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Age:39  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:1/18/2019 (GMT)   

~ Suspended somewhere between the end and the beginning you find your fate, ever so close and ever so afraid of itself :)

Here is My Place, where I get to tell you about myself, my interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes :)

Check out my March riddle! :)

A bad king has a


Me and Aram

Lubov´ i golubi :)


 a2y3f5: Stop by my site for an upadate.
 Suspended_Angel:  Message from Suspended_angel
Since I have a chance to be VIP today... I want to wish to all of my friends the happiest New Year! Hope that coming up year will bring you joy and peace! I am also posting some of my wedding pictures for a week so my friends could see them. Have a great New Year!
 a2y3f5: New topic is posted feel free to stop by and comment.
 a2y3f5: New Orleans was awesome experience, but about it later, I just came back from the airport and dying to get somesleep.
 a2y3f5: Hi there a new update is posted


January riddle!
There is an island where a total of 100 people who live there ALL have blue eyes. Everyone knows that everyone else has blue eyes but they don't know their own eye color. These people are perfectly logical and follow all the rules. They only have two rules:
(1). They cant speak or write anything about a person's eye color or they die the next day. (2). If they realize their own eye color with definite certainty they have to commit suicide.

One day a person who speaks the truth and never lies says "there are blue eyes on this island." Everyone on the island knows he spoke the truth. What happens next? Naturally the truth teller dies the next day.... But what happens after he dies? Being logical people and they follow all the rules, what happens after that? No! They don't go on living as normal
Have fun solving my riddle!
 Suspended_Angel: !!!!!!!!!!!!MESSAGE FROM "Suspended_Angel" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/05/02
Hello my dear friends,
I am sorry about what has happenned at the Worldlounge, but I hope it won't stop us from communicating and sharing ideas as we used to do before.
For those who are not WL members, my email address is
For those who like my website, my website address is : eautiful_mindx/Angel.html My website is currently under construction.(hopefully, some changes will be made soon I am very busy with my school and jobs now, but I'll try to reply to everyone whenever I get a chance.)
Just want to say that I miss you all and I wish you all the best. I'll be waiting for your emails. Keep in touch. God bless you all!
Your Angel 0:-)
P.S: Old friends leave, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend -- or a meaningful day.

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