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Last Online:2/9/2004 (GMT)   

- Zois Tilos .. Zois Tilos Konstantinos ..what a guy ! the coolest name in the world- to whitney $yea im gonna stick it in her pants where else would i put it ..crazy spew stupid 12 yr olds.. its b/c i cant see leave me alone.. you trying to give me that pack of mikes ? Que pasa ? you gonna finish that.. shut up.. did i just call him ? im so gone.. *leaning on wall* i can so walk.. fuck that your too far away *goes back to the wall* $ ok im a chick, that likes to have some fun with buddies. looking for closer armenians so i dont have to drive to D.C... but im thinking there are none... well you take whats given Im tall, tan green eyed, and I dont know what else to put, so just ask so hopefully the picture will help you out ok the redskins even though the team isnt that great got to stick with the home team .. Go terps message me ~`~* * the water is danger hunny* (hah) ... Annapolis "RIVA"you know its all the way -Party Hardy!- the only way to go .Ok so now i got pics up they are ok i geuss its me in france but i dont have curly hair its just like that to spice things up but its all kosher right ? Chilling Sivas Style Ygya you are #1.. Whats up to the crew in Germnay miss you guys i miss going to the pool and the waterslides really but you guys are cool too! jp luv you ..hey Herbal #1 cuz in france! Fat Joe ... Super Frog ! ...ok im done..

Me its not that good but hey..



 younguero: okis, kiss, kisss, kissss, kisssss....
well...let it be!!!
 younguero: OLA!!!
whaz up?
u so cute, nice'n'pretty girl...
can I be ur friend??????
 rmeli425: hah yea i got ya
 chobez: Same old Same!

 hyedj: sup! dont worry about how i got my background lol...its nerd stuff. you know, since im one. no, i just know what to do..shhh! what you been up 2? i might just come up to your house this week if i aitn doin anything aight? well ttyl then
 hotttstutta323: oh what up its seto im just chillen what are you doing write me bck peace.
 chobez: what's up what's up?
How are you doing?
Post me back sometime!
take care
 hyedj: hey babe..hows it going? im alright. i drove to new york today. ugh..8 hrs on the road. my ass hurts! aight well just give me a call when you get home. im so tired. im going to sleep peace!

 LeGeNdBoY: hi,everything is fine,how about you??
 shantos: hi Melii how are u? ya i know DETROIT SUXXXXXXXXXXXX LOL.... no but im serious im thinking to move back to Leb next year i went to Leb i dounf job so im going holla back....
 hyedj: hey hokis...yea ive been stayin out of trouble. have you??? no i didnt get any more tattoos but im getting one soon. aight then ill talk to you later. hope your summer is going good!
 HyeMan: hey whatup when you gonna come back to the area
like my sis said whenever you go to your aunts house
 Canchero: Sometimes coincidences happen and you do find people you previously met in uncanny circumstances - maybe next time. I didn't go to the games in December, too many parties in Sydney, lol. I'm actually overdue to go to Melbourne, because I've never been there and my cousin invites me every Christmas (I was going to work there for two months this week, but it didn't happen). Did you enjoy Melbourne when you visited (Sydney is better)?
 gothic_barbiedoll: thank you ... it doesnt take very long, like 2 minutes, it used to take about 10 minutes when i first started doing it lol, so theres a vast improvement buhbye XxX
 russianniggaz47: aww hunn ur soo sweet thank u for that compliment. so how r u? is ur summa goin well ne plans? im in north carolina rite now visitin family. well hope ya have a happy fourth. !
 Canchero: Hi Melissa. My name isn't Allan, but I do know a couple of Armenian Allans. Have you been to Sydney before?
 crzysucka51: lol damn you do live far away...hows your summa going down there? you ganna get some pics up soon??
 MishaGangster19: hey whadupp!! its a VW.
 frosty: yea it was pretty good
did u like it?
 frosty: yea i went
 gerenemo: hey baby.write me email ok?
 hyedj: hey babe, my summer has been pretty good. really boring. maybe ill come visit you to lighten it up a lil huh? well give me a call sometime this week and we'll talk more. ok love ya peace
 Yerevantsy: thanx for da comment... wish i could say ur cute too but u dont have a pic
 hyedj: hey baby! whats up? havent talked to you in a while. sorry, i have been pretty busy and im going to be packed all week cuz i have exams. friday is my last day of school so ill try to get a hold of you so we can do something. till then, ill talk to you later. peace, holla!

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