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"Part-time grown up, willing to lie about how we met."

Hello, I am back for a short time, looking for friends. Feel free to say hi, or send me e-mail at

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hayer@ new york-i errord masum

meeting the locals at the GG

Nina n Vahe @ sister´s wedding

a good hat is hard to find




Hech, Vahe jan, das u ashxatanq. Urish ban chka (yete manramasn ches harcnum )
Qeznic inch ka? Informatikayi bnagavarum inch hajoxutyunneri hasar es 2 tarum?
As for me, all this time i've been cursin' hashvapahutyun hnaroxin...
Ban chmnac, shutov avartum em.



Baylus Vahe!
Du der WL-um es???
Yes el der Londonum em; noric veradardza WL!

Last time i heard from you was when you were to transit the UK. I gave you my phone number, i remember, though you never called me. Then i was out of WL and we never wrote to each other. So did you transit the UK in actual fact or was it just a plan?

Vahe jan, ofice-um yerbemn azat zhamanak em unenum, dra hamar vorosheci WL-in mianal.

Patmi tesnem vonc es. Hayastan verjin angam yerb es gnacel? 114-ic inch norutyun? WL-um hima kan 114-ciner?


 SweetLove1: I love this song!! Thanks for letting us enjoy....
 mher11: Workshop schedule for Miami IHSC:  _workshops.htm
 balashka77:  I am carefully falling down, crazy is good ( will never be borred)
 balashka77: cause I -----> you
 balashka77:  oh, so it worked. I was trying to get your attention
 balashka77:  "meeting the locals at GG" is a very funny pic, it not clear what exactly u r holding in your right hand sorry, but it looks funny
 Nafanya: Having a bad day? Have a break, have a kit-kat.
 balashka77:  urer indzi tents baxt, chunem tents viatmin
do vonces
 balashka77: es im, mi tesak "anti-social" em dartsel
 Nafanya: Aggy-Aggy, you're even worse! To use the poor, innocent me as an excuse to spend $15 so that you can exchange messages with the members of your "SalsaFanClub". That is just so DIRTY!!! Due to your treachery to our "GreenHatSociety" I am leaving this place. Farewell!
 balashka77:  hi Agustino
How do you know that I live in AMN
 balashka77:  Agustino Buratino Hello, Vahe jan!!!
Well first of all "posi dprots" incha n'shanakum. K'neres hayerenes ech lav chi.

Vahe jan, my name is Eva, ch'nayat Amazonka indzi aveli shata dur galis.

by the way, I have no idea what AMN, FSA and Muskie is

Isk, harevaner chenk egel, yes mi 3 tari aprelem Avanum.
de lav, lav mnas
jamanak unenas drop a line
 mher11: Vahe, time to mark the dates in calendar, this is the best salsa event of the year:

 Agostino: Armen jan, es himikva erg@ lavn e, togh mi kani or el pahem, eli
 mher11: Ape yes inchkan jokum em la-um shat dips and tricks en anum, aveli ballroom-i style-in xpogha irants mot. Isk Miami-n lriv urisha, drank el casino en anum partner switch anelov.
 mher11: Ape yes hima et isolations das@ hents vertsnum em hents ira het. Es weekend inch vor mek@ fill in er anum ira poxaren. Mi hat el urish partner work class unem ira het (en advanced@ drop aretsi mi level down). Shat tapov studio a, Frankie-i xumb@ spanogh paroghner en.
 balashka77:  Barev,
yes 300 tari boshayutsyunei anum, asnxarnei man galis. Isk yete lurj, yes 171 sovorel mi 3 tari. Mamasa avartel 114, bayt ink@ 57 tiva, huysovem du et jamanak "proyekti mech cheir". de lav korat molorvat harevan lav mna
 Nafanya: We met while training at the same "Free The Sadist In You" school. Hated her guts from the first sight and the feeling was mutual.
Anyway, did your collection of teddy bears get bigger during this Valentine?
 Qnqush_Gazanik: privet, vonts es?

i just sent an e-mail to WL, asking them to change my SN
 Nafanya: There is no chance I am raising a toast to a place that is going to become my death...You apparently have never tasted Izzy's cooking
 Nafanya: Apparently you guys didn't have a good math teacher when you were attending # 114 . I graduated in 1948.

Now back to the blushing subject.
All the actual proof of that RARE occurrence is being kept in a certain building which belongs to the SA-government and will be exposed only after 10 years !
 Nafanya: Yay, I see we went to the same high school
 Nafanya: Dang!! And I thought I was being all original... Anyway , hope your recovery from the Vegas-trauma will be quick.
I guess Vegas is popular, sure why not? Give ppl a place to spend their money without even knowing what it is they're getting in return and it will be verrrryyy popular.
The girl on the picture blushes and thanks the guy in the green hat for the compliment ( was that convincing? ). Oh btw, the pizza sucked.
 Artur777: Hi Vahe,
Thanx for the compliments.
Nice hat
Happy Oriental New Year
 a2y3f5: Hi there Yes it's me, your eyes are not fooling you. Stop by my site and check out the Christmas update letter from me posted in the message section.
 damfine20: no i do not study history ..i am studyin to be a registered nurse..and u are absolutely correct..dat is wat im referrin to BUT MORE! if u know anything about the Masons and who they truly are, then u know wat im talkin about
 Agostino: Sireli @nkerner, shutov im account@ pakelu em. Let's keep in touch through e-mail, phone, etc. Write me for the details.

 Qnqush_Gazanik: ch@haskatsa !!! es arhamarum es?
 bebek459: are you gone again?
 Qnqush_Gazanik: Barluuuusssss ... imal es?
ur es korel mard Astso? anund ka (inch vor mi tegh) bayts du ch@kas ... lav lav, mi ardaratsi ... lsel em inch vor hodvats-modvats eir grum (klyauznikutyun ho cheir anum? che vay, dranq Sisiantsiq en che? )
Vahe jan ... husam qez mot amen inch lav e, arev@ shoghum e, andzrev@ meghmik teghum e (yerb hark e linum) ... yev amenakarevor@ ... nor nkarner em uzum !!!!!!

2003 AD
23rd day of September
5:33 PM Pacific Eastern Time

Planet Earth
Los Angeles
Krispy-Kreme Cafe
4th computer from the left

 bebek459: Allo? Bah du vordegh es? Garodel enk kezee!
 mher11: Thanks ape.
 Sayat_Nova: axpertink vontses? erbes GG galu? es SF aprelem mi kani tari dra hamarem asum)
de lav mna axper jan
 bebek459: one of these days, when i don't have an agbu mixer, a salsa night, a flamenco show, a committee meeting, nor overtime to work, i will write a bit longer!!
so you like salsa?? rojo or verde??
here's what i look like dancing salsa and then after a few drinks and i become . when a tall dark and handsome latin dancer comes and asks me to dance i get all and and then from sheer ambarrasment i
how do you get when you dance salsa??
 mher11: lol...
 mher11: I'm OK! Axr menk lav kopvats enk che! Xi sents power outagener enk tesel... lol..
 mher11: Vahe,

Get the latest Paul van Dyk set from djmixes. It's . Incredible energy.
 Sayat_Nova: mersi expair anpaiman join kanem
 SevachiaHayuhi: Hi jan kneres baits es member chem yahoo e arants member linelu karox em tesnel?
 Agostino: Vay Xentuk jan, ed ko patmutyun@ vor lsetsi, huzvetsi. Es misht mtatsum em, te ete mi or gnam 114, u im arajin dasarin dasghek- entegh lini, es vonts em ira het handpelu? Shat huzich e ...

I miji aylots, "A" dasarani dasghek- Gudbalyann er.

"G" dasaranits es mi kani hogu &anachum ei, bayts anunner@ chem karogh tegh@ berel. Emil kar dzer mot? Isk Ghalumyan Hovhannes (Hovik)? Hovik@ mot er mez aprum, edpes giteink irar.

Vityayin hishum em, ayo. Kroj@ nuynpes.

Artyom, du Stepanyan Liliayin hishum es? Inkn el im 1-3 dasaranneri dasatun er.

 Agostino: Khdalov merrrrrrraaaaaaa ....
Golf, aper, du demk es demk. Minchev hima officemate-ners gitein te es mi kich strange em. Himikvanits skselu en kartsel vor halucination em tesnem:

"Amboxj mer dasaran@ brnum er Stepanyani yasamanner@ aratsum er... "

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  L

Vay, ba katn u bulniker@ vonts em hishum!!!

Mez asum ein: "Ete kat@ minchev verj chkhmek, edpes pokr ek mnalu." Es el zorov kul ei talis. Minchev hima kat chem sirum
 Qnqush_Gazanik: Vaaaaaaaaaaay Artyom vor ekel em Adi-Budi ... aveli lav a du hel-paxi. Grats-d kardatsi, achkers ltsvetsin ch@nayats yes mi qani tari em sovorel 114-um bayts im mankutyan amenalav hishogutyunner@ kapvats en ed dprotsi u im dasarani het. Ha, i mi jaylots yes mer dasarani sanitarkan ei u misht tevis karmir xach@ xpats, usis el poqr payusak@ kaxats (binterov li) frfrum ei bayts mi hat anglereni dasatu uneinq (anun@ chem hishum), ch@gitem inchu shat pis kataghum er ed im titiz banerits. Vor das patasxanelu hert@ galis er indz, asum er "ed zibilner@ vrayits-d hani nor ari grataxtaki mot" ... yes el sus-pus yentarkvum ei

ha, inch ei uzum asel ... uremn verjers, yerevi mi 2 tari araj, gnum em 114 (hima arden Xachik Dashtentsi anvan a) ... bartsranum em 2-rd hark yev mtnum hents nuyn dasaran@ vortegh sovorel em minchev 3-rd tari ... yev ay qez ban, Jemma Stepanyan@ matemi das a antskatsnum ... hima motenum em iren yev mtatsum te yes es knoj@ vonts em batsatrelu te yes ov em? manavand vor chem el avartel dprots@ ... antsel a 13-14 tari ... "@nker Stepanyan Duq indz yerevi cheq hishi ... yes ..." inqn el ba te "vonts chem hishi? Aneta jan, es yerb es ekel?" .... yes ughaki apshel ei !!! ... yev indz shat shoyvats ei zgum iharke vor cher moratsel

baaaaa, tents baner

ha, Artyom, Vahe ... duq Vitya Mnatsakanyanin hishum eq? kam qroj@, Victoria Mnatsakanyan ? mi hat portseq hishel. Vityan im dasaranits er, quyr@ mi dasaran bartsr.

isk en A-i dasgheki anun@ inch er Vahe? sents kerats-xmats tyotya er, u shat vayreni
 Qnqush_Gazanik: achkis mi or 114-akannerov havaqvnelu enq qef anenq

 mher11: We're moving on to the 10th year now. Time flies by.
 Qnqush_Gazanik: pppppppprrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiivvvvvvvv  vvveeeeeeeetttttttttt ...

vonts es?
yes u kayfarik@ qez barevum enq
kayfarik@ asum a "kneres vor chem patasxanel message-id, chem antesel, ughaki musas-s teghum chi, bayts taratsqum a "

haaaaaaaaam el du es mer Dimayi het inch gorts unes?
 mher11: Hehe.. true. And I had your page up all the time and was listening to Gpo though the headphones at work.
 mher11: No more Gpo??
 Qnqush_Gazanik: yes, now I know thanx ...

ha, edpes a vor ka ... im amenalav hishoghutyunner@ kapvats en im jampordutyunneri het
 Qnqush_Gazanik: ha janaparhordel shat shat em sirum ... yerevi nuynisk chapits shat
 Qnqush_Gazanik: Vahe jan ... California-i gininerits indz amenashat Robert Mondavi-n e dur galis ... hatkapes Merlot-n ... mi angam SF-its veradarnaluts mta irants winery-n - artakarg tegh er hianali bnutyun, antsayratsir xaghoghi ayginer ... mi xosqov portsi, ches poshmani
 SevachiaHayuhi: Merci shat
 Agostino: Golf-i ejum message@ shkalmamb em toghel. Da Xentuki hamar er nakhatesvats . De lav, vor kriv e sksvelu, gnam "ragatka"s berem, mtnem desk-is tak@, lol.
 Qnqush_Gazanik: ha Agostino jan ... iskakan hayavari, shaxov-shuxov, ghalmaghalov qef enq arel hajordin portsir neka linel, ches poshmani
 mher11: Aper, nor hasa tun. The trip back was a real nightmare...
 lilit: I was born in Kirovakan too......
 Qnqush_Gazanik: privet Agostino ...

lsi yete 94-in es avartel uremn piti vor 84-in sksats lines dprots@. yes el em 84-in gnatsel yev im dasghek@ Jemma Stepanyann er (G dasaran@). yes 114@ chem avartel, 4-rd dasarani kesits ekel em US ... bayts Lilia Stepanyan chem hishum inch vor. hetaqrqir e ... isk Ruseren yev Angleren ovqer en das tvel qez?
 Sayat_Nova: hey bro nice pics
especially the one in 3 mas
i am from the city myself i go to ucsb now. i am aslo 114 alumni
asi barevem zemliakis.etkan ban
 Qnqush_Gazanik: Agostino ... i read your comment but did not have the chance to respond. I watched L'Auberge Espagnole ... twice ... absolutely loved it. I came out of the theater ... twice ... and told myself "you gotta go to Barcelona" ... God willing I'll be there next summer.

Nor nkatetsi vor 114 dprots es gnatsel yes el em 114-i sanerits ... dasghekid anun@ karogh e hishes?
 a2y3f5: my brother is the one who is soon to be married howa are you?
 mher11: Aper, pokr axpers bronze medal statsav es tarva IMO-um!!
 bebek459: Thank you for the compliment about the pictures. When I look at my pictures, they bring me nostalgia too!! When was the last time you were in Yerevan?
 mher11: OK, hets mi hat lav mp3 CD kberem. Aug 7-9 i vra em portsum shoot anel. Looking for tickets now..
 mher11: Have you heard the Solar Stone - Chilled Euphoria compilation? It's a double CD of similar stuff, you will like it. The Dido Take is on there too.
 mher11: Listening to your other Dido tracks right now from work. Good picks!
 mher11: Haha, found the mp3 on your cmu site, it's Dido - Here with Me.
 mher11: Aper, how is this Sarah song called? Is this the original or someones remix? Really nice.
 a2y3f5: Dear Friend,

an update is posted.
 mher11: Mi hat tents 3rd mas piti Pittsburgh-um el ktnenk.
 mher11: Aper, I think we tried 4 beers at that place! It was Chimay Rouge (in red bottles, Chimay also has a blue one too that's pretty good, the red one is sweeter, the blue one is darker), Lindeman raspberry, McChouffe(this one is my favorite), and I think we also got Kwak, remember the ones with weird tall glasses with wooden holders?

Salsa is going good. I found this great new instructor, and not the ballroom kind you know. We were doing some CRAZY combos last couple of times. Vor gam te tsuts ktam. I just have to make sure I don't forget any of this. Speaking of Pittsburgh, I could make a trip down there probably early August. How does that work for you?
 mher11: Okay Mr. Salsa!
 a2y3f5: thanks you're awesome

 mher11: Che aper, this is a different cousin. I don't think you've met her.
 a2y3f5: WOw, fianlly a letter from you where have you been? and how have you been?. i'll definately check the site and the songs. THanks. I'm sure I'll find favorite
 mher11: Ape, you know I took your advice on the dance thing. Been doing it for a while now.. Cha-cha, salsa, etc. When you guys get here we gotta go dancing
 Dimon: LOL
Sure I'm lesbian too
What's up body??
I heard about the reunion, too bad can't come
 a2y3f5: Net bez perevodov pozhaluista
 a2y3f5: uuuuui hitriy
 Agostino: Armine, should I translate that message for Mango, LoL.
 a2y3f5: Bozhe moi ti glyan' kakaya lyubov'. A ya dazhe i ne znala. Nu vsyo, Karaul da i tol'ko.
 a2y3f5: read mr mango's reply
 ray569553: Net addiction is a serious problem especially for the AOL users. AOL chat rooms that’s where you will find most of the addicts.
 a2y3f5: we should. lets see what Em says about it.
 a2y3f5: Who ever Daylian is he is right. and so are you.
 a2y3f5: I posted it

 a2y3f5: Hi there a new update is posted
 a2y3f5: Emma darling I heard it's hightly recommended by you. lol. Vai Astvats. lol Well, if Em says it's recommended then it must be
 a2y3f5: IT's posted.


 dikran: yeah im sure you enjoyed living under fair wheather conditions in the bay area. So where are you from originally? What brought you to the US, and what are you doing in PA?
Well, the Armos in the East coast are very active, recently they went on a ski trip to zermath, switzerland. Unfortunately i dont get the chance to participate in their activities since i live in the other side of the country, but ill let you know when they organize one. Don't you have Armo friends in the East Coast who are involved in AGBU or AYF??
 dikran: Hi Vahe, it was nice to hear from you again, although you could have written a few sentences more, but that's ok.
you know what, i was in NY a couple of weeks ago, thinking back, i should have called you. besides the cold wheather, it was awesome. Man it was too cold, how you Eskimos manage to survive in the East Coast?????

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