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Name:Sexay Sophay  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:31  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Greek  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:2/27/2003 (GMT)   

~*~SiPPeN oN SuM SiZZeRp..SiP..SiPPeN oN SuM..SiP..aM a TriLL WeRkiN Da WheeL..a PiMp NoT A SiMp..KeeP Da DoPe FiEnDs HiGHeR DeN Da Go0dYeaR BliMp..SiPPeN oN SuM SiZZeRp..SiP..SiPPeN oN SuM..SiP~*~ ~*~0k 0n3..If I GoT LuV Fo U..U Kn0w U AiNT eVaH HaD A FrIeNd LiKe m3!!!Tw0..iF U A HaTaH BaCc Tha FuCc Up~*~ ~*~411..BLoND HaiR Br0Wn eYeS 117 LbZ 5 FooT 3 GoT A b3LLyRiNg aNd a PLaYb0y BuNNy TaTo0..ThaS RiGhT PlaYb0y bab3~*~ ~*~aNyWayS 0n3 LuV 2 aLL Ma GuRLz aNyTHiNg U n33d iLL b3 Th3r3 w3n U CaLL..aNy1 FucCs WiTcHaLL GuRLz U Kn0w wh0 2 CaLL..0n3 LuV 2 Ma Br0ThaZ YaLL NuMBaH 1 iF yaLL n33d sUmTin JuSs HoLLa~*~ ~*~0h LaLa .. baby .. h0n3y .. swe3ti3 .. my l0v3 .. U kn0w that 1 wanT U s0 damn baD .. t0 g0 fuCK Urs3lf muthafucca .. i hate U i hate U .. all u d0 is talk to0 much sh1t b1tch~*~ ~*~BiTcHeZ ThaT StoP By 2 SaY STuPiD SHiT..FuCc U BiTcHeZ I sMoKe U LiKe aH sMoKe MaH Tr33z..FuCc YaLL HaTaZ N FuCc YaLL BiTcHeZ~*~ 0n3 LuV 2 maH DaWgZ..PeaCe Tha FuCc OuT!!!! ~*~NeVaH..CuZ U AiNT EvAh HaD a FrIeNd LiKe Me..aT NiGhT I WaTcH Da SkY..I Sm0kE MaH NeW JoInT To ThA BuT LiKe ItS ThA LaST MuTHaFuCcA Left..JuSt Me N U InVaDiN EnEmIz..LeT U GeT Ma LaSt Sh0t A HenNeSsY..AiNt EvAh HaD a FrIeNd LiKe Me~*~ ~*~U Kn0w ThaT Shit BiaTcH!!!!!!~*~

Me and my big smile ! lol


 VB: man u r so hot, i wana oooohh yeh u r just one hot babe.
 tupacs_buddy: and u look so cute
 arabic_babyboy: suce ma queue ton chum suce des penis comme toi mais non je te niaise cherie noublie pas je suis ton body guard
ciaoz right back

 Sexy143: I ME

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