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Name:Varty   Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:40  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:5/28/2003 (GMT)   


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 Ed16: Barev , vonts es?
 white_man: hi laves varte plz inze mouraden adresse kre bye
 shah: Hello Miss Canada how r u? at last u finished shopping u were tired from shopping & so does ur pocket haha I am trying to find u on-line evrytime i log-in first thing i do is to check if u r there or no anyways hope we meet each other in Syria nice wishes to u & to ur husband my best regards to Miss Canada take care bye for now
 khatsig: Hello from your best cousin in the world
THANKS for the best b'day wish, but i'm still waiting for my gift
hey it only took me about a week to reply
I think i see you more then i get on this site

 shah: Hello Varty, am gonna try for catching u on-line so that we can chat. How is the preparations for leaving? Yes it will be very nice to meet each other its really very interesting thing anyways i am at work now & my boss is calling me got to go bye for now take care
 sevanig_77: hi varty i call you this afternoon and i leave a message i waite your call .anyhow if you have time call me just to make sure that every thing is ok and no bye have a nice weekend.
 sevanig_77:  hi Varty .thanks for understanding me ,but idon't understand what you mean with (i knew your not gone do it) anyway have fun one more time sorry for that. talk with you soon by telephone bye
 sevanig_77: me byeHello Miss_Canada how are you today? I'm gone tell you something but don't be mad of me please. I'm not going to the picnic you know why , other wise i'm gone have a bite headache you know what i mean. If you want to go do, if not , just try to return your tickets ,sory for that , i know its not nice what i'm doing but i don't have other choice waiting your answer .Don't
 white_man: hi how are you baby
take care and be in tach

 shah: Hi Varty how r u? hope yer shopping is over. We are fine & Narine is still here & she got a new job in an computer institute called New Horizon. I think 60% we will be in Syria coz when we get her the visa to stay here we must go out for changing her visa status, anyways we will keep in touch & i will give my & my wife's telephone numbers in Syria. take care & have a nice weekend
 shah: Hi Varty
How is ur shopping going on? i think very tired of shopping ohh what a good news u will be in Syria this summer but don't stay too much u will get sick of life there take care bye
 sevanig_77:  hi Miss_Canada i'm so happy for your grandma (antsaz ella).Today we went (me & Bedo)to "Village de pere Noel" it was fun so i spend my free day there with the kids and i was tired after that. thnk you for your invitation its too late now another time.Good night and sweet dreams
 sevanig_77: Hello Miss_Canada Lave es?
i'm free right now i'm living soon. Guess what i get 100 in my pre-test (cost of goods) so idon'nt have to do the exam so thats mean i'm fre tomorrow too all day. take care and keep in touch
 sevanig_77:  Hi Varty, how are u? yes, im still in Montreal doing well, today i just made my interview it was good.
what about you? take care and talk with you later my prof. shes in already byeee
 shah: Hi, Varty, how r u? hope ur doing fine. so how is life with u? take care
 sevanig_77: Hey Varty whats up ? how was your day , soon we gone have our lunch with u later take care bye
 shah: hi Varty how r u doing? hope everything is o.k with u. its been a while we didn't chat again hope we chat very soon take care and thanx for giving me a time from ur lunch break
 sevanig_77: hello Miss_Canada how are u? im fine having fun with the income tax are you busy today ? keep in touch bye
 AJ: That's odd... I used to be Mr. Montreal... where are you from
 shah:  Hi Varty thanx to yout lovely and kind feelings towards me & my wife. I wish to you happiness in your life. Hope i chat with u very soon. Take care o.k
 shah: Hi Varty, nice to say goodmorning to you. hope ur doing fine take car
 shah:  Hello Varty, how r u doing? nice to know u. You are right love comes from respecting each other. I am married too and i know this thing very well. take care and bye for now
 shah: Hi how r u? remember me, still i didn't got ur full name.

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