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hey guys! ok so i have to admit that im not italian, im latina i was born and raised in south america...pura latina! amo a colombia! ok so, im one of those girls whos innocent on the outside, but then you "get to know me"... i can get pretty freaky..hehe ;) im really outgoin and fun to hang out with. i like to surf, snowboard, and shop. drop me a line. XOXO...Lara...XOXO



my collage of pics.!!!!!!!!!!!

oooooooo baracuda.............


 XxSubZer0xX: ciao come va mi ciamo david il mio amicoti piace tu
 b00tylicious: whats up sexy..were u from..write back
 almacruel: hey.. very pretty
 armani777: alov eu
 armani777: barev lavec xructal gan nkart tecam cht ciruner durec ekar utem gez
 Thunder2251963: are you...your are very beautiful girl...byeeeeeeeee
 russianniggaz47: hey nutin much how are u? well hit me back...miss ya!
 HotArmo4u: hey hunnny how are you babe how are things with you hope everythings great.. and hey i think you should go to sw... sportsweekend if ya kno wat that is... pos bac!!!!
 Steve23169:  leave me a messege
 elie_farhat: U want to chat with me well at least repply to me on the msn
 elie_farhat: soory sweety myE-mail is
and same here can't wait to chat with my angel to!
 elie_farhat: Well mine is i can't wait till i chat to u cuz what will a guy wants more froma girl sweet as u :d
 Bayern_Munchen: Hey, how r u? drop by., ok we have alot to talk. byezzzzz
 HotArmo4u: hey huny how are you babe how are things with you hunny how is your summret goin!!! hope everythings geat with you!!! pos bac!
 maksou: hey hun ur mad cute so i added u to my msn!! if u mind tell me ill take u off aight?? well take care PEACE
 natz1987: Hey,
ya i know its nuts!!! well ya, guess what, my bf broke up with me, cus i cheated on him, isnt that great??? well ya... nothing too much is new, still chillin, and hanging out with friends... well see yaz!!!!
 ryazan2000: hey babe, u look even hotter in ur new pics than b4!!! if u keep getting hotter, ur gonna have to be sent to Pluto to cool off. DAMN, what a beauty u r, hopefully we'll meet soon?
 armaniXmassih: hey hey i know wheres belmont lol um my summer goin good and urs hun
 chilupa2k1: ...i didnt think you'd b on this...
 HotArmo4u: hey hunny how are you...... just checking to see how you are hope everythings ok hows your summer going babe?????? pos bac ta me hunny!! muahhh
 russianniggaz47: hey haven't talk to u in a while. how've ya been sweet thang?
 natz1987: Hey! ure new pix are cute, well ya, so things are going good with MY HOT bf, lol... ya so i cant belive the summer is half over, i still havent done all i wanted to do!!! well ya... see yaz
 201hyeclassthug: nice body cutiess very sexxxy very sexxxy
 HotArmo4u: Hey huny how are you i plan to just hang with my buddies hit up a few clubs have fun and lay bac enjoy da rest of the summer!!! well hope your ok huny pos bac wen you getta chance!!!
 Scorpman: Hey Girl! You soooooooooooooooo CUTE I just coulnd't resist to send you small message! I LOVE ITALY EVEN THOUGH I'M FROM HOLLAND!!!!! Take care cutie

 the_wall_6_6_6: hey nice. u speek french? anywho do u like system of a down i fu do check my page u will like what u see
 aNyuShKa: hey! this is anna, wats up? haven't talked 2ya 4 a while, how's ure summa going? everything's good here, oh and btw, everything's ova w/that guy (da cute 1 from da carnival), i'll tell u bout it lataz... k g2g, post me bak, ttyl.
 PartizanX: hello how r u?
how is ur life?
how r ur days going?
do u mind cooly if i added ya?
thats it for now bye bye take care see ya byzzzzzzzzzzzzz and ur sooo beautiful byzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

 HotArmo4u: Hey hunny new pics.. very nice look more beautiful in them then the old ones.. n e way summerz goin grerat thanks hun just bored a lil!!! lol n e way hunny you have any plans for the resta the summer??? pos bac hunn!!!
 Valentine: hey how ya been?
 natz1987: hey again! well sittin chillin at work, BORING!!! ya, started going out with a new guy, u can see his pix on my thing, i took em yest. so ya.. just kinda relaxing, so ya.. latas
 HotArmo4u: hey you awww your sick want me to come there and cuddle with you to mak you feel better?? i would 2 !!! n e way sry to hear that your sick hope you have a better day today!!! pos bac!
 natz1987: hey lara,
hows ure summer been? ya, just felt like saying hey.. see ya
 HotArmo4u: hey bab ba how are ya hunny wat are you up to tonight i just rolled in.... man im tiwerd lol will ya put me to sleep lolz n e way hunny hope your night wasd cool hunny
 HotArmo4u: Gonna getta eclipse huh thats a awsome car those are fast too... wen do you get your license? its awsome to be able to drive on your own itsa good feeling!! n e way hunny pos me bac bebe! ! !!
 HotArmo4u: hey babe! ! ! ! how are you i drive a tranz am (my baby) lol ne way you drive if ya do wata kindsa car do you drive.. ok well n e way hunny pos me back
 HotArmo4u: Heya babe how are you wat i like is 2 play b ball... race my car tranz am (my baby) chill out with friends go clubbin and go 2 parties ok babe!!! pos back! ! ! !muAHHHZ
 Strizz: iam from brookline, u look good too
where u from?
 B1gMo: hey! my barbeque was kickin everyone had a wicked good time!!! wow i got so trashed holy crap ...u definately missed out though...think you're too cool for my bbq or something?!??!? whats the deal???? hehe i know u probably didnt mean it that way but still oh well maybe next time. yeah u better be there or im gonna hehehe ttyl!
 HotArmo4u: hey itsa me.. soo wat are you all about wat do you like to do in your spare time???? n e way hunny pos bak
 HotArmo4u: Hey Cutie! ! ! how are you thanx for the comp. your beautiful 2 n e way wat parta mass are you from.... im from springfield mass n e way hunny hope your havin a grerat summer!!! hope 2 hear from you back! !! pos bac !
 Puzachka: Hey there sweet thang , my summer is going goo work and chilling almost every night. not to many parties out here but there is always something to do, and i have to say ur pics are getting better and better. u look really cutie in ur little outfit , well i got to go but ill talk to u soon hun bye bye
 ryazan2000: mmmm, thats a pretty good pic for a badasschic....
 Puzachka: Hey hun , yea u see u got some pics up there and i do like them what u bin up to this summer of urs? well im going to bounce ill talk to u later. bye bye sweetie
 ryazan2000: oh, and my sn is ryazanxxxxxx
 ryazan2000: hey, my summer been good, i been working and restin, chillin all at the same time...hopefully it'll get better thanks to u , ttys, peace out
 ryazan2000: i live in waltham...thats about 15 minutes from, like u already said, so i hope to talk to u online, bye sexy!
 ryazan2000: hey girl, u look fantastic!
 B1gMo: wow hello u cute thing! i hope you are enjoying yourself...dont party too hard this summer! or at least dont be an alchoholic like me lololol anyways...i g/g ill ttyl babe
 Holy_Diver_III: hello!

 russianniggaz47: hey baby wut up? i see my sister posted u lol jamie shes nuts i told her bout u so she wants to butt into my life shes mad chill tho. well i gota go luv ya tooooooooooo much baby. im glad ur trip was kickn'
 Marilyn_Manson6: hi u sexy mama u are so peetty with a soft skin i dont have a pic right now but i will put it soon just add me
 ronaldo_12: hi how are you , can i be your friend
pleas , you are so buteful . you like an
 tomatu77: well, i'm working, and now i'm in Cape Cod ith a couple of friends

 LilJames8: im a retard and i was on vals sn before but like i said: u talk to my bro i pity u lol who'd wanna talk to him.
 tomatu77: esse, I didn't know that u were italian

cool stuff

mantenete limpia later esse
 XGuY: whats up hottie how ru? c ya
 Nightman: Hey.. what's up..
 russianniggaz47: haven't talked to u in a while! whats up?
 XxMercedes21xX: why do you think that you can go and talk to my bestfriend amanda like that?!?!??!?!?!?!? nah ah thats not cool....go get wit ur ugly bf

 masis_ararat: u forgot to say that u r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  oooooooooooooo sweet
 blackman: hiiiiiiiiiiiii who r u ? gsbasem badaskhant ok? avo
 russianniggaz47: nice new pics, strikin a pose?
 crzysucka51: damn girl i thought we were through, why do you have to go and leave me another stupid message...i already told you everything that i think...i can't control her, she writes what she wants...but if you wanna keep nice new boyfriend lmao
 russianniggaz47: hey sup? yea I broke up with Nicole. we just weren't clicking anymore. U kno what I mean? It was better this way, no one got hurt. I mean I love her to death still but we'll always be friends. So i guess I'm single again, and on the hunt for a fine sweet hunny... u kno anyone? lol. love ya babe

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