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Name:joseph kouchkrian  Email:Members Only
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Age:29  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Australia  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:12/28/2004 (GMT)   


my pics


 lucious_leb18: your sooo cute
 lilsxcarmo2nv: hey cuz,
u still mad at me
yalla bye
 lilsxcarmo2nv: hey cutie
howz it goin?Luv ur pics.
I'll c ya soon
 BiZzY_bOnE: hey joe
im gr8 spanx
wot skool u at sweety?

do u member me from church? on mayis 28?

well catch ya l8er sweety

 BiZzY_bOnE: joeeeeeee wassup...remember me from church??? on da scouts day i was talkin to ara and u was there??!?!?! i was wearing the white everlast was a bit big for me lol

holla backkkkk
 DaArmoGuy: Hey Joe
itz me chris ashjain from soccer anyway.
Hey Joe?
itz me carmen, chris's bro remember, all well but l really like ur profile itz good bro?
 PUTTY_CAT: hey big joe ur fukn sooooo cute i wanna eat you!!!!!
 rin_tin_tin: hey... dont b like that. It don't matter what u look like. I think ur really nice

 rin_tin_tin: hey joe

fuk why do you call urself big joe that aint good
ur not fat ok.give us a shout out

im shogher


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