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hey everyone! im italian mixed with a lot of other things hehe... im 58 with brown hair and eyes, tan,I finally got some pics up on here,and theres more to come! :-)Sup to my friends,well for anyone that wants to know, i like to shop, chill w/friends, play soccer,i luv mustangs haha, i luv to party and dance, and a lot of other fun stuff, so IM me sometime to chat, and if u wanna see my other pics email me or IM me sometime for them! im out

~Me before the Semi~

~Frisky Chick~

~*~*KILLA K*~*~



 SamForLife: niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Puzachka: Hey hun, i loved the cruise it was a lot of fun and i would do it again would have bin more fun if we had meet some more people on the boat and for them to have kids more of mine and my freinds age.....but other then that it was really good what u bin to lately? well im off to bed goodnight hun sweeat dreams
 Puzachka: hey hun, w\e u do dont tell me its to Bermuda and ur leaveing from boston casue thats where im going to it would just kill me if ur going on the same cruise only a week after i come back.
 Puzachka: hey hun , im doin good and so is my summer last couple of days till i get away on my cruise, well ill talk to u later,
 Nightman: hey how u doing ? how was in cape ? so can i call u sometimes ?
 ItALiAnFeLLA69: mmmm......grl your are madd fine..hit me back soon or i-m me..
 cutiegurl22: hey hun how u been?
 SuPeRFiRe: heyyyyyyyyy cutyyyyyyy
 Puzachka: Hey hun , im doin good. ive bin working since the begning of summer and chilling the nights away. so its bin fun so far and then i plan o leavein on a cruise with my boy in 2 weeks for a week. so i will be fun. how are u doin and hows u summer going? alright well im off to chill the night away bye bye hun
 Nightman: hey what's up .. i don't know what i am going to do this umer yet.. do u have any plans ? so see u late..
 armaniXmassih: hiii hott stuff h r u i missed u um ttyl muwaaaa bye byeee post me backkkkk
 russianniggaz47: hey sweetie I got ur pic... lookin GOOD!! How did u get so damn ass fine??? u mama must have taught u good. So did it hurt when u fell down from heaven?? lol Well IM me sometimes... I'm on my s/n right now... But seriously girl u are lookin so good, I wish I could meet u cause u are to good to pass up. I wanna just do things to u... lol j/k u are drop dead gorgeous!! I'm serious
 russianniggaz47: no problem babe. So u got a pic on ur AOL account? Can u e-mail it to me?? I'm not usually on aim but I check my e-mail reguarly. Thanks. My e-mail is hope to hear from u soon- and i wanna see ur fine ass pic
 russianniggaz47: Got any pics???
 badasschick69: we on fire........
 armaniXmassih: hey babe what's goin on
 badasschick69: hey conceided sista-4-lyf wadd up grl? did you notice how when we walked by the fire alarm, it went off? were so hott.... 24 year olds hitting on us? cmon you know were good!!!!
 libazi: Hey!!
You seem really cool.....send me some pics sometime. It would be cool. How's everything up there? Here, it's getting realllllly Hoooooot......CiAo

 Puzachka: Hey hun , thankx for the comment. well I agree with everyone else u should put some pics up. , well write back sometime
 armaniXmassih: hiii h r u huny hows everything good i hope allright gotta go hit me back
 badasschick69: im bored...putana...haha lol..j/k hit me back hun, MWA... haha haha haha haha
 armaniXmassih: hey huny sup well i need to c ur pix plz ? allright ttyl mwa
 badasschick69: hey wasup girl....hit me back...hehe
 crzysucka51: yo

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