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isn't it funni how the STUPID ones always have sutin to say? well i got sutin to say too... shut the fuck up! lol. I'm not usually this mean I'm actually pretty sweet usually... it's just some chicks on this site are total fakes... and don't know when to shut up! Well if u wanna talk im me sometimes @lvc1314. thanks! Oh and by the way I am not Greek... I'm Portugese and Cape Verdean but those weren't any of the choices!!!BACKGROUND=""

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 cutiegurl22: hey babe, my summer's goin great, how about urs? I just got back from the cape, i had a blast there, 4th of july weekend Ok babe i g2g but hit me back byeeeeeee
 russianniggaz47: huh...nice quote... lol. Any anger hun? so wattup? chillin ova in Cali!!
 Sexxychic: hey whats up? yeah i hate that bitch lara omg!!! shes sooo rude!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna beat her up, me and ma gurl peace
 russianniggaz47: NIce! Thats awsome. Ur sooooo sweet!the kind of girl I could definatley chill with! No offense but I thought Boston girls would be uptight, but evry Boston girl I have met has been tottaly chill, especially U baby! You are such a great person, and I love talking to u online. WEll my summa is gonna be okay.I mean I'm going to New York City, and I'm actually goin to Boston with my bud Matt. maybe I'll see you there. I'll be there From August 8, till August 19. We are stayin in Lenox with my sunt but I'll been in Boston a lot. Well hun maybe we can arrange sutin! I'll catch u later
 russianniggaz47: o okay. I just didn't want u to think that I said anything about u, cuz I never would. Ur a sweetie pie! Well i g2g but i've decided to stay out of this whole situtation, ur right it is messy! well babe catch ya later Sven
 GreekPrincess: lol
 GreekPrincess: Hey chica! Whats up? We have to get together after u come back from ur trip.
 russianniggaz47: naw that wasn't borin... lol... I asked right? I actually think that's pretty cool. lol. so were u from??? How do u like MA??? I'm from Bakersfield. It's pretty cool over her. I miss it back in MA sometimes tho cuz I love the snow and we just don't get that back in well sweety hope to talk to u soon hun!
 GreekPrincess: lol sorry i didnt mean to post it 4 was all nicole!
 GreekPrincess: hey whats up? I'm bored. I got out of the spanish final early cuz i finished. Well ttyl bye!
 GreekPrincess: hey whats up? I'm bored. I got out of the spanish final early cuz i finished. Well ttyl bye!
 GreekPrincess: hey whats up? I'm bored. I got out of the spanish final early cuz i finished. Well ttyl bye!
 GreekPrincess: hey whats up? I'm bored. I got out of the spanish final early cuz i finished. Well ttyl bye!
 GreekPrincess: Well, what exactly do u want me to do?
 cutiegurl22: hey hun ya i know i haven't really seen u around lately. How u been? I've been ok I can't wait for school to get out!!!!!
 GreekPrincess: Hey..that was soo fun today!
 cutiegurl22: it was grrrrrrrrreat
 GreekPrincess: Hey whats up? I'm sooo bored right now. I just went to mr. bruffs class to finish my project and he kicked me out. He was so pissed at me cuz I didnt go yesterday. He says I get dismissed too much..where did he get that stupid idea from? I'm gunna get detention sooner or later. do u think u did on the test? I g2g get u outta class now so Iíll cya soon!!
 GreekPrincess: I dunno. It just seemed like u were mad at me cuz u werent talking
 GreekPrincess: Why r u so mad?!?!
 GreekPrincess: Hey babe...yeah I read the email. Haha it doesnt matter cuz he told me he's DEFININYLY not interested! I dunno why they decided to change my last name w/out talking to me about it first..especially to Keloshian. Sure Kacoyanis is bad.. come on now!
 Tweety21: hi lauren. guess who? well its lucy im sure u remember me. I noticed u got world lounge so i decided to drop u a line. holla back
 thonggurlqt1669: Hey wdup??HOw u been?AIIGHT HOLlA BAK 2 FINGAZ~Nectar
 cutiegurl22: Well look who we got here lol what's up hun? Ya greek my ass.... lol anyway i'm so bored its 12 an i'm out for the day....i hate tuesdays! ok well i g2g i'll talk to u later bye hun
 GreekPrincess: Haha Keloshian my ass!!
 GreekPrincess: Hey whats up? I'm posting u first!! I'm really bored. How's ur weekend? Blah Blah gtg ttyl lyl mwah!!!

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