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Donīt regret what you said, regret what you didnīt say when you had the chance. Hey whats up?! If u know me you'll know that i'm too lazy to write anything about myself so post me and I might just post u back..haha if ur lucky ;)
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 puz84: I really dont know if I can go to the Agoump. It's my sis's birthday party, but I might drop by late at night, just to see whats up. Why don't u call me,
 puz84: Put a picture on your page. O K.
 puz84: 617-953-6986. O K.
 puz84: Oh ok, then how about in a couple of days. Call me up on my cell.
 puz84: Its up to u girl, whenever u want to.
 puz84: U think so. Maybe... Maybe Not... How about we find out. lol
 puz84: Ya I know. I bowl better with big balls anyways.

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