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The Thruth Is In My Heart..And I Cant Give Out All I Have...You Will Know That Face To Face....and more about me is that i'm honest..carying...very mind...i have my personality all the way...:)and sure am (Sexy):)....wanna know more about me click on my out maybe its gonna blow ur PC when u click on my name hehehe (kidding) waiting ur massages....:)

this was my friend B-Day...:)

me sexy huh...?

My B-day :P

Somebody Stop Me....!

My B-Day I´m The Third One..!


 bad_tgirl: hello red guy
 jezebel: hey!
what's with u buddy?i mean i talk about sth. & u talk about sth. else.hey i'm telling u sorry ok?that's y i asked u to reply!!!!!!
 sweetlar: hi nice pic-s
 tintina: the beach was cool but not as cool as u i wish u were with me
 tintina: hi jack laves ? ure voice was so sweet anyways cant wait till next friday lolz yalla see ya bye
 tintina: oopz i forgot to tell u my # 2 my number is 03 500261
 tintina: hi laves ? i will call u today but plz dont ask me lotz of questionz capish ? k cant wait to c ya bye
 BLUE_girl: hi how r u?

 tintina:  iam frron jouneih anywayz where are u from ?
 hanoun_girl: hiiiiiiiiiiii,h r u?i'm fine 10x.I like dancing ,music,play basketball,inch gebatmes?know tell me about u.what u do in ur life?what u like ...ok now take care have a nice day byeeeeeeeeee
 sweetgirl: HELLO, HOW R U?
 sarrouna: Hi there thanks again for you message by the way r u italian or u r lebanese?i am student and i study singing to soo tell me more about u ok see yas byeee
 tintina: hello wutz up ? hope ure fine well iam from lebanon and i hate lebaneze guyz coz they are idoitz , but i dont usually write msg to srangez but i just liked ure nickname itz so cool yalla take care and bye
 tintina: hello wutz up ? hope ure fine well iam from lebanon and i hate lebaneze guyz coz they are idoitz , but i dont usually write msg to srangez but i just liked ure nickname itz so cool yalla take care and bye
 feline_18: Hey Yes maybe one day we will meet.. who knows hehe
 sarrouna: Hi thanks for ur message i am so happy to hear from coz i love italians ok i will write u again but now i have to goo see yas byeee
 sweetgirl: Hello again. I'm fine thanks.I finished school this year, & i'm thinking to study business. My hobbies r dancing, swimming, shopping & traveling all over the world. That's sthg i like to do the most thx for ur message. Now tell me a little about u!...What u do in ur life... Take care c ya!
 feline_18: Hello. Sorry for the late reply! Been going out a lot coz it's my holidays. What is Shalle sorry? 3:30 am so Im off to bed!
 sweetgirl: Hi there how r u?.
 hanoun_girl: heeeeeey how r u?i'm fine u?what do u want 2 know about me? u trll me about u?what u do in ur life etc......yalla take care have a nice day byeeeeeeeeeee
 cool_girl_4u: hey Jack!!!h r ya???well i dont know if im goin to the bacardi night but i dont think i will go cuz i have another planes in ma mind!!!anywayz so whats the news with ya??i gtg now~!~ c ya!!!take care!!!bebye!!!!
 hanoun_girl: hi,10x for message i,m r u?ok take care byeeeeeeeeeeeee
 cool_girl_4u: hey!!h r u????sorry i wasnt writing u msgs cuz i didnt have "ishtakh" to type i was just reading the msgs without writing backso hows ur days goin??so gtg now!!!c ya!!take care!!byeeeeeeee~!~!~!
 cool_girl_4u: hey!!!h r u???if u ask me im okay. when i have time sure i call ya i know u didnt just write it lolabout my hobbies i like the same things that u like (exept bodybuilding)anyway i gtg now!!so write me back!!take care!!!bebye!!
 feline_18: Oh do u still have uni? I'm finished for this semester. On holidays for a month. Yay. I just got back from the casino. lol. Im turning into a gambler! hehe, ciao
 Precious: do i know u?
 cool_girl_4u: hey jack!!!h r u???10x 4 ur msg. well there arent any new with me.btw 10x 4 giving me ur phone number. anyway so what r ur hobbies????yalla gtg now!!c ya!!!reply me!!!take care!!!bebye!!!
 feline_18: Ahhhhhhh so that's why! hehe, well I just got home and it's almost 1 am in Australia so speak to u some other time! GOodnite
What are u doing in Lebanon?
 cool_girl_4u: hey Jack!!!h r u???if u ask me im okay!so anyway whats the news with ya??? i gtg now!!!post me a msg!!!c ya!!take care!!!byeeeeeeee
 moonlight64: hi there nice to see u again.
it seemes like u forgot to leave me your phone number .but any way i took your number from a frind of mine i will try to call u 10x for your massage.
bye till now .....
 sweetytami: hi sweety h r u?
im fine. nothing forget bye now sweetie
 moonlight64: hey nice to meet u tooi hope u may have fun in here as much as in usa.ok i
live in dawra & i'm a student.
nice to meet u again
 moscchino: hiii well i'm 178 cm sooo
 sweetytami: hi sweetie i hope my message will sent and im really so sorry i cant talk with you so mush coz my gf want to go ok bye sweetie
 moonlight64: hi therenice to meet u
welcome to LEBANON.i hope u enjoy it here .

 sweetytami: ok sweetie i will try to tell you ok and i will be most friends then we are ok sweetie bye now but i want to know about you every thing. and if you to know about me smething tell me
 sweetytami: hi nice to meet you really so mush ok my name is tamara i am 16 years old i have brown hears and my hears too ok bye now nice to meet to u
 moscchino: hi... umm well thx a lot for ur message.i like ur style but i dont think u will enjoy walking by my side i wont say y if you dont want to know ok? c u...
 Eugene: hi
you surname is Julian? i wandering if you know hapet julian from lebanon or if he is related to you?
 MISS^^X: hmmmmm u have to know y? btw nice pic
take care c ya
 Annie_Sandra: hi!I'm sorry i thought it was a wrong since u're coming to Lebanon I hope that we'll meet and be good the way,if u're the red one,U're CUTE.
 fndkh86: well u acna dd me on's cutenayiri actually...
so guess i'll talk to you later...
take care...
 Annie_Sandra: hi!well I guess u sent a message to the wrong one.I'm not Alina .anyways ,take care.
 MISS^^X: Hey U .. I am doing fine dgha what about u? I dont think that u can c me this summer in leb

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