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Age:30  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Italian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Canada  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:6/3/2003 (GMT)   

~Hi welcome to my page! Im pure Italian and I love to sing! I have blue eyes and light brown hair! If you want to know more about me just write to me! I´ll tell you more about me later...~ *ciao* *~*Stefania*~*

Me and Mary

Me n ma sis

Me*B4 SEMI* with ma sis

Mary, Tara, and Me

This Is Me!

Me n Mel!


 Greek_boy: hey hun hoiw r ya ur bootyful
 H0T_PhIl: r ya ... newayz just wanna tell ya u look very cute...wtv im out ciaoz
 skating_wonder: hey
 shortywayans18: sup cuty just wanted to let u know that i got a new account anyways msg me bak see u
 GinOExtremO: stef where r u these days u little get on this and leave me a message pleas..haha.. well bye ttyl
 liquidrocker: hey stef sup ........hows ur summer mine suCKS ass ...oooooooooooooook....later:smokin  :
 webkind: YOu are very beautiful !!!!!!

 pure_greekster: where in canada ur so BOOTYFULL write back plz
 GinOExtremO: NO NASTYNESS!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW CRAP!!! hahaaaahahahhaa
 GinOExtremO: HEDOOOOOOOO, wuddup shtinky this is souren im finally on yeeah well im chillin and shtuff.. ttyl leave me a message shmelly lol c ya prrr lol
 Neo: lol very nice congrats...BMW eh lol....hey i hope u dont mind but i added u to my msn my name is *soccer star*
ne way ciao babe
 Neo: thats cool...good luck, soccer i love that sport really good at it to..tell me how u do ciao for now
 theBASS: hey im joey and i think that you are hot and i want to talk to you ... so msg back
 Neo: lol oh ya thats cool ya i am sitting on a bmw my bro and sis both have one there nice cars so whats up?
 Whatsup699:  Hey girl your pretty sexy. I was just wondering where in Canada you were from, I live in Ontario. Message me back please.
 Neo: hey whats going?...your pretty cute and your not lieing u do have sexy blue eyes
 antoxboy: hi swety i love your pics i will wait your message
 Hwoarang: hey this is Hwoarang, ( mary's & tamar's friend) i saw u in some pics and a mall wit mary last monday 24 june and i was wit joseph ne wayz reply back l8es
 Asala1915: Hey!!
What´s up??
You are very pretty!!!
 maryerkat: hi i realy love italien peaple there so popular
 armenian_babe: Guy..
ur such a GINA
i thought u well guy..
i tought u well..

 a_girl: italy is ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

 antoxboy: hi where are you baby??????

i tell you tht i love italians girls

 antoxboy: i hope you will answer to my messagess
 antoxboy: hi again i will put my nakked pictures dont worry about that
 antoxboy: hi i love italian girls
 liquidrocker: hey stef bye stef c u at school! maybe....dadadaaaaaaa
 armenian_babe: steeepphhh!
ur grads coming up!
i cant wait..
LoL.i think im more excited then u guys!
HAHA.. i dont now why.. it just reminds me of my grad were the days..
trust me.. just injoy it now.. ur going to miss it next year.
 liquidrocker: HI .........I KNOW YOU !!!! u know me.......write back if you do......
mmmmuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaa:mo  on:
 armenian_babe: i decided...
im comin to ur grad instead..
i get to emberess u now

i cant believe i got u stuck into that word..
im out..later Gina
 armenian_babe: Guy..
ur lucky e'h
cuz i might not be able to make it to ur grad..
it all depends..
do i go and watch u guys get a diploma, and make a fool out of urselves,
or do i go to my other friends graduation..and emberees them???!
wow..this is a tough one.
anywayz.. im out..later Gina
 armenian_babe: LOOOOOOOOOL
i could get it from mary or souren u dumbass..i dont care if u dont tell me..
wow..i rule.. out Gina..cya
 armenian_babe: 'suuuuuupppp skankness...
whens ur grad guy..
i wanna come and like literly embaress u,mary, souren..ESPECIALLY MARY! i rule.. me back Gina..Latez
 YURCHENKO: not bad!!
 armenian_babe: LoL
i was there yesterday!
WOOW! OMG it was soooo much fun..
LoL.. we played SSEEEGGAA!
sonic the a game man.. out Gina..cya
 MIKHAIL_BELGIUM: hi my msn is e mail me and ill send u back ok bye bye
 armenian_babe: LoL..
i dout it..
plus..i have better things to do
LoL.. i dont know though..
which Monday??! tmr?!? me back Gina.. cya
 armenian_babe: ahahahaahaa!!!! the only reason why they deleted u, is cuz ur GAY !! LOL WoW.. i luv these faces!
Guy.. make sure u or mary soak souren for me k! he nows why.. me back...cyyyyaaaaa
 On2Legs: Hello ... Nice Pix...U r teh cutest in da 4
anyways...take a look at my pics too
and let me know what u think
 armenian_babe: sup GINA!
LoL.. cant belive u have this too..UR SO GAY!
Guy.. do me a favour... next time u or mary see souren.. Like.. Literly SOAK HIM PLZ!!! tell him its from me too..

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