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Name:Regina Hovsepian  Email:Members Only
Sex:Female  AIM:Members Only
Age:35  MSN:Members Only
Ethnicity: Armenian  Yahoo:Members Only
Location:United Kingdom  ICQ:Members Only
Last Online:1/20/2003 (GMT)   

Hi everybody ! as u can see we have a big problem with this site !!!(( i don't think anybody is going to pay for this site if u wana leave a message for me these are my emails : YAHOO: MSN:


Me & my mates


 valente: scouts?!?! i'm 25 !
 londonarmenian: cool naw i like you good call me ricky
thenk youuuuu
 londonarmenian: ok i want to no way ryou calling me harout please i want to no please from ricky text back ok
 londonarmenian: hi how is harout i em not harout i em ricky please dont call me harout.
haw do you no i em harout i em new in chat room i wes from cyprus bat naw i em in london i want to meck a good frends ok text back from ricky
 ukarmenian: by the way nazo been texting you does mmasseges
 ukarmenian: hi whatup how are you. is it this saturday your birthday. let me no ok
 londonarmenian: cool i want to have a fan time you no what i min so what you ryou 16 or 17 you look yang
 valente: lol i 'm not depressed i just don't have any money
 londonarmenian: hi bab wear you from sexy nice photo from you no
 ukarmenian: hi i have not senn you in london r'you armenian
 ukarmenian: hi sexy iam back did you miss me
 ukarmenian: hi baby i mis you xxxxxxx
 valente: regina thats a first class name lol are you royalty by any chance i see the resemblance to prince charles?
 dexter: hi Babe.waz up?
yeah I'm on holiday.
it's great,but u know???!!1 there r some problems here,such as the water problem.we hadn't water for 39 hours,during these 2 days.but we can afford it.
but at all,I really like here.u know??!! it's not like Italy or Switzerlend,but I like here.
c ya
 Ray: Hey, whats up? how r u? yes long time no "chat" but i have been busy with work... i hope ur ok. ok c u take care bye
 dexter: Hi Regy waz up.I'm proud to be a PARSKAHAY,but I hate Iran.I started to hate this country,since I came back from Europ!!!
ok plz be in thouch with me.bye
 dexter: hi Lady.waz up?
ok it's nice to meet Europeans,I really like them.cuz they were really nice when I was in Italy and Switzerland.ok I'll be happy to see your words on my page.
c ya later
 cheeky_monkey: hii!!! its megan! lav es?! ok bye bye! lol
 Holy_Diver_III: hello, im a future businessman and a basketball player nowadays
take care pal, byes
 Holy_Diver_III: hihi wat do u do in this strange illusion called LIFE, pal?
 Holy_Diver_III: hello!
 Ray: Hi regy, how r u? just wanted 2 say Hi, C U... Take care bye
 maria_g: barev googooli jan
laves are vor profile es sarke hama her mehad nekar ches dere
mamoolan nekar vor denoomen aveli lava

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