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Name:Merie   Email:Members Only
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Age:32  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Greek  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:10/8/2003 (GMT)   

hellowwwww!!! All i wanna say is...Carolina I luv u grl!!! Sabinaaaaa Babe i wuv u 2 !!!ÉLIEZ THA BEST PPL "BABYBOY"!!! And well...Hi to my neighboor kosteeez and to the euh i forgot who but wtv ... Anyways thass all...Take care ppl!!! Buh byeeeeee Filakiaaaaaaa!!!!! XoXoXoXoX MWaaaAhhhhhH

my baby Carolina , Me n my cuz

Lina,Talar,Carolina and Me!!!


 WiLDBiTcH: hey hey there merieeeeeeee
 WiLDBiTcH: Go0D LuCk WiTh MYYYYYYYY tEdDy BeAr!!!!
 AleXXX: ré whats thats message ..i yhought my computer was fuked ways loll..chill chill in da new relation

 AleXXX: Come with me, Hail MerieEeEeEeE,
nigga run quick, see,
what do we have here now?
Do you wanna ride or die?
La, la la la, la, la, la la...loll..its tupac by the way. after opa opa brake them was really fun meetin u and talkin to u..i really like the way u are...cuz if not i wouldnt be writing u right now feel hope ill see u deamin at good night and sweet dreams....xXx..the one and only AlexXx.

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