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Name:brandon lee  Email:Members Only
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Age:39  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Russian  Yahoo:Members Only
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Last Online:12/15/2002 (GMT)   

Hi I am 1/4 Chinese and the rest Russian/English/Dutch.

Me a little while ago

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 saczbebe: thats a big no no
 Nataly_bobo:  Hayyyyyyyyyyy........
 saczbebe: if only your wish came true
 saczbebe: hey, where did you find me?? and, tell me this, from a whites perspective, arn't armenians just absoutely the most beautiful people?
 Girlru: Nice and qute!
 HalfChinese: although i love armenians, i have to admit they love to attract drama
 X_trella: hey brandon waz up? thanks for the message...tell me a little bit about urself...k then talk to u latezzz..
 SnowBoardGuy: Hey there big boy... don't forget to look out for hungry wallets...

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