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Name:GeRmAnPlEaSuRe   Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:35  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Russian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Australia  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:10/26/2003 (GMT)   


Add music to your page (

Go get Real Player and then come vist my page!


ready for new years

peaking hard!!

mardirgas-no im not a lesbo-)


 Artur777: wut up
 skysoldier: hey whats up german pleasure how are you doin
 jer_z__guy: well..u look so sexy in are u?
 jer_z__guy: love the white pants
 BIGFOOT: Which City?
 ozonmydyke: i wish that hands was mine,let me know if i can use em chao
 CyrusTheVirus: wooooooo! theres lesbian action on this website, whicked!
 MADRUSSIAN: that body is TIGHT!!!

you should concider visiting Canada, promise youll have a good time

 ziggi: hey privet cuty,hope ur doin well,but i think u r, with this much of fans,hey i told u im gonna add some new pics ,tell me if u liked them oki ,ciaooooooooooooooooooooooo
 arabianpleasure: hi aimee.. my german pleasure !!
 hott_boii: ey well ummm i aint from syd oh welll ur pretty pretty by the way
 munkey92: I know milk does a body good, but baby, how much have you been drinking?
Write me.
 hott_boii: eyy lookin good msg me if ur intersted
 led_80: WOW U R SEXY
 led_80: WOW U R SEXX
 RED__ARMENIAN: hey im from lebanon do u know me ?? i dont think so write me a message back(i hope) byeeeeeeeee
 ziggi: hey kagdilla cuty,hope ur doin well ,by the way nice new pic,and ur getting sexier more and more,te ochin ochin grasivia ,im gonna add some new pics too,hope ull like them,and say hi to ur (babe)friends,espacially the devil eyed girl,oki see next time maya loubimaya,bokaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:kis  s:
 rammstein: hi! do u remember me?
 Lil_Ms_LaNcEr: y take our picture off?
 Fishbath:  Hi just four words( u rock my world) u make me keep in touch ...
 GAZAN: ti ochin preekratsnya tsevutska. Ya tsebya looblu. Ya khachoo ti pizda.
 SIRUN_GORO: privet, kak ti krasavica ?
bozhe moy kto tot devochka treti? loool
nu ladno napishi . ati samom dele ochen krasivaya

 elprince: i mean i didnt put my real msn on worldlounge
 elprince: hey long time no talk
lol im gonna add u on msn like this we could talk better
cuz i didnt put my real name on msn
aiight ciao
 NickoTeeN: lol they all say that,,,,
anyways nice pics ( it doesnt seems that ur lezbo ) just kidding cuz its shown 100% lol.kidding too take care and bahbye
 NickoTeeN: lol they all say that,,,,
anyways nice pics ( it doesnt seems that ur lezbo ) just kidding cuz its shown 100% lol.kidding too take care and bahbye
 DjVolume: no baby i actually am russian
 bruno: waw no comment u r sooooooooo pretty
 rammstein: hi!!!!! where r u ?
 whozdahottie: heyya gorgeous guess who's back...

look last time i sent u a message i guess i may have been a bit rude, cause the WL representatives who determine who cum's on WL and who doesn't kicked me off b4 u could see my beautiful i guess i have too be nice too all the women...thats ok thou cause being nice to women is better than driving round the city in my ferrari...only just thou...

but ive moved to sydney and left the shewzbury crew back in the uk...sorry to dissapoint u babe but i will only be in australia for a short time because of business...ask me anythin hunz i wanna tell you everything...BTW u still with that bloke in da foto cause my loft downtown has TWO bedrooms if ur interested in staying over???
 UnLeAdEd: hey u doing? i use to hate school too... how old is your baby boy now?? im been to rogues a few times, but im under age.. im more into going 4 drives with my gals and boyz.. well im off, take care, ciao..
 UnLeAdEd:  hey... thanks for writing back.. im from syd too.. livo area.. where abouts in syd r u? most guys just only go for girls with da looks.. they dont care wats on the inside... when wats on the inside counts most.. do you know wat i mean jelly bean?? well, im off, i hope to hear from you soon... take care, ciao
 kingofnothing: sup hun .where r u .......
 doublebiceps: heheheh,okkkk...
the last pic was nice,loool...
see ya aimee,take care
 Persianlover: oh sorry, i mean sunglasses !!!
 kingofnothing:  hey same here
we can chat @ MSN messenger just tell me when can i catch u online sweetite ok ... waiting for ur answer
 Persianlover: hi, you are look very sexy!
 kingofnothing:  hey what's wrong ...... why aren't u writing
 n3mO: hello aimmee ur very hot and i wanna get to know u so holla back at me .
 doublebiceps: hello aimee,well really i am busy these days in da work...the picture was taken from the military complexe/kaslik/
jounieh(lebanon)...hope 2 see u online soon...
why do u i avoid u???u are getting fat..hehe,loool,make a diet

 AZADAMARD: hi,you are beautiful take care
 GARO1: hello babey you are verre verre verre sexe girl
 rammstein: heyyyyyyy!
what a nice pictire! how u doin? bye
 MaximkaLa: nice and sexy
 MaximkaLa: nice and sexy
 doublebiceps: hello aimee,long time no talk...well h u doin this summer season ,so hottt there check my pic...see ya.
take care sweety hit me back... kkkkkkkkk...
 HotArmo4u: Hey beautiful! how are you hunny im andrew from massachusettes oi came accross your pic and was wondering if you want to get to kno eachother pos back!
 Serarm:  GDU.....
 Lil_Ms_LaNcEr: hi qt, mmmmm........... ur so 6c! u rock my world hun can we get 2 kno each otha a little beta?
 kingofnothing:  noooooooo but i am seeing a really cute girls around here and i am not lieing about saying cutes ok sweetie u r sooooooo cute i swear ..... and thx for ur reply .... can u tell me when can i catch u online coz i really want to chat with yaaa .. i can't wait ..... u can add me to ur friends list on MSN ok
 rammstein: heyyyyyyyy! i'm online now ! where r u?

 rammstein: hi sweety! how r ya? don't work that much!!!!!!! ok take care. missed u bye
 kingofnothing:  hey how r u doing....... Awwwwwww i can't believe my eyes u r soooooooooooooooo cute sweety can we be friends can i add u to my friends list ........waiting for ur answer ....
 MGDmike: hey aim!!!cute new pix!!!!!!!!!!11
 lilo1984: hay I want to be a friends, if you want bay
 SiKiWawA: hey
simply ur the cutest
msg me plssss
take care
c ya byezzz
 rammstein: where r ya!!!!!!!!
 ya: my baby
do u remember me?i am your guy.
u are so beautiful girl.thanks for massage.take care

 ziggi: hey hey hey privet senyorita aimee,kagdilla?at first 10x for the mess u send, hope u and ur cute friends
r doin well in this suckin world ,by the way in the pic , u looked gorgous ,dont say like a ghost ,if this is ghost?hey girl GOD help who sees u LIVE ,it seems that ur very closed friends ,i noticed that from the pics,next time ill add some of my new pics (littlebit crazy 1s) and ull see me ,oki, mess me back ciaoooooo
 rammstein: missed u alot babe! at what time your coming back? i wanna talk to u ! ok take care bye
 mariner707: nice girl

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