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I would quote a famous writer if I bothered reading books, I would quote myself if I bothered thinking, I would quote someone close if I bothered listening. Since I score zero on all the points mentioned above Im just going to zip it.

P.S. To satisfy your burning desire to learn more about my mentally challenged personality you can visit ---->

Flirting with the flower

Izzy,will u cut ur toenails?!


 scarface: i remember this....
 Agostino: Ok, Nafanya jan. Let's get the fact straight. There is no mention, and there has never been a mention of salsa on my website since I came back. Second, the reason I came back is stated, clearly and loudly, on my website,

"Hello, I am back for a short time, looking for old friends."

Which, btw, applies to you.

As for my SalsaFanClub, I have to admit, yes, I like salsa, and I my favorites. But you see, unlike talking and chatting, dancing requires the presence of another person, so my SalsaFanClub is limited to people in places where I usually am physcally, which at this point in time is mostly limited to the city of my current residence.

De, lav mnas, sirelis.
 Agostino: Nafanya, you are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Because of you, I signed up for WL again.
 balashka77: Hello young lady. I understand you are very mentally chalanged, but did you have a chance to read J.M. Coetzee? By the way the I love the second pic, where was it taken? In the greatest city of the world (NYC) you will not find that much land without buildings. In any case Nafanyaaaa bil klasniy multik
 lsas444: Hi how are you doing? Funny comment.
 Phenomena626: hey, girl, you crack me up every time i look at that adorable pic "flirting with the flower..." it's the greatest...
you just keep flirting and i enjoy it from aside...

 libra98k: enough flirting with the flower
 HyeHenry: cute pj's
 libra98k: nice rhyme!
"P.S. Utrom den'gi-vecherom stul'ya..."
your russian is top notch!
 libra98k: My AIM is down for now, do you have any new "nafanya" images?
 Bassy: Hello ma'm... Do you want to be my friend?
 Agostino: Uuuu, Nafanya is a tough critic .

So how do you and Isabelle know each other?
 libra98k: I'll give you a fat check if you cure me on time.
 libra98k: now you're abusing the poor camera? what was the previous victim? was it me?
 Agostino: OMG, my math skills are being called into question, lol. I forgot high school education back home is 10 years (vs. 12 here ).

Um, I am glad it is not the US government - documents stay secret here for a minimum of 25, and sometimes as much as 50 years. Looking forward to 1/22/2014, 7:05 pm, when the aforementioned photos / evidence become public .

Meanwhile, let's have a toast to Isabelle's new restaurant:


 Agostino: Cheers again - yup, luckily, the Las Vegas trauma is long over, lol.

BTW, I did not know that 114 graduates chose South Africa as their prefered retirement destination . What was your graduation year, 1950 or so.

On another note, I talked to the guy in the green hat, and the skeptic that he is, he asked for an actual proof of the girl in the picture blushing .

 libra98k: no, I wont report you to GOV,I like illegal things too. Why don't you use the camera?
 libra98k: OOPS!
Did I see your webcam?
 libra98k: your computer looks nice with blue & white, do you burn muzik CDs?
 libra98k: you look super cute in last pic with flower!
 Agostino: This is the third time in the last 10 minutes that I see the MGM picture posted here on the Worldlounge (and no, the other two were not on your page) - well, guess Vegas must be a popular place. On another note, the girl in the picture titled "pre-pizza" look has very pretty eyes. Must be the pizza .

 libra98k: I forgot what we talked about,AIM me TM.
 libra98k: your memory is more than enough to get things done on time and sleeping makes memory better.
 libra98k: things are cooling down in my blue hole, I believe it was green though?
 Artur777: Smarty, huh?
 Artur777: They are 73 year old
 Artur777:  when were ur pix taken? hmmm... like around 1950-54? if you are 73 now
 Artur777: Where is South Africa, East coast or West Coast?

 chris_1_on_one: i am not shour i was just j/k any way i hope i talk to u soon if u have yahoo u can live me msg there chris_1_on_one name thanks for the masg good luck
 chris_1_on_one: hi nafanya if there cute like u i hope i am related to them

 libra98k: Hey! Nice chatting with you earlier!

 chris_1_on_one: thanks for the msg all talk to u soon
 chris_1_on_one: hi nafanya how r u i am from lebanon

 DrFeelGood: "PINCH" I never said anything about a punchi dont do physical violence. I'm more of a lover and much less of a fighternow would you stop torchering Izzy and send her the second half of that movie
 DrFeelGood: SNOW!? in s. africa? and hot cooco? You sure youre in S.A. and not quins or Detroit, I mean i know chocolate orginated in africa, and thats where it mainly comes from in it's raw form, but c'mon on now stop puling my leg or i'm ganna pinch you!
 DrFeelGood: Aram and lit fire works...would definetley do that to you so hows life in S.Africa? any ShakaZoolo style parties going on there
 y3gzi: To the Hyper Girls , HAPPY NEW YEAR!
 DrFeelGood: lol..I wonder what it is that you did on NYE that effected your eyes? lol...for one you should remember never to look directly at ugley people
 DrFeelGood: hmm lots of white people in!
 beachbum: HI there thany you
where areu from Im me if you wana chat
 davdof_22: any way the 4 r beauty
 davdof_22: wich gurl u r hiiii
 xGodfattherx: wow ur my dream girl....i always wanted 2 share my talents with my wife
 xGodfattherx: even better i dont drink coffee
 ArmenianGuy:  Hello

 Dimon: nice pick
 karmegerdichian: hey there just dropped by to leave a message....hope you're having a nice vacation....
 karmegerdichian: hi there, i really am sorry, couldn't's been 2 weeks i'm not being online..few problems..erm, i'm glad that she realised how important u r to her hope that u'll be friends forever..anyway keep in touch ok? take care sweety.
Et tortn el sax menakt piti utes?
Xoz! Mi ktor el mez tur. Na vid vkusnii
 man_evils: hello...hello nice girl....i would like to have friend like you....and my name is Ara ..and i'm from uk...but before i live at yerevan...and i miss armenian people..because here is less of them..and i miss armenian girls beauty...and you are that one..thanks bye.. i hope u'll send me messege..

 karmegerdichian: ouf!..that's enough reading for me the whole day!!!..LOL..U just put a big smile on my face.. anyways...u've only made declarations abt the shallow u ..what abt the internal u?...likes dislikes....enlarge the comments... ..hit back ok?
and take abt your friend being secretive all of a sudden...she'll realise soon enough her mistale..bfs come and go but friends persist .lol..yalla bye..
 marus: I'm really not interested
Leave me a message in icq
i'll be here late in the evening
 ERYK: Hi dear Nafanya
I just want to ask you age, please let me to know how old are you?
 oussamos: hi
 marus: Hi, maybe I'll like it here, I don't feel like a part of it yet
I don't like such things very much, that's why I think I'm getting old
And I'm not intereted in anyone's opinion
I didn't mean you:
I just liked that tutuzik)):
 marus: Hello!
Didn't expect to see a message from me here???
Hehe, I'm getting older i guess, and you are getting really bored
'cause your comment etc., ok see ya
 BubuBoy:  hi naffy me and my partner realized that you cant seem to handle we ve come to a conclustion that we re going to take it easy with you .only becouse we care .

PS i told your other half that you couldnt handle messing with me,
 BubuBoy:  hi naffy ive seem to realize that you cant seem to comprehend the fact that your not wanted at this part of the sun ,this heat of pasion has rejected do to the fact of your other half.if you have any further questions please contact LOVE DRIVE "CEO" Isabell and make your complaints
 BubuBoy:  hi naffy if i were you i would grab a bucket of ice becouse theeeee hot one is writeing back to bad your other half hooked me first or i might have given you the chance .you need to cruze around the sun for a new hotty
 Hye_Shortay: ~*~HAppy Birthday~*~

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