_da_Rave: heheh, ill believe it when i see it MARAL...and nope i didnt get it cut..YET..u still didnt tell me ur personal cosmopolitan opinion on how short i shall cut it
alritey, ttyl~
 HardcoreHarout: maral my best frind in the whoole wide world how are u doing!!!!
lol miss me dont u ii know no one to go to esq with or have late nights with on icq lol
im trying to find an esquire here in cali it's very hard
but im worling hard missed u
tell everyone hi and i will be back soo lol and i'll try and respond back to u when i can
ciao for now
 SikdirGitOlum: hahaha you are a supernerd..j/j

anyways i kicked ur ass today at my house...sorry for hittin u in the face so many times..i dunno why that kept happenin ...i have to admit though when u got me down and slapped my it hurt sooooo much...but i deserved still gonna get u back though so watch it

puahahhahahahaha laaaaaates
 Dave_da_Rave: That was the biggest mistake eh..tellin u the "spot"'s ok cus im a wittle-wascal, not even garo and rober combined could catch me at rob's pool, and i was throwin them and varouj left right and centre of the pool heheheh...yala cya tomoro
 SikdirGitOlum: haha hey geek....why u writin messages to urself..whats the matter ¿ have no friends hehe j/j

anyways next time were at roberts its WAR...those pillows are mine dammit all mineeeee........ahhhhh ok bye
 GB_Esquire: hey whats up guy... are you feeling aite what are you doing righting msg to yourself neways i went to yorkdale they didnt have it i dont now what to do neways i think im going to go to my dads soccer practice start getting back in shape if you guys want to do something call my cell ill be done around 9m peace
 Curleee_Z: ur singin it, i still need practice hahaaha, u know it by heart and i dont soooo...well ya i wanna shave it, who told u?
 Vin_Diesel: yeah u watch when i see u im gonna whip ur ass jks neways take care
 Vin_Diesel: leave my spelling alone otherwise the next time i see u im gonna
then im gonna take u and
and then ur going to lok like and im going to at u got it

 Vin_Diesel: yeah i peirced my cartlige it hurt but its kool...the tattoo i want to get it done on my arm it might sound corny to u but i want the armo code of arms with the armo flag behind it...neways well see im still not sure but its a thought ttyl
 Vin_Diesel: hey was up how u doing...whats new with u....well i got my ear pierced now i think im going to do my nipple and my nose and i might get a tattoo too what do u think neways ill ttyl or maybe ill see u soon
 GB_Esquire: hey sexolicous... how u doinnn ... ya my hair was pretty sexy maybe cause you did it ... i think we have to all talk about sat. to see what to do... maybe if you stop biting your nails i wouldn't have to you dont worry your sis got me back hard enough... neways my stomach is hurting from eating to much i feel like this maybe i need a nice .... oh ya i did fall asleep again but whatever ... will talk soon call me if you want lats sexy
 GB_Esquire: hey sexy whats going on ... what are we goin to do friday... lets do sumtin fun i need to have fun cuase its been awhile... probably see you later
 ArmoGina: JR ACYOC PRESENTS~~~~~~~~~ MUSICAL FUSION JULY 19 2002 A NIGHT FILLED WITH MUSIC FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE PREFORMED BY ALL ARMENIAN TALENT FEATURING: ARAKADZ --> Armenian Kef Music ANTIGEN --> Independant Armenian band playing rock music & DJ MAXIMUS spining freestle, dance, hip hop and reggae all NIGht LOCATION: 920 Progress Avenue Inside the Holy Tinrity Armenian Church Doors open @ 8 first band up @ 9 ..10$ with flyer.... 12$ without FOR MORE INFO CONTACT ME
 Curleee_Z: Maral....hokis.... do u know who i am? im the guy that used to beat up a bear with his if u think superwoman can beat me up, then im sorry, ur living in your own lil fantasy world, like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...thats the type of world ur living in...I.A.M.T.H.E.M.A.N

 HardcoreHarout: booooooooo tooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
me - - u

 HardcoreHarout: i ended up going to kermes wow was it ever crappy i should have stay at home or told u to come out with me and gone to esq or sumwhere what a waiste maral i blame this on u for not thinking hard enough when i asked u too
 SikdirGitOlum: ohhhhhhhhhh ok i get it now....its ok whatever

cool cool then i see you saturday...laaates
 Curleee_Z: KIDDD, Trust me, i would kill u, i wear a belt (my versace belt actually) and i know how to use it in more ways then one, i can either wear it or beat u with it, so once again i say dont mess with me cuz IMMM THAAAA MAAANNNNN!!!
 HardcoreHarout: i am completly confused with ur msg lol
 GB_Esquire:  im guessing you were tiered when you wrote that msg lol neways i might see you today so talk to you later
 Curleee_Z: I messaged cuz i felt bad for you. like ur a girl and u need my attention so i figure i would give u the attention u need...little girl...and i dont know about the , i dont see that happening cuz im the man!
 HardcoreHarout: ench pretty late if we saty up any longer
we might as well meet up and get sum breakfast lol
anwyays if ur tummy hurts then u look like this lol
i dunno
 GB_Esquire: yo whats up... whatever
 GB_Esquire: by the way that last message was from me chris i was under garos id.
 GB_Esquire: hey maral was up...i didnt forget my movies there i left them there for u to watch and theres much more from where that came hows everything with u guys down there...ive been ok i got into a car accident on the way back from muskoka (dont ask) yeah well besides that it was fun...ttyl
 GB_Esquire: hey maralig whats going on... i spoke with you on the phone just awhile ago... i want to come see you guys but i think i should stay home today may be ill come buy tommoro if you guys do anything today let me know oh ya i got a pretty good tan neways hope to see you soon...
 Vin_Diesel: hey maral was up just wanted to drop u a line im up in muskoka and im at an internet cafe writing to u all...i see that u and rob had quite an interesting night together....joke well anyways i gots to get going see yall when i get back to t.o. oh btw are you going to kermez. latz
 OnE_bIg_ArMo: SMURFYYYYYY..whats uP?? i havent seen u in years..hahhahaha..whats goin oN?? last night was the BEst..i had the time of my life..thank u very much..ur the best..if their was anybody liek beat them up cuz ur maral..and only u can be maral..nobdy else..their might be other smurfs in competition with my smurfy..but ull still beat the crap out of all of them..unless its jojo the worlds biggest bearded lady from the freak show..and her nickname is smurf..then i think u might have some competition..hehehhe was shopping?? u know u went shopping dont lie to urself..heheheheh..thnx for the call btw..u brightined up my day..that wsupp that u said just made me think how wonderfull u are..then after i hung up the phone i felf like a champ and decicded to jump of the diving board..and ended up breaking my head at the bottm of the pool..thank u very much..hehehhe anywayz..ill see u tomorw...HEy maybe tommrow well rent an even scarier movie and well both watc that one this time...and maybe this time i dont think theyd want me home b4 are u thinking what im thinking??...
heheheh thats enough..ill talk to u later smurfy..
 Vin_Diesel: hey sweets was up just got home from your crib its like 1:00am i didnt have to sleep in the basement somone was leaving at the same time. well im kinda i think im gonna so ill write u later goodnight
 OnE_bIg_ArMo: MARALIGGGGG...whats uP?? HOW u DOIN??? im okay..just really exhausted form yesterday..i had fun..i hope u time ur jumping in the pool and not getting pushed into it..u better recognize..anywayz..hows ur day soo far...?? im super bored..gonan jump into the pool soon..its too hot outside..i need a breast of fresh air...
hehhe..anywayz..holla BAck smurfy... ..hahahha the face is blue..just like a smurfy...
talk to u later..BABYEEEE..
 SikdirGitOlum: hehehe ya crank calls for life

u deserved it...thinkin ur all tuff stayin outta the water....puahahhaa well we showed you.... hehe j/j
 Freestylin_hunny: heyyyy ma seexxyyyyyy biatch..... who u doin?? ...thank u bebes but my madeeg is swollen's hurting but ur lil kiss made it a bit better ....i'm goin 2 that picnic thing now.... i'm sooo tired i dun feel like goin but wat can i doo, they need me there so i guess i'll have 2 go ....
we'll go "shopping" one day
k sweety.... talk 2u later oooooouu
 HardcoreHarout: i hurt my ankle on wednesday as of right now it's ok i can walk on it but the current colors on it consist of black,blue and yellow i dont think i'll be playing for atleast a week or 2 but dun wory tell me when u wanna play i'll come and watch and cheer u on

 HardcoreHarout: maral maral maral
i dunno wha tthere is to say about
no i realy dont
 SikdirGitOlum: hehe wsup maralig

im still laughin over what u told me

haha ok bye
 SassyChic: btw i luv these new pics if u havent noticed
 SassyChic: Hey maralig...thanx a lot for gettin me wet 3 times today...hehehe
that doesnt sound ur dead ill use the whip if i have to ... and ur the one that started it...i was an angel ... but now its payback time ur back cuz ur face is gonna look like this soon ...later hun
 OnE_bIg_ArMo: HEy..just wanted to say ill say it agin..hey..i got my marks form school today and allz i gots to say is hav fun the rest of the grunded.. ...
...................................  ...................................n  ah jus to u later then..babyE
 HardcoreHarout: alll i can say is trouble for u trouble....
 SassyChic: Hey Seniorita......Mamasita
i know its nice lopig me i know ... talk 2u later sexy chickita
and just remember YO ERES BUTA...hahaha...i probably said it wrong again....later hun
 HardcoreHarout: yeah yeah u wish just watch
 SassyChic: Hey skank.....ull take me ne day...ohhhhhhhh maral ...i never knew u felt that way bout me...hahaha...thats right shake that lopig ass of urs .... haha....ill talk 2 u later hun
 GB_Esquire: hey... aw your so kind but i could still take you on with my injury hahaha neways im at ur house but your not here thank god lol...jsk... neways if i dont see you today than another day... later
 HardcoreHarout: i beat u today

 Freestylin_hunny: eyyyyy u sexyyy ass.... u doiiiin?!?!?!?!? .... dun worry man i can handle this.....u know wat i'm talkin bout.... ...u know what??? ur the best i bet u i would b still doin my ISU if u didn't help me.....luv u my sexy bitch ....."PEACE"...
 HardcoreHarout: good game today dont cry cuz i beat u
 GB_Esquire: hey... im at your house right now writing this msg hahaha.... just tell me when you want to fight and im there... good now you cant bite your nails lol later
 SikdirGitOlum: hehhee like seriously maral...we have way too much time on our hands...but its ok were still cool.....

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