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Hey you guys! I just got back from having an AWESOME AWESOME time at camp haiastan!hhhmmmmmmm Hii to all my friends!!!

Sorry, norap987 has no pictures. Check back soon!


 SpIkOdUdE123: chi town was fun az hell! u shouldve been there. i got the 3 gold in the 60, 100, and long jump
 Mashala7: ok nora, u def must've got my email adress wrong, its, (i couldnt put the at sign) email me yalla, well g2g, tty lataz PeAcE oUt *RaF*
 SpIkOdUdE123: ya lol i mean chicago
 Mashala7:  What part of leave me a message do u not comprehend w/????? ama, babam tjvar chee, yalla arabaht kashe, (yev al vorut), lol kreh eendzee message muh, eh ok, yalla bye, and i still luv ya, hahahahha PeAcE oUt *RaF*

 SpIkOdUdE123: hey nuthin here im goin to chi town tomorrow.. when did u get a sn for this?
 Mashala7: u know nora, kakus ger aghcheeg, jeez hokus cheh yeteh eench "contraversy asele hayerenov, jeez nora, lol, guh khentatsnes mart muh paytz ter em seeroom kez muah lol, omg jeez, mee spaneh eendzee
ama jamanaguh des, bedke ertam, yalla bye, tsdes *meeyayn oo haveedenagan*
 Mashala7: yo nora, its raffo ,u know i'm gonna b a doctor, so i can find a cure 4 leena's emphisemic dog, omg hahahahhahah, wat was his name, florrence, or clarence, lol, i'm gonna wip da air outta him nora nora nora, BF 4 life loloolol,well tsdes, yalla bye
*meeyayn oo haveedenagan*

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