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 armo_playette05: yo bidi kassss?
ye im talkin about kermess
n-ewayz take carez
 happy_sun_shine: ya, jame kaniyin bid yertas toun?
 happy_sun_shine: r u gonna go to the kermess????
 armo_pride69: why u cryin lan ? if its for kermess ill come pick u up
 armo_pride69: come to kermess lan
 GaNgStAb0o: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
yaaaa i know i cant wait till our b-dayyysss! da moneyssss gon be coming outaaa ma @$$$$$$ mannnn!!!! ahahhahaha!!!! anywayzzzzzzz im kindaaaa tiredddd and dunno what am sayingggg btw lol so wuts new with ya hunnnnn! hollaaa aigght!!!!
peace out, much luv
 GaNgStAb0o: heyyyy heyyyyyyy,
yaaaa i know our grandparents always give da $$$$$$ hahahahaha! poor old people get used by their grand daughters just fo da dough! anywayz i know peepz talking bout ma page btw i loveeeee it so itz staying dis way!! and ya anytime u want pass by chez anna and inspect it if its clean enough! hahahahaa! anywayz im going out now but holla!
peace out, much luv
 GaNgStAb0o: heyyyyy boooooo boooooo,
wuttupppppp? nadaaaa here!!!! anywayz thxsss fo putting ma number in da priveeee!!!! soooo yaaa my jeans are dark dark blue, buffalo, tight and i got dem downtown!!! lolol im going shopping again next week with ma grandma! shes da one spends like 2000$ dollars on me then my mom gets mad but i just laugh!!!! ah well!!! anywayz ya call me sumtime we'll chill aigght! and u can pass by chez anna piscine anytime u want lol! by da way its aigght u lost my numba dont worry bout it! anywayz i gotta go now but hollaaaaaa!
peace out, much luv
 armo_pride69: LOL wazzzzzaaaaaa me nothing much , yo u going to kermess ? me maybe anyways ill call u lata maybe if ur home yalla bye lan
 libanaisechick: w'sup mélili
ca va ????????? je suis revenue du liban i pass mon année & u ??
i miss u verry much
i will see u at scool
 armo_pride69: i was at the hospital dso
 Lil_Red: heyyy i love u too and i miss u too and talk about sending alot of msg's lol neways yalla bbye
 happy_sun_shine: hi meouioui!!! i miss you!! i hope you'll go to st-max someday!!!
 Lil_Red: yayyy!!!!!chick wussup boo u remember my face?lol cuz i remember urs lol love u
 Lil_Red: well yo put my name in ur comments too!!!!!!!
 armo_playette05: well imma take new ones!!
 armo_playette05: loooooool okok jkkkk
u deserve only one lolol
 Lil_Red: lool now its up there aight neways bbye
 ~CrAzY~: loll well what did ur friend do on vin diesel?? i don't care what it is i just want it lolll
newayz yalla bye -xxx-
 armo_playette05: hey gelirrrrrr oops i meant grl loool
how u doin? anyways let me return em kissez
 GaNgStAb0o: Heyyyyyyy booooooooooooooooo,
howwwww r uuuuuuuu???????? Im gooooooodd!!!!! anywayzzzz u know im always here for ya and ur welcome!
you dont have thank meee im just hereee cuz i loveeee ya! anddd dont worry booo boooo ill be fine! everything will work out the way its supposed to! anywayz i went swimming in this pool called chez anna! lol its in this girl annas background! ahahahah its my pool i thought u knew i had one! anywayz i gtg now but hollaaaa boo!
peace out, much luv
 armo_pride69: actuelly i called then u called then u called back then u called again then i called then i called again now its ur turn to call lan
 GaNgStAb0o: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
dont worry bout me boo, even through hard times like im having now i always keep a smile on my face thxs 2 ma friends & family im fine! and u too never put a sad face on, and dont let anyone ever bring u down aigght? anywayz so what else! i gtg eat and shower now so holllaaaa!
peace out, much luv
 Lil_Red: i dunno how i found it neways hajiss egour AND UR NAME IS UP THERE FINALLY
 West_Sidaz: yea, sunday night at 5 or 6, what about you?
 Lil_Red: ishteh lol chatain almost the same and i think it was you that had 3 ear peirces on 1 ear and 1 or 1 on the other ear lol yalla ciaoz be there at kermess aight
 Lil_Red: yo r u the melissa that i met at laval kermess this year?if you are aline introduced us remember im Lori?neways write back
 GaNgStAb0o: heyyyy heyyyyyyyyyy,
aigght ima put the one with da lil buttaflies back just fo ya! so u betta feel special! lol anywayzzzz aigght ima keep a smileeee on my face and u also girl dont evaaaa be sad or ima yoooo u hear me???? anywayz this is my last message im going to eat them im gonna go out so holla aigght!
peace out, much luv

 GaNgStAb0o: leave which background boo?????? the one i have no with the butterflys and stars?????? anywayz holaaa!
peace out, much luv
 GaNgStAb0o: hhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
sorryyyyyyy if im hyperrrr in my messagesssss!!! its just the way i am!!! doesnt have to do with love or nothing im alwayssss hyper unless im saddddd!!!!! anywayzzzzzz our birthdayyyy is soooooonnnnnnnnnn i cant waitttttttttt ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! lol anywayz me i gtg eat aigght boo!!! holaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
peace out, much luv
 GaNgStAb0o: heyyyyyy boooooooo,
suppppppp!!!!! meeeeeeeeee nothing! anywayzzzzzz out b-day is on a saturdayyyyy i knowwwwwww woooooo hooooo man dats da best! and friday 13th beforeeeee! yeeeeeey! anywayzzzzzzz wutsssss newwwwwww!!!!!!!! hoollllaaaa aigght!
peace out, much luv
 armo_pride69: hey meli wsup girl me nothing much nothing much just a bit linda is comming in 2 days lannnn i duno what to do anyways yo boozoo holla back and CALL ME byebye
 armo_playette05: hey melissa.........
ok im on d phone wit u ur so weird sup? me nm just chillin and ur going crazy on the phone cuz i told u a song about sarkis looool its funny no? haha anyways booboo i g2g i'll talk to u on msn IF U EVER COME ONLINE DAT IZ! lol
oki g2g..

 GaNgStAb0o: hiiii hiiiii,
wuttup!?! Meeeee......nothing much! anywayz ok next time i wont 4 get to bring u aigght! and yeeeee i know our b-day is coming up soon! woooo hooooo! lol i cant wait to get presents! ahahahahah! anywayz wuts new wit ya?? i gtg holllllaaaaaa!
peace out, much luv
 ~CrAzY~: hey i'm ok u?
well i dunno how ? how do u put some colours?
 ~CrAzY~: lol thx u too vin diesel is soo HOT lol

 GaNgStAb0o: heyyy melissssa,
i cant write a lot cuz im kinda busy but next time ill make sure to bring u on ma vacation ahahahah if i feel like it! anywayz i gtg sorry! holla boo
peace out, much luv
 armo_playette05: WAT?WATS GOING ON MELISSAAA ???
 GaNgStAb0o: Heyyy melissaaaa,
wuttupppp?!!!! anywayzzz ya we'll live, misquito bites big deal but it still itches! anywayz nahhhh i didnt forget to bring u, i just didnt want to! ahahahahahha anywayz ya i went to some lil place near P.E.I, my grandparents have a house there so wtv! anywayzzzzzz im gonna gooo holla girl
peace out, much luv
 GaNgStAb0o: halllloooo chikitaaa,
wuttup boo?! Nada ova here just woke upppp! im sooooo tireddddddd anywayz ya ma vacation was good, but i gotz lots of misquito bitez so its not da best but wtv ill live! im a lil tanned in da cheeks and my arms and legs, but where i was, it wasnt dat hot.
anywayz holla when u get a chance
peace out, much luv
 West_Sidaz: LOL well what do u want to talk about?
 GaNgStAb0o: hey melissa,
just wanted to say sup and tell ya im back from vacations!!!! anywayz im out holla boooo
peace outtt much luv
 West_Sidaz: wtv lol, anyways whats new??
 armo_playette05: heyyyy
well i dunno y but i don't want 2pac 4 now i want a change lol oki well i can't write now i'll hit ya back l8taz
holla backz dirtay!!
 West_Sidaz: Ya, ur cousins realy cute lol
 armo_playette05: heyyy
well i dunno how to change my font lol
thaz y im waitin 4 my friend to do it!
 armo_playette05: i don't wanna put pixsssss
its too much work man andddd
im lazy lololol
yesterday i went to d movies and the movie was the gayest movie i've ever seen in my lifeeeeee!!!
oki g2g bye holla backz dirtay!
 West_Sidaz: Ya ya i remeber now lav es girl????so wut up??how ur summer going???? which school u going next year???anyways yalla bye
 West_Sidaz: Hey! ya i passed my year...barly:-)
Great my sumers fine, hows urs??im gonna be sec 3 next year!! how about you???
 West_Sidaz: hey melissa, lav es???inch gelagor???having fun?
 axdenied: Hey hey hey !

Soooooooo sorry it took so long to reply, worldlounge seems to be always down !!! Again, im sowwy . And to answer your question, I live in laval. Here's a kiss so ya can forgive me, and write back!
 armo_pride69: LAN! i kame back i bet that when u gonna read this u gonna call me anyways g wsupppppppp i missed u khiar so thats about it yalla holla abck byebye
 happy_sun_shine: meouioui! miss ya lan! yo do i have a background or no?
 armo_playette05: HeY HeY!!
ya im goin 2 kermess fo sho!!
i can't wait lol anyways i g2g im sleepy lol bye holla backz dirty
 happy_sun_shine: hi lan!
 armo_pride69: hey sista i miss u 2 lan sorry i cant come 2day im busy packing and all im leavin 2moro at midnight so maybe ill c ya but i aint sure anyways i gotta pack now yala byez
~ ~
 GaNgStAb0o: Hey melissa,
sorry i didnt write back i was kinda busy for awhile! anywayz so ya i gave shab her present she really liked it and im very happy! anywayz about u..thats nice ur birthdays coming up! who said im buying u anything?! ahahahhahaaha! anywayz im leaving for vacation 2 morrow so i gotta pack my bags and stuff and dont write me 10000 messages if i dont answer its cuz i wont be on the pc aigght! take care and ill talk to u in around 2 and a half weeks!!!!!
peace girl
 GaNgStAb0o: Hey girl,
wuttp!? me nothing much just finished eating ma supper! anywayz ya its true its all pretty wrapped then gets messed..but oh well at least it looks nice! and no ur not aloud the present it for SHABY not for u!!!! its her birthday and i luvvvvv her, she gets the present!ahahahahahaha! anywayz walla<my word lol im out holla boo!
peace out
 armo_pride69: dso lan hiiii yeh i like ya kisses thx anyways wsup ? me nothing much yo i gotta talk to u so call me yalla bye
 GaNgStAb0o: hey melissa,
wuttup girl? nothing much ova here! anywayz ya yesterday i went at carrefour with diane to buy presents for shaby and today dunno what am doing! wat bout U!? anywayz i cant write much so holla when u get a chance!
 GaNgStAb0o: Hey melissa,
wuttup girl?! Me nothing much on the phone! anywayz wuts new with ya?! Me nothing much! well i gtg take care & holla back!!
 axdenied: Hey there!
Thanks for leaving me a message!
You're pretty cute yourself, even though there's no picture hehe
Well take care!
 armo_playette05: thanks lol u miss me? thats chill
same same well holla back!

 GaNgStAb0o: Hey bebe boo,
im not doing much you!? anywayz too bad i always fight with my dad i hate him! lol anywayz i really gtg now! luvvv ya holla at me!!!
peace babe!!!
 armo_playette05: yeeeee i miss himmmmm
but its oki i'll see him like in a month or 2 lol

 GaNgStAb0o: Hey melissa,
wuttup boo?! Nada ova here! anywayz cutie ya its true most peeps comments are shout outs! anywayz i gtg cuz i have lots of people to write back and also im not aloud on the computer too much cuz my dad and me are fighting! anywayz holla when u get a chance!!
I luv ya!!!
peace boo
 armo_playette05: SsUuPp DiRtY!!
lol cuz check...i wuv NELLY and if u realized that nelly in his songs he always says DIRTYYYY lol
aiight i g2g im so saddd he left meeee oki peace out and
HoLLa BaCk DiRtY!
 GaNgStAb0o: Hey girl,
wuttup!? nothing much here! whatss new?! anywayz its true what u said not many peeps read the comments so it doesnt matter! anywayz got nothing else to say and i gtg holla boo!
 GaNgStAb0o: Heyyyy melissa,
everythings fine with me now so dont worry! anywayz u said if i could fix ur comments from being on the side..well i dont think its gonna work girl because i tried like 100 times last time and it wont change! im sorry! anywayz wuts new!? im out holla back babe!
Luv ya,
 GaNgStAb0o: Hey melissaaa,
wuttup girl!? Me nadaaaaa! anywayz ya i cleaned most of the house by myself! but whateva ill get lotz of $$$$$$ from my mom & dad for doing it so its all good! anywayz wuts new?! U asked wuts wrong......eummmmmmmmmmmmm dont really wanna talk about it but ill be fine dont worry! anywayz im out ok holla back sweetieee!
take care
luv yaaa
 TheOnly1: hi mel how r u is everything ok? i hope so bye
 GaNgStAb0o: Hey gurl,
wuttup boo?! Me nothing much just came inside! Anywayz you said u wanted to come play basketball, well if you come one time with narinee you guys can play..but dont worry i wont charge u to use my net lol! anywayz Yaaaaa u will live longer than me sadly! But still right now i get to do lotz more than u so hahahahahahaahhaa! And all the cute guyz are around my age also! So take that! lol anywayz im gonna go now cuz im bored but holla back aigght! take care!
I loveeee yaaa
 armo_pride69: SIISSSSSSTTTTAAAA WAZZZZZAAAAA LAN i want u 2 come over again ut this time try to not kill me !! so what u doin ?? im going to call u in a couple of min so c ya ..holla back byezz

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