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Hey Hey, whats up everyone? Im half syrian (mom) half armo (dad) I dont speak armo, but i do speak arabic....This pic was taken a couple of months ago, As of now i have dirty blond hair and it is naturaly curly (that day it was straightend) Hopefully i can get new pics up soon... To my faaaavorite person in the whole wide world Aram, Whats UP RERE?? A lil about Aram: He loves NewYork!! Its his favorite place to visit(cause i live here) and he LOOOVES the NewYork Knicks and the NJ NETS!! He loves warming up the BENCH in Football and he sucks in Foosball..He has the MOST PERFECT built body!! Well thats aram for you and thats why I Looove HIm;) If ANYBODY has a problem with me You BESTA watch out cause i will get him after your ass!!! RIGHT ARAM??? Okay yallah post me baby!!;)~~~~~~~~~

Sorry, sweetnsexysyrianchic has no pictures. Check back soon!


 feedepo: hey cutie, remember me?
 kayl: cause baby you're the bomb
 SexySyrian: Dont remember babe, can i see again?
 feedepo: hey baby, i missed u, and ur cute little pciture, write me back ur so cute
 SexySyrian: Where are your pics babe? Send me them to
 Jauqe: hi!! yeh i was born in haleb i wish i can go back, ive been here for 7 years (i have to update my profile, it says 6 on their) oh yeh i dont speak any arabic because I AM STUPID i forgot the language when i came to america because i had now one to speak it with, its ok i guess you can teach me. ok have to go. bye bye
 SexySyrian: hey babe u have any pics?
 Jauqe: helo!! i guess u look good too even though i havent seen ur pic but my friends tolled me that u look good where in syria were u from?
ok bye bye
 feedepo: hey sweetie what happened to ur pics, u were a cutie, so whats up with u? what u beeen up to?
 fabb69: Hey how have u been? its been a while that we havent posted... these days im up all day watching the World Cup soccer games... other then that i have this state exam to take so im getting ready for that... the rest is the same actually nothing to exciting
whats going on ur side of the world? By the way were is ur pretty pic? put it back on... or you just could not control all the guys posting u... lol yalla habibi KIT
 KrAyZeE4XtAc: Hey, wuts up long time no talk. how r u? wut u up to? well i have to go ill talk to u later ohh and were did ur pictures go??? please put them back ok ill talk to u later take kare byebye
 feedepo: what happened to the picture........sssssss
 Adriano: kifek ya amoura ya 3asal i like lebanon very mach and kaclik
 feedepo:  u r amazing for the age of 19...what are the odds that you and i meet........
 feedepo:  u r amazing for the age of 19...what are the odds that you and i meet........
 hyerize: i was in Ny for a month about 2 months ago. but i was stayin upstate Rochester.. Ghetto town..i hated it..but if i had known u since then i would have stoped by and said.. hiiiiiii..but now that im back in LA.. i can still say hiiiiiii..
 vagharshag: hi girl..thx for massaging me back..and i wanted to ask u if u have msn..if yes can u plz give it to me so i'll add u up..and so we can talk to each other one day you plz don't foeget to post me back ok sweety..take care and see yah on-line i hope
 sw_arm_girl: hi i just wana say you look very good
 HyePasha: kief hak habibti... where in ny you from??
 Alex_Kani: U hot!!!Nice smile too....
 m3911t: Wsup Hun the time difference sux everyitme i wanna im you you seem to be asleep i like your new pic it shows how u realyl are gorgeous anyways im out ill try finding you online soon.Take Care. BYEE
 Adriano: wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  wwww
 hyerize: its really not fair when cute armenian girls live soooo far away..
 SNAKE: hi cutie! how you doin? ... you look very unresistable yalla, talk to you later. ciao!
 vagharshag: hi lena inch bes are one of the cuttest girl i have ever seen.. and i would really like to know you..ok so plz keep in touch..oh and by the way my name is Vago..
 SOADmANIAk: life in cali? its not too shabby. alot of stuff to do out here, but all that makes me wanna sit back and relax even more, lol. hows life in canada???
 feedepo: woooooooooooooowwwwwwwww........u r hot as hell baby. holla back
 Nasty69: aman! aman!
 ___LL_R_B___: you're cute. god bless youre parents.

 fabb69: alooo beirut??? j/k Well I graduated 2 years ago got my Finance Investments degree and then i started to work at the stock market and now i trade down there "commadity trader." Other then that i'm also on hmem soccer team as well as in a league, just last night we had a game we one yeahhhhh 9-4!!! I played with my injured knee, its been a month and still have not recovered 100%. You should come to Chicago this 4th of july weekend if u dont have any plans... for the HMEM olympics... are you involved in any of the armenian organizations? yalla hope all is well... ciaoo
 m3911t: hi hun how u doin i was gonan im u today then you signed off how ride naw im jp but on as eriosut not whos this Aram charcater lol is it me already naw im jp take care byee.
 HaroutFromHokis: boo
 SICK_CRX: whats up sweetie drop me a line
 SOADmANIAk: AMAN! your gorgeous, send me a message! lol

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