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heeeeeeeey!! whats up? im gunna be a junior after tha summer! and i dunno really what to say about myself! so if you want to know something just ask. luv you!





 BabyK: what up luva!! yeah sorry about that the familia had arrived. i have no friends and i need a boyfriend. i'm a tard. yeah anyways i need to go and do something about these bugbites i got FAST or i might DIE but i'll ttyl my child!! 143 143
 Brunie6: Hey girly! Hmmmm I hear you had an interesting night last night, even though matt and I waited in the car for 20 minutes while you and whit chatted up a storm with your boy toy... but thats okay, thats what friends are for. alright, im goin swimming at walden right now with some people, sam and matt hehehe whoo hoo! ciao sexy mama!
 Sexy_Czechy_Kat: Hey Andrea! omg, thanks for your post. My summer's been ok...I'm trying to decide on a guy prob tho, so it's a little stressful. Are you going to be diving again this season? You totally should, cuz it's no fun w/o anyone. lol, duh. I'm glad you like my car, a lot of people don't like the color, but I love it, it's wicked unusual. ok, gotta run now, but maybe I'll see you around in dan's car in belmont! ciao.
 XxMercedes21xX: ANDREAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! omg i saw god 2day lmao hahahhahahhahahhaha well ill talk to you lata long time no see!!! we gosta chyll 4real
 xxi3ratanxx: Hey there cutie, you're really cute, write back to me sometime, hopefully I'll get to talk to ya, Laters =)
 BabyK: HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... ommmmmmmmgggggggg why aren't you home yet? COME HOME TO BENITO!!! beast i don't know what i'm saying, but i need a boyfriend!!! and OMG i'm so scared to move. i don't think i can deal!!! ugh... oh well... i'll ttyl soon (i hope!!) miss ya child!! 143 beast
 Vartan87: hey, having fun in Arkansas? what's it like over there? i can't imagine u having the skin of a spik(don't mind the expression). is ur destination planned out, or are u guys being spontanious and going where ever u want. it sounds pretty fun, even though Arkansas is a pretty random place. just don't anyone while ur there. go to any clubs down there? i'm going to camp for two weeks. i'm leaving tomorrow. it should be fun. i've been going every since i was 8, so i know a lot of people. ok, i'll try to stay out of trouble. later babe
 Brunie6: hey dahlin! how goes you? not good i suppose! dont worry you'll have fun in how random! oh well! i hope the "jet" is running okay! lol matt leaves today for the weekend, again..he wont be home until sunday afternoon..but thats okay i guess..i came home at 1145 last night and he was waiting outside my house for me, and let me tell you, he looked so good anyways, i hope yall have fun riding around in your little sandpiper lol! cant wait till you get back! bye! 143 ~the brew~
 GrlieSk8: hey whaddup? i know babe im gonna miss u so much, this sucks so much that you have to go, but you'll be back soon enough..what day is august 19th? Yeah im gonna work on my tan, and you work on urs in new mexico. The cape is good i guess, but sorta boring and lonely without friends. When you get back and everyones around Ill have everyone here to the beach. Well I hope u have a safe flight. ANd a wonderful time and ill call you later on today. I love you.
 Vartan87: hey babe, don't worry about it. i wasn't affended at all. i was just playing. but it's nice that ur so sensitive to my feelings. i hope u have fun on ur trip. when are u leaving? i'm going to camp haiastan for two weeks. i'm leaving this sunday and i'm coming back on the 25th. i don't know how u'll do without me and my witty comments, but i guess u'll have to survive. don't worry, it's only 14 days. later babe, love u
 crzysucka51: Hey hunny, whaadduuup?! I hope you had a fun "andrea day" lol...I had a pretty slow day...I had to work...then went out to dinner with my parents...and now I'm home so I decided to leave ya a msg... damn since we both going away soon we def have to chill before wed, and now that I'm not sick anymore we can have more fun... Aigh' well I'm kinda tired so I'm off to sleep, lataz
 GrlieSk8: Hey Andrea! Whaddup?m Alright we are so going to the beach tomorrow and i will personally tell Victor for u! I cannot belive that you are going to texas and other plces for that long. Its ridiuclous amount of time. We're gonna miss you. Ice cream was fun the other night! eh eh eh. lol aight well 8u are on the phone so im gonna go now. Muah. buh bye
 BabyK: JESUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! what up ho?? how are you? you're out getting your nails done right now and i'm super bored. i just watched zoolander with my bro, good stuff!! i'm still kinda pissed about you know who. and like i said i'm hoping that it's just a fling. and OMG i'm so happy for you and alex. i'm glad you're happy with him. you deserve it!! haha anyways yeah... i'm really tired and i feel like i'm gonna but it's only 8, so it would be really depressing if i went to bed right now lol... anyways i'll tty when you get back!! SEE YA LUVA!!! xoxo
 Vartan87: hey babe, i resent that "horny dawg" statement. first of all, u spelled dog wrong. if u insult me, do it right. second, i saw her message on ur page and saw that she was down. she was sad because everyone posted her saying her friend was hot. i posted her assuring her that she was GORGEOUS and not to mind those jerks. we started talking, and it turns out that ur friend is a very nice girl. i don't know about kevork, but i have no intention on riding her. we're just friends. i may joke that i'm in love with her, and for a couple of moments i may mean it. but i'm just joking around. u have nothing to worry about. wow, i feel like i'm writing a letter to her dad . cool off, u should care so much .anyway, i can't imagine u fat. u said that u were lazy, u ate and got as fat as an elephant? sorry, i just can't picture it. ur skinny as a twig, it would be good for u to get some meet on u. i say that in the nicest, most respectable wayo :-). . yes, thanks goodness the current didn't take u guys even farther in. i don't know what i would do without u. later babe. nice to have u back.
 Vartan87: hey babe, so ur getting back today from maine right? tell me all about ur trip. i'm working at my dad's shop now, and business is slow. so i'm just chillin on the computer all day reading my books for summer reading. i do bitch work here and there, but no cool stuff like i used to. i gg, later babe.
 DavidWeissman33: Could i know you? you're sexy? haha- whats up andrea- i got my ill pictures up now... go to my account- and see my sexy body!! (haha) <== look, it's an angry chinese guy!
will you be my lover, andrea!?
 OUTLAW_JUDGE: hi babe u r so cute/i lke u very u speak armenian.and plz if u don't have a boyfriend give me your phonnumber plzzzzzzzzzzz

 Vartan87: hey babe, i just got back yesterday from new hampshire. i went on a hiking trip with my friend and his dad. it kicked ass. we hiked 10 miles on wednesday and 10 miles on friday. it was sooo much fun. my legs are kinda sore right now, but it's all good. i hope u have fun in maine. if u guys do anything nauty in the lake, and tend to take pictures of it.......... don't be shy to send them my way. later babe, take it easy.
 BabyK: i'm such a tard... i need pictures of me by myself. it's kinda of really sad that everyone's like wow ash is hot... blah blah... BUT NO ONE LEAVES ME MESSAGES ANYWAY SO IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! and... i tried leaving other people some but it didn't work... there must be something wrong with me. do i smell?? i hope not. anyways... i'll ttyl luva!! xoxo
waddup?! its like 11 in the morning...and i just got home from galen's house...her rents are coming back today which makes me because we had so much fun while they were in France . we did some hardcore partying (hell yeah!) alas...tis over...oh wait LOL NOT ITS NOT, im going to a party TONIGHT! haha i almost forgot, oh yeah and a rave tomorrow...ITS ALL GOOD THEN haha alright "short n' sweet" ill catch ya later, PEEEEACE!
 Brunie6: Hey! yuck, i just got home from work like 30 min ago, i was at ranc's and i smell like ice cream...ewwww, i only made $8 in tips tonight..but oh well. So anywho, hows the love life goin? good i hope! I need some BADLY right now...i havent seen matt since friday...i just may go I'll see ya on the flip side! luv ya! 143!
 crzysucka51: heeeeey!! I hope your feeling better cant wait till tomorrow when i get to see you I'll call you buhbye adios
 kingofnothing:  GOD DAMN IT....... u r sooo cute and i want to know alot of things about u .... do u care 2 ......waiting
 Vartan87: hey babe, ya, that's my brother. what do u think? i like how u combined the animated pictures. it looks phat. ya, i'll tell u my crazy stories later . i'm going on this trip to new hampshire tomorrow, so that should be fun. i won't be back until friday. so if u don't get any posts from me, don't too much. i know u'll miss my long messages . later babe batcheegner amen degh.
 BabyK: someone left me a message saying i was hot!! yay!!!
 GrlieSk8: Hey babe whast up? ur at drivers ed right now and im at the rink..kinda bored right now...anyways give me acall on my cell later, im at the cape till 930! AHH aight well i hear we are going to the beach on august 3rd. I duno about that weekend but one weekend u and cathy and whoever have to come to the cape and go to the beach and out to dnner and stuff. Its nice, and then sleepover! This weekend was aweseom especially friday!!!
 crzysucka51: Hey sweety!! Tonight was...MmmmMmmmmmmmm hehe damn girl , your fav song is stuck in my head!! "even when im with my boo im crazy over you" im sure you know it by Im talking to you on AiM right now
 BabyK:  thanks for shooting me!! i would have packed you in one of my bags if i knew you wanted to come to the beach... and i don't think alex would want to here from me. last time i talked to him i was chewing him out about rachel. that's over and done with now though. oh well!! have FUN TONIGHT!! haha oh! chris came online and i was super excited. i miss that boy. haha if he would come over here and give me a i would probably yeah ok now i need to save what little pride i have left... haha i'm gonna go do some summer reading see ya luva!! xoxo
 Brunie6: Hey! he finally came on last night, but it was soo late! he invited me to the beach today, but...of course i had to take my little cousin shopping..but thats okay, i'll see him tonight anyways, i hope you have fun tonight...hehehe oh yeah..
 BabyK: ahhhhh i feel like such a doof!! no one loves me except for you... i'm still waiting for that hot guy to leave me a message haha!! oh yeah, you know who was online for a minute and kcm is going to visit him today! i'm so jealous... oh well... i'm pathetic, so i'm going to go to the beach now, HASTA! xoxo
 Brunie6: Hey gurl! omg im soo freikin bored, matt just called me and told me to stay online and that he would be on in a little while...well, i've been oh well. I had a ton of fun last night no doubt! and we both got some lovin so thats even better! well, im gonna go lay down and wait for my boy toy to come online if he doesnt come on im going to him,peace cathy 143!
 crzysucka51: Hey hunny, hope you feeling better by the time you read this Call me tomorrow after my work so we can hang i cant believe i thought you were whitney on the cell! LOL WTF!! hahahahaha ok im out, lataz sexy
 BabyK: wow this is most def like the coolest thing EVER!! oh can i just tell you i am going to my boss for making me work late on friday night cuz i got 293847329847 bugbites and it'm going to kill him.... but yeah i'd rather be ing you know who than ing my boss... anyways... i'll ttyl child!! 143
 Vartan87: hey babe, sorry about the long message. when i was writing it, i wasn't paying much attention until the end. i was like "whoa, i should stop soon". i could type forever. i torcher my english teacher with 4 page papers when she asks for a paragraph. . yes, i'm a twisted kid. if u don't like the long messages, i'm sure i can cut them down. ya, i see kevork a lot. i saw him for 2 weeks at camp, and we hang out a lot. i saw him last night at a dance. how's the babysitting going? i'm gonna keep this one sweet and short. later babe
 Brunie6: Hey girly! guess what, #1 im soo drunk, #2 i hooked up with matt tonight! wooohoooo! thats right, we were on the futon in the tv! oh many times baby! so hows everything goin with alex? keep me posted babe!!!
 Vartan87: ya, but it's cool to see how much a girl's face can change in a year. i think it changed quite a bit. i like the timing. i got on, posted u, and u posted me only 10 minutes later. that's so cool how ur gonna get ur license in december. do u know what car ur gonna get? why would u go to texas? especially in the summer? that's a death wish right there. if i were u, i'd stay here up north where it's nice, cool, and u won't burst into flames by standing in the sun. good luck. i just took a quick glance and i thought "wow, this girl gets hit on a lot." good luck fighting them off. i'm gonna go to camp haiastan. it should be fun. i've been going for 8 years. a couple of days ago i was laughing at how kevork and i are exact opposites, but we're best friends. he won't go to camp unless there's a high ratio from girls to guys. he wants to meet every armenian in the world, and i just like chilling with old friends. he likes to party, i like to sleep(don't get me wrong, i like to party too.). wow, this post is long. i'll end it here. u didn't send me ur aim name. if u don't have one just tell me. if u don't want to publically say it, u can send a private message, and if u don't like me and don't ever want to talk to me, that's understandable too. just say so. look at this, i'm giving u options . well, i said i'd stop right there and obviously, i lied. later.
 Vartan87: what's ur screen name?
 Vartan87: hey babe, u look so young in ur first pic. why did u spend 2 hours on a car ride? where did u go? i'm planning on going to go to camp late august. what r u gonna do during the summer except vegetate? later babe
 D: wut up girl, where u from? i havemt seen u at armo stuff so im askin, u kno how it is. take care ite
 crzysucka51: aaw your so sweet
 Vartan87: hey babe, how's it going? long time no see. later
 crzysucka51: Hey I really enjoyed tonight a lot, I didnt even really care about the party much, as long as I get to spend time with you Im happy about convo we had was very ganna acually give it a lot of thought...have fun at six flags, im out, peace
 HotArmo4u: hey hunny how are you just postin u to say wats up and to ask how everything is and 2 see how your summer is goin.... post me back hunny!!!
 Brunie6: Hey! hehe oh ya, i can really strut my stuff... Dans just wishes he could get a sunburn between his boobs, so then he would know what it felt like Lata doll! p.s whitney is a loser! she has SAT class tonight until 9:30 in the cape...what a dork! j/k
 Brunie6: LOL! an oompa loompa?! hahaha No, im not going to gloucester this weekend, we have to hang out again! you seem to be in belmont alot, heres my cell # 617 365 4846 probably not the smartest thing to post my number lol! but me sometime babe!
 Brunie6: omg you should see my back, i look like a tomato! and the worst thing is, im to lazy to go and get aloe btw i like your new pic, it really cute! Later!
 uzidemon23: hey, whats up, i like that pic... so maybe sometime this week we can hang out with whitney and some others...probably this weekend tho...k ill ttyl, bye
 crzysucka51: Hey hunny daaamn nice new pic Gimmi a call tomorrow so we can hang out....aiigh' sexy !!
 GeOrGe69: cute!
 Brunie6: hey girl! ya the beach kicked we'll do it again real soon well i gotta run, talk to ya lata! ~bruski~
 crzysucka51: Hey sexy whats up?? I hope you had fun tonight, I sure did...we are def chilling on wed and im ganna yo ass! lol hehe lol tell whitney to unblock me on WL, i can't leave her msg , aiiiigh well have fun tomorrow doing whaytever u doing, peaaaaaaaace
 B1gMo: andreaaaaaaaaa wuddaaaaaaap damn where u been, u trying to avoid me or something? j/k so what u been up 2 ive just been chillin, partying, trying to be happy...doesnt always work though. oh well maybe u can cheer me up... im sure ill see u sometime soon. until then....LATA!
 mike53re: u look hott, especially in the pic that says hehe above it
 uzidemon23: hey whats up, im back from jersey, so gimme a call sometime and we can hang out, maybe on friday>?
hit me back
 crzysucka51: hey, thanks for the dinner again...hehe your so nice hey you and your mom really like to argue, u both have a big j/k...but i think its true..dont u...haha...anyways wanden pond was mad fun, too bad you couldnt come with us....holla back adios

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