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Name:Garo Arslanian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:32  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Syria  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:9/19/2003 (GMT)   

Hi to everybody, I live in Aleppo I am a swimmer in a club and I like to listen rock music and have friends and mailing with email is <> <<<<<><<<<<<><<<<<<>>>>>><>>>>><>>>>><>>>




 shadowygirl: merci pan me chem ouzer pari janabarh
yes al panagumi gellem gor giragi
 armo_king: hi how r u what's new with you are you going to work (speed) what r u doin i want to come there because g tzantzrangor here ok write me back b'by
 armo_king: hi garo how r u sorry but i didnt see the mach because there isnt any chnnel ok yesterday i talked with my father he said that your computer is f******
now i will write you email please print it and give to my ******* ok
 shadowygirl: ayo bidi yellem
inchbes er damascues e
 armo_king: hi garo how r u what r u doin what time u will come here thank you thaT YOU R GIVING the messages to my father ok write me back b'by
 HyeAghcig45: hey thats coool.we'll post me back
 2mihran7sweden: hi garo laves??
kidsar inzi
write soon!
 shadowygirl: pari janabar
now there is nothing
 shadowygirl: oures ches krer gor
 shadowygirl: ok thats like this i cant do anithing
 shadowygirl: ok you r so clever boy i cant say only this

but he was my boifriend he was
 shadowygirl: ok
but who is Aram
 shadowygirl: hi garo how are you
where is ur pic he
 shadowygirl: hi garo how are you
where is ur pic he
 shadowygirl: hi garo

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