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Name:Alina Nejadian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:34  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:California, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:4/11/2004 (GMT)   


Just me being my cute self!


 Robert: Dear Friend:
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 Sladki:  You are so much pretty
 Ghorgh: Barev Alina jan vonc es?. Es lam em.
Mrut jan shat sirun nkar unes
Es Gevorgn shat urex em canotanalu hamar.Ete uzum es canaotanaq apa indz gri sapasum em namaikd de lav araijm aysqan@ araijm poka
 elio: hey cutie how are you ntebhe ma tehterki
 mnemz: hehe anila anila anila..well im bored here and i ust wanted to see what u were up to sooo girl hows it goin u gotta let me know when ur gonna be at ur dads cuz i wanna kick it..we'll go climbing lol or we'll go to the adobe hehe hell ya i luv those we'll talk hehe library memories coming back to me..k girl i think i wrote long enough w/b ttyl swty..byee
 shantayvaz: HI sirunik axjik barev
inchpes es?
Anuns SHANT e,
hunastanits em
anchap ksiremm hett namakagrutyun unenal, ko masin gri.ok
hajoxutyun, bye.
 mnemz: hiyaaa ALINAAA jan... whatss upp girly..hey well i just wanted to say hi and that i had fun at city walk even thou we did get ok then ill ttyl..byeeee
 kachvartan: ho honeyyyyyyyyy hpow r u ?merry christmas and happy new year
 XGuY: hi how r u? nice pic
 theREALdon02: hey wats up ur cute where u from i got pics so if u like it just wright me back byebye
 masternet1: hey whats goinn on what are u doing there
 reaper: hey whats up! u r just so sexy anyway bye and take care
 DepecheMode: Hell yeah, thats what I like to hear, Depeche Mode fans. We should start up a fan club within this world lounge thingy... "People With Class in Music." NO RAP ALLOWED...ok some~ ill allow a few titles that sound decent haha.
 DepecheMode: hi there whats up... just was browsing these pages and came across you when you were "just being youre cute self!" hehe, well, ill talk to ya later, bbye for now
 Caltech: hi alina, what are u up to?..
 TIOM_JUDO: inch kaefa che karaki dem nstel baec vata vor menak es es koxt linei aveli tak kliner im hamar srtit motik chntunes sirun axchik es jana merci komplimentis hamar baec hajox qez chochi prochi
 arrtash: HI there ,wanna make friends?
 Caltech: Hi, it was pretty good, but I didnt know any of the people I went with, so I had to make friends - I guess it was a good experience. I went to different places, like Joshua Tree, Sedona, Grand Canyon, Zion, and a few other places. I took some pictures, so when I develop them I will scan them in and send u some.
 Caltech: Hi Alina Joon.. how are you?. Im back from camping... no, i dont read about my sign much, because I am worried it might subconciously effect how I act..if u know what I mean.. Like, I will think I am supposed to act in such and such a way because that's how virgos are supposed to act, and I dont wanna be effected by it....
 Bayern_Munchen: ourish dak panmenal ga, anor kove ge nsdis? LL you seem a nice girl, byezz
 PB: umm,well u should get it cause this WL thing isnt working on my good side,hehe,ne way so ya i promote for a club,and i dont think i have enough space to explain exactly what i do,but more or less i have a guest list and i get people in and stuff and i get paid for it,so ya thats about it,well try to do something so i could actually talk to u not send these lil comments,hehe,ttyl,Bye!
 ALLeYeZzOnTIkO: wuSssup Sweety!!
Nice House lol
ur lookin good
Hit Me BAck Babe....Take care..L8eTZ
 PB: Where have u been,im assuming u didnt get AIM or MSN? hehe, ne way i havent heard from u in a while so ya hope to hear from u soon,bye!
 lolo: you are very sexy i like you plz wrote me lates
 lylliz217: heyyyy girl!how have u been.i havent seen u in a while. we should go out for like a girls nite out! anyways talk to u later
 trojanMan93: and doing a very good job at it.
 rOLLoNpUreE: hey whats up how u din girl just wanted say whats up and see how u doin msg me back take care bye
 2002Michael: Barev Alina.
 PHUNKIE: hey cutie
 WaddupDawg: Hi...Where in Cali are you from?...
 Caltech: yeah, but that must be some really big coincidence! It's weird... lol.
 Caltech: hi, do u think the star-sign thing is true?... It's pretty amazing how sometimes it describes my personality accurately. but how can the stars in space be related to my personality? Its so amazing. Maybe it is true after all, but I have no idea how it can be explained scientifically
 Caltech: hey do u think the star-sign this is true?... It's pretty amazing how sometimes it describes me accurately, but I just cant believe how the stars in space can be related to my personality. Its so amazing.. Maybe it is true after all.
 PB: Well i took it off cause its a pic of me and my Ex gf at the club i work for. i put a new pic in its place at my friends prom. well then u should dl AIM or MSN messanger cause i would love to talk to u through that rather then this site cause i dont go on it too often. and ya i still talk to some people from Pilibos now and then. im actually going to our class's graduation this sunday,well talk to u soon,peace!
 PB: I graduated from homeschool last year. i just got off for summer break from LMU(Loyola Marymount Univ.)well if ya have an AIM sn or whatever leave it in ur next message or just im me when u see me on....PEACE!

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