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Last Online:11/27/2003 (GMT)   

<BGSOUND src=""> Girl I wanna just, look in your eyes and watch the sunrise No more lies, no more tears to cry No more reasons for leavin, you I believe in Love you till the day I stop breathin!

i´m on the left


wow is that me :P



 Am0uraXOX: Nice Pictures
 SwEeTiE: heyy!! wussup Happy Birthday
N-ways tty on msn ciao -xxx-
 sexy_chicana69: hey!!! oh boy god your sexy i love your first pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum mm i wanna taste yo lipsss hehehe ok enought enought im a tease but 1 day i wont be if we get 2 know each otha yum ciao bello
 str8Playette:  ...does that hurt?..hehehe
 Jejjo: Hey cutie i dont know if u remember me..once i was with joycy in Dairy queen and u came with 3 of ur friends . anyways just passed by to say hi .. yalla buh bye Got nice pics

 Merie: lol...Heyyyyyyyy U!!
just sayin hi!!!
take care
nice pics...
hum hum dont worry sab!!!loooool

 Cut3LiLBaby: WOW nice pics! hehe
yalla byee
 sexynado: heyy
wassup man??
ur fukken sexxxy and sooo hot!!!
anywayzzz...holla me back!
im waiting
 armo_aphrodite: Wow u n ur friend r pretty good...nice bodz..euf..i was looking through all the pics on this site and im just sooo glad i came across urz..if only my friends would look like u two..
 AleXXX: ayrééé bél # yallé ton frere ma donné...chou kén comme dabitude tkasar sais pas quesse quil arrivetoi appel moi....dit moi t ou je te rapelle tout de ici trop trop trop yalla toi c le fun right me dwl la chanson mario___just a friend,,,aiight appele moi...walla je vais te rappeler..appel..ou ecris moi pis dit moi..yalla

 WiLDBiTcH: shou ya zouzzzzzz!!!hows it goin in lebanon???
 _NiCoLeee_: seksiiiiii
 Sandy666: hey you!!! how youve been???? are you having fun???? i hope you are!! everyone really misses you here even me! lol yalla babe take care and write back i want to hear from you! and if there is any storys about any new girls i want to know lol yalla byebye xxxx take good errrrrrrrrrr
 sexy_t: waz ur real name
 sexy_t: YO!!! are u the guy I saw at Guzzo !?!?!
 sexy_t: ye u did write to me before
 Wardat_Masr: we can't see your lovely EYES !!

 sexynado: heyy habibi!
ur fukkin hottt man
holla me back if ya want
 Sandy666: hey baby how you doin???? i dont know when your gonna get this message but have a good trip and ill miss you come back soon!!!!! yalla babe take care and dont get killed there yalla byebye love you
i cant belive your gonne leave me like this i tought i was your gf!!!
 Wardat_Masr: wanna get married?
 Wardat_Masr: hi elprince YOU'RE HOT
 pam_lebanese: no im so sorry i dont have
 lucky_groovy: hey prince!!
how u doin?? btw:ur a good looking guyy anyway just wanted 2say hey so write us back!!
ciaooooo xoxo
 pam_lebanese: hyyyeeeeeeee sexy guy where from canada
 WiLDBiTcH: hahaha aiight hunny if ya say so!!!!!!
 BaByDoL: take off the sun glaces!grrrrrr
 str8Playette: realy?...u think u have seen me somewhere?...well damn i wish i had seen u yo' e mail? that is if u dont mind giving it to me ok holla babe bye
 str8Playette: Hehe you wanna first? lol..wuss yo' name boo'? Eliana from mtl laval...wut bout you?well n e ways habibi oops i mean prince write back if u want...bye
 WiLDBiTcH: ShOu SwEEtY??? how u doin???yo wlé!!!ur ma conceided oh sorry ur not conceided ur ma lil convinced zouzouuuuuuuuu!!!! dahahaha love always
*~*~*LiLCheRRy *~*~*
 str8Playette: hey cutie how yoouu doin babe!...holla back if u feelin' it cuz i wanna be yo'princess
 WiLDBiTcH: heeellllllloooooo what up guyyyyyyy!!!
 castelino20: Chou ya eir. Ca va ya man
It's Alex.
 Aimee: sory i meant hangout
 Aimee: hey, in america is there a big hamnout were all of the lebs go with done up cars!!!
Cause that is how it is here in Sydney!
its so funny, so how old are u!!
 Aimee: well, thankyou for finally writing! I have to say i really like that first photo of u and ur buddy!
so, are u leb, chrisitan or Muslem and wat country are u in?
 Aimee: well, thankyou for finally writing! I have to say i really like that first photo of u and ur buddy!
so, are u leb, chrisitan or muslem and wat country are u in?
 Talar: damn...m ur hott~


 badbabygirl69: heyyyy

u are really cute ewaaa werrr rababa
 MommaSparxXx: oufffffff!!!! how long u been workin out man?? damn u hot anyways if u want holla back ciao muah!!

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