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Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:3/31/2003 (GMT)   

Ciao! My name is Gabriella but my friends call me Gabi :) Id love to chat with anyone so please write! Abit about me....well,my background is Italian,im born Aussie but i do speak some Italian...My loves in life,dancing,partying,clubbing,the sun and beach,laughter,sarcasm,boys!friends,family and in general life! Anything else,i'll let you know! Ciao mwa! :)

ME!Bad pic though! :)


 souvorov: mamamia amore amore
 Wild_Armo99: mama mia.. u are so sexxy babe.. even though its a bad pic i can tell how my fellow italians look like bye babe
 g_chahrozian: Hello Gabriella. Thats a wonderful name. Saw your picture as I was logging on so I thought I say hello. What do you do for a living? Which soccer team do you support? Hear from you soon. Ciao for now. Gregory
 josephelhage: hallo!gabi
i like to be friend with you e-mail
 Caltech: hahaha.... talk about bad pics.
 CORLEONE__: belllla bambinaaa not bad at all lady ciaoo
 axl: hiiii gabriella
it seems you are very beautiful but your pic is not clear
anyway i like to have many friends if you want write me a massege
bye italian sweet girl
 MaximkaLa:  Cute
 APEX_theory: u are looking wild anyways whats ur fav italian food? well peace out and keep it real peace
 oussamos: helo sweety wher are you missedx oyu !go ahedaa looking forward toi chat with youu on msn
 doublebiceps: hi doin?
take care & keep in touch...
 mixedmale: come stai bella
 PHUNKIE: i like u but
 PHUNKIE: well......
where abouts do u live then?
 libazi: Gabriella!!
Molto bene....That's all I know, I think you have to teach me do you say "And yourself"? I know, Aussie is great! I love it...but still haven't been there! North Carolina is fine...LOL You made me laugh when you said you forgot where I lived in a span time of 2 minutes...hehe!! It's just a bit boring...we do have the beach and the mountains 2 hours away though, that's an advantage! Other than that, it's the summer, getting ready to go to Florida and Canada in a short time. Write back, and tell me what you're doing nowadays....CiAo Bella!
 PHUNKIE: now ur stalking me relax uve got me all wrong
 PHUNKIE: i dun care i still get the bitchas!
 sexysev: hey babes.. long time no hear from you.. where you been... let me know when your heading down my way.. ok!!take care ciao bella
 oussamos: helo sweety ho ware you???hope evrything okey so tel me do you have msn???
 cartel:  hi gabi how ru my name is George im from sydney wana chat write back plz

 sexysev: hey there you.. sydney, im coming up there in a couple of months m\time.. i might hav ethe pleasure of meeting you in person.. or if not, when you come here.. you be sure to ring me.. i will give you all my details to we can meet up for a drink!! work is work, im a inport supervisor on the wharf.. so keeps me busy all the time!!! well look sexy, i off, but you take car. and KEEP IN TOUCH OK!!! plz thxs bye babes
 StudInBoxers: hey gab, even though the pic is blurry i can tell that u are extremely hot glad u msg me and i hope u will again really soon
 Jauqe: hi! the only reason im writing is because in ur comment u said u love soccer, lol im j/k. thats not the only reason. i could tell ur beautiful in ur pic. by the way italy is gonna win the world cup. bye bye
 oussamos: ah i see sweetyyy! listen i amlooking forward to chat with youu on msns! okey so pleasee give your time when you will be online sweetyy

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