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Name:Sergey Umnov  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Russian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:7/7/2005 (GMT)   

I have no idea what to say about myself axcept for Im a breaka,skater and Im a member of B.2b.C...... just ask me 4 more info...... oh yea,wanna c more pics?? aight then... go to or if ya wanna no somethng about B.2b.C check this site: my email and MSN





I´m getting old......

......I donno what happened...


 yerevanigirl: no i dont, trust me im 2 busy 4 dat,
anywyas write back
 LemoN_n_LimE: Ey, what's up? Thanks, it is a pretty nice guitar. My second choice colour. Now if only I could play worth a damn... Oh yeh, what's B.2b.C?? later
 yerevanigirl: hi was poppin boyy???
im from toronto, u 2 rite??????
k g2g
holla back
buh bye
 MommaSparxXx: wuddup mister nice guy!! its me
BAD BITCH ON YO BACK!! dahaha ok i make no sense!! im mr.bad guy?!?!

 Chernayakoshka: You love me? lol I'm touched
 MommaSparxXx: wudududdududududduuuuuuuup!!!!!!!
mister extremmmmmmmmm!!!!!

 MommaSparxXx: wudddddup! thanx for them compliments..
dahahaha!!! so hows metalicaaaaa! im listeni to korn now!! aiight talk to u later..byeeeeeeezzzzzzz

 Chernayakoshka: sweet, I love Moscow.. I've only been there once though since I left.. but I really liked it
 Chernayakoshka: You don't really smile much, do u..?
 juicysweetz: hey hun...umina vco harasho lol..harasho viglidesh _allachka_
 nusyaodessa:  privetik serejaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
tnx for comment.kak dela?????howzzzz ur summer??klassnaya familya !!pochemy ti tak daleko jivesh? nahyi tebe eta kanada?pereezjai v brooklyn.
ny vce bye ,pishi ,ne zabivay
 sexy6: sup?... dela horoth i guess and u?
 MommaSparxXx: CouCou! im so bored!!
holla back! by the way ur new pic with ur break dancin (u told me about it) u look goooooooooood!!!

 MommaSparxXx: coucou!!!!!! sorry bout before it was my best friend chattin for me!!
aiight im out
bye bye

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