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Name:SexY Jackson  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:New Jersey, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:11/22/2002 (GMT)   

HeYz GuYzZzZzZzZz... wassup!!! im isabella i live in Jersey so ma hobbies r chat, seXxX...and skiin ha ha yalla bye Im cOOl Hit Me some MSG.



 anooshighaigo69: hey what up wy havnt i ever got posrt from you.
I think you did once but i dont know what happend.
 GeOrGe69: your hobbie's are chat and sex huh ?
i prefer to chat no sex
 grag: look when r u cuming??? cos im in jordan right now if u want ill cum!!!!!
 sevsex: thank wher in jersey are u from??
 Kingpin: You really think my tongue is nicer( better ) than urs ?? lol , well u never know , hehe well anyways keep in touch so we can chat , take care - AsH -
 zouz: hiii there why impasible ?

 zouz: hiii sexy whatsupppppphow r u ?
i can meeting wite u?
 grag: well when i saw u i forgot typing messages!!!! well now i'm getting better so this is a message!!!
haha don't get spoiled!!! so keep in touch !! byezzzzz
 sevsex: hey what a small world we have the same interests lol hit me back
 Kingpin: Nice tongue girl , lol , keep in touch , byeeeeeee - ASH -
 blacksilver: wht up isabella?
sexy name uve got well wht part of jersey r u from?
keep in touch huh i liked ur hobbies...

 grag: hi!!!!
 edo_69: hey watz up? juss wanted 2 say hey, wat parta jersey r u in by da way? i know some people over der arite well hit meh bak up ttyl bye
 XGuY: hey how r u? when i come online u always leave lol sexy girl hehe c ya soon
 Pific: ur cute....
 XGuY: whats up sexy girl.... where r u lost

 SexyKamasutra: 10x for ur replying msg keep in touch see u ciao ciao
 Redondo: thanks 2 ur answer plz check ur mail
 Redondo: hi sweety how is ur day i want to meet u if u dont have any problem plz add me
 SexyKamasutra: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
 marco18: alo hi howr u?isabela
u r were angel wer biutefull...iskabes gegheszkohies

 MGDmike: irresistable!!!!!11

 BOGENBROOM: am I a genius or am I a genius
 BOGENBROOM: I want to ask you are you originally from Lebanon, because you're using "yalla".

take care

 feedepo: why is it not posssible to meet u
 feedepo: u think we could ever meet somewhere so you could actually see me??
 suklin: hi how r u ,sorry but u cant help me in my problem coz its so big ok ,thx 4 asking,bye
 suklin: hellooooooo h r u? look sorry i have problem see u later & have nice day:
 GahantBaba: My job? Financial Analyst at a media company. I guess we didnt see each other this weekend at the What are your plans for this weekend? Hopefully it wont be as hot as it is today cause I am dying in this weather. I could seriously go for a nice glass of lemonade. What do you do (work/school?) - Ara
 XGuY: hey how u doin? do u use msn? may be we can chat .... c ya muah
PS ur hot
 feedepo: hey cutie
 suklin: hey helloooooooo,h r u ? nice pic mwah u r very sexy girl
 casanova:  wow girl....ur hot....hit me back with a message.....well hang out some time....where in nj do u live?
 GahantBaba: Not much going no right now. I'm working during the weeks and I'm usually at the beach over the weekends. This weekend I'm definitely hitting seaside. What are your plans for the summer? - Ara
 t_b: vonjes siroon?
 SuPeRFiRe: hey! oves hele? mekadal gses me hadjis?
yalla byeeeeeeeee
 GahantBaba: I had pictures of santa on my site but he tried to sue me for it. Said I had to sign a copyright document and pay him for every post I get. Scumbag!!! (Please don't kill me). Ok, enough retardedness. I'm from Bergen Co. (Ridgefield Park). How about you? - Ara
 SuPeRFiRe: Hey Hey who's this???????
aghchig sarine asi tunes??????
 xpander: i dont have any of those message things except for sn is :
i am your 3xtacy

i'm gonna go write u an e-mail right now... lataz
 GahantBaba: What's up Mrs. Jackson. How you doin???
 xpander: i'm in long island, not too far from you...hmmmm what else do i (soccer), gettin crunked up, all house music, dancing, meetin all types of people and i'm studying graphic design in september! now ur turn!
 xpander: sh*t! we got the same intersts

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