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Name:Joe ZuZu BuBbA Maksou  Email:Members Only
Sex:Male  AIM:Members Only
Age:31  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Lebanese  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:Massachusetts, US  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:9/11/2002 (GMT)   

Yo people, MaKsOu“S my name and pimpins my game. Me and my boys Danny and Anthony have been pimpin for lyfe. Me and my boyz r lL lE lB lP ll lM lP“s. There is no place like Lebanon! I am 1/2 Leb, 1/2 Armo!! . Mind shockin, body rockin, earth shakin, trouble makin, gettin high, lookin fly, Havin fun, a few white lies, breakin hearts, ruinin lives, so party hard and act alive, cuz we“re the class of 2005! "Lebanese pride is in my mind, Lebanese blood is in my kind, so step aside and let me through cause itz all bout dis lebanese crew, and say it loud u kno its true Lebanese blood flowz through u too!!" Bil rou7, Bil elb w Bil dem nafdeik ya Libnan. "I“m LeBaNeSe & I GoT ClAsS FuCk WiT Me AnD I“lL KiCk Ur AsS" Peace out ppl! holla bak. Peace out to All LEBZ all ova da world...

Bambie, ME, & Candie (Ma HoEs)

My last nite in Lebanon(summa)


 baby_marisha: Hey hun! wass up? Nuthin much here. I'm gonna go to school in about 30 min. School is not fun, but at least it's really cool, or i'd even say cold there. So when it's been 96 to 101 degrees here for the past week, and it's gonna stay that hot for the next 5-6 days, it's good to go to school, and stay cool for at least few hrs. Even tho it's boring as hell!! But also i get to see some of my friends, so it's not that bad i guess, lol... Well i'm glad that u r having a good time. and i hope u'll even have more fun during this last week. well i gtg... get read for school, lol... Post me back! Peace

 baby_marisha: heyyy hun!!! Wasss up??? How have u been?? I haven't posted u in a longest time... I'm good i guess!! I go to school everyday... There is this 2 week summa program... MCAS prep!! But at least it's really cool in school, unlike outside, where it's over 90, lol... and also i get to see some of my friends
Other than that i'm just doing my community service, and being bored outa my mind, hehehe Neways i gtg.... post me sometime.. i'll ttyl


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