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I am a 17 year old Calvin Klein model and the class clown. People thing that´s kind of strange, but girls love it. I love doing fireworkers with my buds from datev- they know who they are. Our first ´show´ sucked, but it´ll be better next year. I love lenna and the white choclate cappucino with almond or carmel, i forgot which one. By the way, I won 3 gold medals at the AYF junior Olympics. I hate illinois. Get me the *&@# outta here!! I want to move to the east coast baby!! I once pierced a guy´s ear witha rusty shingle nail i found in a drainage ditch outside a sewage processing plant. By the way, this is NO JOKE---- raw sewage spilled into lake michigan and they found ECOLI- That´s right the chicken disease ECOLI in the water, and I SWAM IN IT!! AHHHH!! I´m GONNA DIE!! Ok, it´s time for me to hit it. I win.

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 Anoush04: well look who it is? remember me... from hye camp? how have you been?? good i hope... i have a picture of you and me, but it is kinda bad cause my hand is infront of my face..... ya know., well keep in touch and post me back! xoxoxoxo
 haroutvaz: boobreeg was going on man
ok man im out
bye write back
 YouRAngeL4EvA: hey mikhail!! whats up? write baq bye!!
 haroutvaz: mikhail baby whatsup
man this is harout detroit
ur baby
my brothers saying kaka for some reaso
oh yea il pay u the 7 cents next time i see u ok lol
ok poost me back
 RosyChika51: MIKHAIL! lol long time no talk! lol the last time you tried to talk to me, i was at camp...i miss you dgha! eench gacheega?? how's the mikaelian clan?? when are you gonna come visit me and lenna in nyc? we're waiting impatiently lol ttyl hun buh-bye! MUAHZ! ~*•MarY•*~
 jimei127: ihye whatsup, its 1:19 here at night and i am so bored, so whats new with u. post em back, cya.
 MissAmerica: YO YO YO WAT DA DILIO>>> hey hunnnieeeee... wats up babe... ya the jeans dress.. lol.... ill let u borrow it sum time!!! haha... ne ways... MARY POPPINS>>> NOOOOOO >>>CINDERELLA>>> lol... sooo hows ur summer??? mine is good.... i had an interview today ... and thanx to GARY and Vickens prayers lol... i got a JOB... haha.. i start tomorow... lol... sooo tell me watchya gonna do this summer?? gonna go ne where??? all ritte babe.. hit me back.. love ya lots... bye
 MissAmerica: hey babe... haha.. guess who.. CLOUD PRINCESS.. lol... soo how u been... i havent spoken to u in a while.... YA RITE>>>> dammm.. i hope u dont get a bill!! make vicken pay for it.!! haha... sooo ill talk to u later.. 1 love.. bye
princess lianna
 hotchick4eva: CALVIN KLEIN MODEL!!!! lol u like that hehe i love wat u wrote in your comments awwwww hehe ttyl xoxoxo
 hotchick4eva: hey mikhail its lenna the one that u never post lol i hope your not mad about the phone thing u sounded so cute hehe ttyl xoxoxo
 jimei127: I can;t believe u guys had fire workers after i left, i how could u do them without the worlds biggest pyro. Hope to see u around. Man. Chillax.
 RosyChika51: Hey Mikhail! this is mary's page, just to let you know....lenna's is hotchick4eva, in case you wanna post her lol AWWWW we miss you too! we would love to be able to see you like everyday! lol don't worry, the chocolate's in my freezer, stayin out of harm's way lol weel, i'll ttyl hun MUAHZ! buh-bye! ~*•MarY•*~
 loulig: hi mikhail its lucy from datev. we had so much fun at datev i loved meeting u hope to see u next year bye love u muahh
 RosyChika51: MIKHAIL!!!!!!!! MY GABEEG! lol i'm gonns miss cheering you on when you're diving and jumping from the tarzan rope lol it's mary, the annoying on that was always with lenna lol i miss datev and everyone at our table lol i'll ttyl hun buh-bye! ~*•MarY•*~
 RosyChika51: by the way this is lenna im on marys sn thing lol byeee
 RosyChika51: heyyyy mikhail!!!!! omg i already miss u guys i still have the chocolate u gave me lol im bringin it with me next year haha ttyl luv ya byeeeee xoxoxo
 KleptoKittyKat: wow all these people talkin bout how good lookin you are...they must all be on crack...hehe jk. hey dude you gonna bring your whoopie cushion to datev? you best bring it, boy
 hotchick4eva: DAMN YOUR HOT!!! hehe guess who???
 shaneomac: u r the one??? i beg to differ buddy. haha wats goin on? hows the summer treatin u? aight bro ill ttyl shane

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